Types of Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide


Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide provides you with an overall look at this iconic footwear. Cowboy boots have been around for a long time, and they are certainly not going anywhere! They are durable, comfortable, and not just for riding horses. We’re going to show you different types of cowboy boots, the ultimate guide, so you can find a pair that is right for you.

The main categories of cowboy boots are western boots, riding boots, work boots, and walking boots. You should pick the type of boots you want to wear based on your needs. Riding boots are for riding horses while walking boots are for walking around town.

Boots are a Texas fashion staple for both men and women. Even though cowboy boots have traditionally been made for riding horses and doing cowboy work, they are not limited to that. If you try on enough pairs and styles, you will no doubt find the perfect set of boots for you!

Original cowboy boots were high on function and low on style. In today’s world, you can have both style and function. While maintaining their function modern cowboy boots are beyond fashion-forward, they are downright fashion savvy.

One of the best things about a quality pair of cowboy boots is that they can be repaired after heavy use. I’ve had one of my pairs of cowboy boots, for over 20 years and they have been repaired multiple times and brought back to life.

Cowboy boots are the official footwear of Texas. Let’s look at the different types of cowboy boots, and how you should go about finding the right pair (or pairs) for your collection.

What Are the Different Types of Cowboy Boots?

When it comes to cowboy boots you have a lot of types and styles to choose from. Each type has a little bit different design and is made for different uses. There are eight main types of cowboy boots. More recently boot makers have been offering all-purpose boots which are a great combination for the active cowboy or cowgirl!

Types of cowboy boots:

  • Western boots
  • Riding boots
  • Workboots
  • Walking boots
  • Roper boots
  • Fashion boots
  • Exotic boots
  • All-purpose boots

All eight of these types of boots are pretty self-explanatory, but other options and styles make each one a perfect fit. Such as the type of toe, sole, and heel. If you are someone who rides horses then you would want a boot with a riding heel. If you’re just walking, a walking boot may be the best choice.

Types of Cowboy Boots Brands

Western boots are not just for cowboys anymore. Cowgirls have their own style, businessmen wear them, and kids love and wear them. Cowboy boots are an attention-getting accessory so learn to wear them with confidence and style. Perhaps you want to say you are a hard worker and the right pair of cowboy boots can say just that. Maybe the cowboy lifestyle is already your norm or at best, your “new normal”. Where to start?

Cowboy Boots with Dresses

Cowboy boots Nashville TN, to the tip of Texas are not going out of style anytime soon. We all need at least one pair of cowboy boots for kicking, stomping, and two-stepping. Ariat’s Tailgate Western Boot in metallic finishes for women is one of our favorite fashion-styled boots with a real Western flair. They look great with dresses and skinny jeans. Dresses with cowboy boots can make a ‘cowgirl look‘ statement or simply be a casual comfortable choice. See more Cowboy boots with dresses here.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands

There are many cowboy boot brands and you might think that they are all equally good. However, some brands are consistently better than others. We have surveyed many top brands factoring in comfort, durability, and materials. The 12 top cowboy boot brands based on our survey are Ariat, Twisted X, Lucchese, Cody James, Corral, Tecovas, Rank 45, Justin, Tony Lama, Dan Post, Abilene, and Old Gringo. We have also included two custom boot companies Rocketbuster in El Paso, TX, and Becks in Amarillo, TX. We are giving honorable mention to Wolverine and Roper as they are quality western boots but did not make the cowboy boot top list.

Cowboy boots Lucchese brand are a true Texas original and have been made in Texas since 1883.

Shop Lucchese Boots at Pinto Ranch!

Cowboy boots women, cowboy boots men

AriatMen’sWorkWestern hybrid ranchersquareCowhide leatherRubber sole stockman
AriatWomen’sAll-purposeFat Baby HeritagesquareCowhide leatherRubber sole stockman
AriatMen’sWalkingTycoonsquareCowhide leatherRubber sole horseman
AriatWomen’sAll-purposeHybrid RanchersquareCowhide leatherPVC stockman
Twisted XMen’sWalking12” RanchersquareCowhide leather1.5” walking
Twisted XWomen’sWalking11” RanchersquareCowhide leather1.5” walking
LuccheseMen’sExotic westernLukepointed snipFull quill ostrichcowboy
LuccheseWomen’sExotic westernDollypointed snipFull quill ostrichcowboy
Cody JamesMen’sExoticExotic PythonsquareExotic python foot, full upper cowhideStockman
CorralWomen’sFashionFloralpointed snipLamb leatherCowboy
TecovasMen’sRoperThe EarlroundCalfskin, bovine or goatStockman
TecovasWomen’sWesternThe JamieroundCalfskin or goat1 3/4” with rubber sole
Rank 45Men’sAll-purposeZero GravitysquareFull-grain leatherStockman
Rank 45Women’sAll-purposeZero Gravity The Sure ThingsquareFull-grain leatherStockman
Tony LamaMen’sExoticMooresquareFull quill ostrich foot – leather upperStockman
Dan PostWomen’sExoticExotic Crocodilepointed snip Exotic crocodile foot – leather upperCowboy
RocketbusterWomen’s and Men’sHandmade CustomYour ChoiceYour choiceYour choiceYour choice
 BeckWomen’s and Men’sHandmade CustomYour Choice Your choice  Your choice Your choice
Old GringoWomen’sWesternIlonapointedCowhide 17” shaftCowgirl
AbileneMen’sWestern#6461roundCowhide 1 1/2″ Western
Custom Bootmakers: Rocketbuster is located in El Paso, TX – Beck Boots is located in Amarillo, TX

Some of the very best cowboy boots in Texas are made by custom bootmakers. They are a lifetime investment for many hard-working cowhands, cowboys, and cowgirls. If you are in your boots all day long a custom boot will give you the best bang for the buck as well as ultimate comfort custom-made for your feet.

Ariat Cowboy Boots

Ariat took the top spot for both men’s and women’s boots due to their comfort factor and range of styles. Ariat states they were founded as the “new breed of boot” in 1993. In 2009 they became the official footwear sponsor of the PBR “Professional Bull Riders”. This relatively new boot company has become one of the most popular boots due to its unique designs with cowboy boot styling and the comfort of athletic shoes. Ariat boots are fashionable, durable, and comfortable making them a top pick for both cowboys and equestrians. Ariat carries work boots, riding boots, and cowboy boots.

How to Style Cowboy Boots

Most mainstream western boot manufacturers offer boots for both children and adults. There are hundreds of brands with thousands of styles to choose from. Make no mistake cowboy boots are a fashion statement regardless of which style you choose. Let our ultimate guide to cowboy boots show you the possibilities while considering your overall wardrobe style.

Try pairing cowboy boots with dark jeans and a bomber jacket for that casual yet sophisticated look. This look works well for both men and women. In today’s fashion terrain your boots should not shout redneck but instead quietly state a look of refinement and style. If you do opt for a bolder boot remember less is more when accessorizing. Can cowboy boots be business casual, you bet they can!

Howdy Ma’am

Cowboy boots and hat in hand is a make-ready ensemble any day for the hard-working cowboy. Remember removing your hat while indoors has been good etiquette for hundreds of years and is a sign of respect when entering someone’s home or business. Straw hats are customary from May through Labor Day and felt is worn in the fall and winter months. This may vary in different regions of the US depending on the weather conditions. A leather cowboy hat is great for cold weather. In the Lone Star State, a man traditionally tips his hat to a lady.

Popular Cowboy Boot Styles

You will find there are many options with various types and styles of popular cowboy boots for men, women, and children. Traditional western boots, western work boots, ropers in both rodeo and work boot styles, short cowboy boots, fashion cowboy boots, exotic cowboy boots, and dress cowboy boots to name a few.

Let’s get you started with some of the most popular looks. Both men and women can dress a pair of boots up or down depending on the occasion. Black and brown boots are definitely business casual-worthy when paired with your work ensemble for the office. Classic-style outfits go quite well with cowboy boots for both men and women. You should avoid overdoing the whole cowboy theme and keep your ensemble both simple and up-to-date. Dresses with cowboy boots and cowboy boots with suit ensembles are popular fashion-forward choices for today’s modern men and women.

Cowboy boots come in many colors. Some of the most popular traditional boot colors and also trendy colors for cowboy boots are:

Cowboy boots come in many colors. Some of the most popular and also the trendy colors for cowboy boots are:


  • Cowboy boots white
  • Cowboy boots red
  • Cowboy boots pink


  • Cowboy boots black
  • Cowboy boots brown
  • Cowboy boots tan

This pink snakeskin boot is an example of what is known as an exotic cowboy boot.

Cowboy Boots for Men

Cowboy boots are in style in 2023 combined with simple outfits and classic wardrobe pieces. Skinny jeans are also popular and look awesome when paired with cowboy inlay fashion boots. You can never go wrong with the right pair of boots and jeans. Men will be styling it while wearing a pair of exotic cowboy boots with a business suit.

A tuxedo with cowboy boots is a little trickier but keeping the boots simple and tasteful in a basic polished black is perfectly acceptable. Men’s dress cowboy boots are still popular. Some brands to look for in a men’s dress boot are Ariat, Justin, Dan Post, and Lucchese. Triad dress boots that were popular in the 1980s are also making a comeback. Triad is a style of boot with a three-piece construction-not a brand.

Cowboy Boots for Women

Women will love trying their boots with their favorite dresses and skirts for a new fresh look. Dresses for cowboy boots look great and come in many fashionable styles. They even make cowboy boots with fringe styling which is a great fashion accent for cowboy boot ladies’ style. Jeans for cowboy boots are always an excellent choice. Choices of cowboy boots and jeans for both men and women are plentiful. Read more about types of jeans for boots here.

Cowboy Boots Youth

When choosing cowboy boots for kids be sure they do not slip. The boots should be a little snug but still have room for their toes. Children’s cowboy boots come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. For the little ones, such as toddlers or very small children you may find less to choose from.

Little Cowpokes on the Trail

Popular boot brands for the little ones are:

  • Ariat Kids’ Heritage Western Boot
  • ARIAT Unisex-Child Workhog Pullon Aged Bark/Army Green Work Boot
  • Canyon Trails Kids Lil Cowboy, Pointed Toe Classic Western Rodeo Boots
  • ROPER Unisex-Child Glitter Breeze Western Boot
  • Deer Stags Unisex-Child Ranch-K
  • Soto Boots K3006 Dark Brown Little Cowgirl Fringe Boots

Older children have a full range of great cowboy boots to choose from.

  • Roper Western Boots Ostrich
  • Girls’ Dan Post Starlett Western Boots
  • Cody James Youth Boys’ Stitched Olive Cowboy Boots – Square Toe
  • Old West Youth Boys’ Corona Cowboy Boots – Pointed Toe
  • Shyanne Youth Girls’ Pink Top Western Boots – Square Toe
  • Macie Bean Youth Girls’ Honey Bunch Cowgirl Boots – Square Toe

Short Cowboy Boots

Short cowboy boots are simply a shorter version of traditional cowboy boots. Probably more popular with women the short cowboy boot has recently become a mainstream choice. Ropers by nature are considered short cowboy boots, with a low heel and round toe. Ropers are popular rodeo gear specifically for calf roping events and have also become an equally popular cowboy-style workboot.

Ankle-style cowboy boots will appeal more to women as they pair well with shorts, dresses, and various women’s pant styles. In fact, in recent years they have become the most popular cowboy boots short style for women in the U.S.

Black Cowboy Boots

Black cowboy boots are more popular than ever for both men and women. They are sleek, and fashionable, and give an edgy look of sophistication to any outfit. Carbon black boots are both edgy and new-wave fashion accessories for the modern man or woman with a more urban look.

Everyone should own at least one pair of black cowboy boots. They are available in almost every style but a classic roper or traditional cowboy boot in black looks great with just about any type of clothing. It is one of my personal fashion staples.

Cowboy Boots Vintage

Cowboy boots used are relatively easy to find at your favorite thrift store and oftentimes are even vintage. Vintage boots offer great styling and as an added bonus they are usually already broken in. You might even be lucky enough to find a pair of Tony Lama vintage. So how do you identify a vintage cowboy boot?

There are various ways to ID vintage boots, Tony Lama is most likely vintage if it states made in the USA. As a matter of fact, most vintage cowboy boots should say made in the USA. Look for high-quality soft, supple leather on the outer and shaft. Other brands to keep an eye out for are Larry Mahan, Acme, Dan Post, Lucchese, Olathe, Champion, Nacona, and Miss Capezio. A knowledgeable seller should be able to provide details regarding the vintage boot maker.

Not all made-in-the-USA cowboy boots are vintage, however. Abilene Boots are still made in the USA as well as others. Most vintage boots will have a pointed toe but not all of them. Before cowboying became a way of life many vintage boots had rounded toes for working the land. Look for a hand-crafted stamp on the boot. Although there are still custom bootmakers in the USA this is still a good guideline coupled with the types of materials used and the brand of boot. Many bookmakers are no longer in business so of course, start with those brands if possible.

As with any boot make sure the fit is right for your feet. A well-worn vintage boot will feel much different on your feet than a new pair of cowboy boots. If they are the right size you can wiggle your toes, pull them on easily and remove them easily. Also, many vintage boots were made in Mexico and other South American countries. Triad cowboy boot designs tend to be vintage, it is a three-piece constructed, rather than a four-piece dress cowboy boot. Former US President Ronald Regan was famously known for wearing this style of cowboy boots.

Vintage cowboy boots can be found with vintage dealers both online and in physical storefront locations. eBay and Etsy carry vintage items and often have vintage boots. Thrift stores, Goodwill, and Salvation Army stores often have used, as well as vintage boots.

Cowboy boots Texas

El Paso, Texas Boot Capital of the USA

El Paso, Texas is known as the boot capital of the USA and possibly the world. The El Paso Museum of History features an exhibit on the history of cowboy boots and El Paso’s bootmakers. Harry S. Truman, former president of the United States had his first pair of cowboy boots ordered from Tony Lama in El Paso, TX who designed the “El Presidente” as an exclusive. Cowboy boots made in USA are high-quality boots and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Tony Lama hand made
“El Presidente” Hand made for
The Honorable Harry S. Truman President of the United States By Tony Lama

Cowboy Boots Tony Lama and Beyond

In 1990 Tony Lama Inc. was purchased by Justin Brand and is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Justin produces Tony Lama, Justin, Nocona, and Chippewa cowboy boots. At least 80 percent of Justin boots are now manufactured overseas.

Cowboy boots became popular foot attire for cowhands during the 1800s for cattle drives from Texas to Kansas. German immigrant bootmakers in Texas began making cowboy boots in the mid-19th century. They were made from cowhide and built with a tall shaft and tall underslung heels to protect the legs and keep the feet in the stirrups. They were made fashionable by Hollywood filmmakers during the early 20th century in movies and TV programs depicting cowboys.

Cowboy boots leather finishes come in many materials. Calfskin is the most popular material used in cowboy boots due to its durability and softness. Goat, lamb, and other mammal leathers are also popular. In addition, cowboy boots are made from snakes, crocodiles, alligators, ostriches, lizards, sharks, eels, and armadillos. This type of boot is known as an exotic cowboy boot. Cowboy boots ostrich style are one of the most popular boot styles in Texas.

Cowboy boots vegan style, are also available for those who prefer them. They are ethically made, cruelty-free choices for both men and women and can be found in many styles. Several companies offer stylish vegan cowboy boot selections such as Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, A Perfect Jane, Wills Vegan Store, BC Footwear, and Kat Mendenhall.

Cowboy boots have become more mainstream and versatile than in the urban cowboy days of the late 1980s. Now considered a classic boot style for daily wear the choices for cowboy boot styles are not slowing down any time soon. In today’s world, they are more simply a high fashion statement with modern retro vibes than a necessity.

Are Cowboy Boots Practical?

Cowboy boots are very practical. When you think of leather boots, your first impression may be that they look uncomfortable, but that couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. Cowboy boots are comfortable and good for your feet. Read more about their comfortability in our article here.

They offer ankle support, and most doctors would recommend wearing cowboy boots for people who need that extra support. There are many types of soles such as leather soles, and rubber soles.

The most common are leather soles, they provide a good sturdy sole for your feet and give you the protection that you need. A cowboy boots rubber sole has a little more bounce to them and is the best when working or walking in places that are wet or snowy.

Cowboy boots symbolize tradition, hard work, and an adventurous spirit. Cowboy boots make you stand out so if you like being noticed you will embrace the cowboy boot aesthetic. If you are a hard worker then a pair of cowboy boots can be your best friend.

Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide

What Makes a Quality Cowboy Boot?

Cowboy Boots Real Deal

Real cowboy boots are made using genuine leather. When you’re looking for the best quality cowboy boots, you will want to keep an eye on the quality of the leather, the stitch work, and the integrity of the company that makes them. Most good boot companies have been around for a long time and have become a staple in the industry.

The type of leather is one of the big things to watch for. There are many types of leather, such as cow leather, ostrich, goat leather, and more exotic skins such as snakeskin. All of these leathers have their places among the best quality cowboy boots. The best boots can be worn with any type of outfit, such as dresses, jeans, and suits.

There are Dresses to wear with cowboy boots, Cowboy boots to wear with jeans, and Cowboy boots to wear with a suit. Check out our article links on these subjects for more in-depth information.

If you are buying them to ride horses, or to work in, you may want to go with a more traditional leather such as cow leather. If you are wearing them for the style and walking, then maybe go with something like ostrich or snakeskin. The best boots I own are emu leather, and they are the most comfortable boots in my collection.

Western Boots and Ropers

Western boots have been around for a long time, hundreds of years. They come in many styles, with different options for soles, toes, and heels. The most well-known style of western boots is probably ropers.

Cowboy boots roper style are designed for rodeos and have a specific look and feel. They traditionally have a rounded toe and a low-profile heel. You also have stockman style, traditional cowboy style, and buckaroo style boots.

Most cowboy boots can be considered “western boots” but not every boot has the same purpose. If you are going for the traditional look, you should try on a few pairs, try the ropers and stockman’s, and see how they fit.

Riding Boots

Riding boots are designed specifically for riding horses. They typically have a higher shaft, thicker/longer heels, and fit better in the stirrup when riding. The taller shafts help protect the legs when rubbing against the horse.

When picking out riding boots, you will want to keep an eye on the toe size. Since there are many options for the toe styles, you will need to make sure that the size of the toe will fit in your stirrups. This may take some trial and error.

Riding boots are traditionally used for riding horses, but they can also provide some style for casual wear. Even if you do not ride, you can still wear riding boots, just keep in mind that the bigger heel makes a lot more noise when you walk and may not be the most comfortable for long walks.

Work Boots

Work boots come in a few different styles as well. Working on a ranch can be a lot of work and tend to put boots through hell. Luckily, work boots are designed to hold up to this type of wear and tear.

They usually come in thicker leather and have a stronger leather bottom and heel. You can also choose rubber soles if you are doing work in bad weather, or are doing labor work, and not cowboy work specifically.

A good pair of work boots will last you a long time and are well worth the purchase. We do not recommend buying cheap boots if you intend on working in them, a quality pair of work boots are just what you need. You also have options like wide toes and steel toes.

Types of Cowboy Boots for Walking

A good pair of cowboy boots for walking usually have quality leather soles or rubber soles. They come in the same design options as most of the others, with different types of heels, soles, and toes.

If you are going to do a lot of walking in your boots, you will need to make sure you have the right fit and the right toe. If you have a wide foot, you may need square-toe boots, or you may need to buy them one size larger.

Cowboy Boots and Comfort

Work, walking, or all-purpose cowboy boots are considered the most comfortable. Not only are cowboy boots comfortable but they can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and mud. Cowboy boots’ rubber sole styling is one of the more comfortable options.

Made of durable leather and originally designed as a working boot with smooth leather you will also find many cowboy boots are made with waterproofing materials. If yours are not, you can easily waterproof them using a leather conditioner, beeswax, or mink oil.

Cowboy boots do require maintenance to keep them in top condition and of course regular cleaning no matter what the weather condition will greatly prolong the life of your boots. Your more weathered cowboy boots will still go great with a t-shirt and jeans.

How Cowboy Boots Should Fit

Finding the right fit is the key to comfortable cowboy boots. Cowboy boots should fit snugly but not too tight and have a little heel slip in the back. Cowskin leather boots provide the most comfort and are recognized as the standard for comfortable, as well as durable cowboy boots. When shopping for boots try the afternoons since this is when feet are larger. Read more Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable?

Cowboy boots for wide calves are available in certain brands. Women cowboy boots with a wide calf are available such as the Laredo Maddie Round Toe Dress Boot with a Mid Calf, which measures 12″ around. One of our favorites is the Crush™ by Durango® Jealousy with wide calf styling. Lariat offers several styles of wide-shaft boots for women. A low-shaft Roper-style boot also works well for wide calves as they usually hit the leg lower than the widest part of the calf.

Men’s cowboy boots also offer a good selection of wide calf boots available in select styles such as the Laredo Montana, Durango, and Lariat. Cowboy boots Ariat brand, actually offers an elastic calf boot, Heritage X Toe Elastic Calf, with stretch fit technology featuring a wider shaft and hidden elastic panels to accommodate a wider range of calf sizes. It is available in both men’s and women’s boots. Cowboy boots Durango brand also offers wide calf styling in both men’s and women’s boots.

Socks for cowboy boots are very important. Always wear your thicker socks when trying on boots to get a good fit. A mid-calf crew sock with moisture-wicking capabilities is ideal. Natural fiber socks are preferable and should vary depending on the season and weather conditions in your part of the country.


Types of Cowboy Boots Toes

As mentioned, there are quite a few types of toes when it comes to cowboy boots. The toes are something you are going to need to play around with to get the right fit for your feet. Let’s look at some types of toe styles.

  • Traditional
  • Square
  • Rounded
  • Snip
  • Steel
  • Pointed

Traditional boots have a slightly pointed toe. They look great but are not the best if you have wide feet or toes. Try on a few different pairs to find the right traditional boot.

Square toe boots have (you guessed it) square toes. These boots are great for those who have wide feet or toes. Cowboy boots square toe style provides plenty of room and is very comfortable.

Rounded-toe boots are only slightly pointed and are more round. These are my favorite type of boots for work boots. Cowboy boots’ round-toe style leaves enough room for your toes and has a good rounded look and feel.

Snip-toe boots are similar to traditional boots, with a pointed toe that is snipped at the very end. This gives you the pointy style while still providing enough room for wider feet and toes.

Steel-toe boots Cowboy boots’ steel-toe styles are offered in a variety of brands and leathers. Available for both men and women offering an additional level of safety for your feet. There are many lighter steel-toe boots available that are more practical for most folks.

Pointed-toe boots Cowboy boots’ pointed-toe style has been a popular choice since the 1950s. This classic look is highly popular among rodeo riders. Cowboy boots’ long-toe styling allows riders to get on and off horse stirrups quickly and without difficulty. Women fashion cowboy boots often have a pointed toe as well. They are a classic style of cowboy boots with a sharp, clean look.

Types of Heels on Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots heel type varies and just like with toes, the heel of your boots needs to be the correct type. If you are riding horses, you will want to go with a longer heel in most cases, such as riding heels or cowboy heels. For walking, you can go with some flatter like fowler straight heels, roper heels with a slant, or traditional walking heels.

You also have the choice of wearing a dress shoe heel. Regardless of the type of heel, you also have the option of length. You can get your heels from 1 inch up to an inch and 5/8ths. Some brands of riding heels are even taller as are many fashion heels being over 2 inches steep. Ladies’ fashion cowgirl boots can have a heel up to 5 inches such as Dan Post Women’s Jilted Knee High Fashion boots.

Cowboy boots come in many styles and quality can vary. Cowboy boots come in expensive styles and cheap styles and are simply a matter of choice. If you are in your boots a lot then the more expensive brands may hold up better. If you only wear them occasionally then a cheaper brand might be more practical.

Cowboy Boots on the Lighter Side of Life

What is a Shitkicker Boot?

Types of Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide would be remiss without mention of the proverbial “shitkicker” boot. According to the Oxford Dictionary, this North American slang word means: substantially made boots with thick soles and typically with reinforced toes. In Texas, that means a needle-pointed, sharp-toed cowboy boot with a long footbed for kicking cow dung like a real cowboy.

shitkicker boots

In Conclusion, Types of Cowboy Boots Ultimate Guide

In conclusion, the types of cowboy boots ultimate guide showcase many popular styles of boots for rodeoing, special occasions, work, walking, riding, and the cowboy or cowgirl lifestyle. A suit with cowboy boots and other cowboy boots outfit ideas are all the rage. Cowboy boots have become a classic boot choice for a new age millennium.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cowboy boots are in style?

Cowboy boots will never go out of style, and there are different types of cowboy boots for just about any look you are going for. You can get them as plain or fancy as you prefer. If you want fancy you can go with a multi-color or patterned design.

What is a buckaroo boot?

The buckaroo boot is designed for rodeos and has a tall shaft. The tall shaft and long length of the heels make it easy to ride horses and rodeos. They protect your legs and your feet.

What do the numbers inside cowboy boots mean?

These numbers and letters usually correspond with different lengths of the shafts and other details about the boot size. Sometimes it is just production information, such as the maker and production number.

Difference between cowboy and cowgirl boots?

Cowboy boots are usually plainer and are sizes that are made for bigger feet. Cowgirl boots often are more ornate, with patterns, different colors, and smaller sizes.

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