Texini Creative Team

Texini Creative Team

The Texini creative team of authors is skilled in creating concepts for a variety of media, including videos & web content. Our team has strong communication skills to collaborate with editors and other colleagues. They have strong problem-solving capabilities with original ideas, excellent writing proficiency, thorough research, and fact-checking abilities.

Texini is an established, trusted Texas lifestyle brand and authority with a strong reputation for providing high-quality products, services, and information in the lifestyle sphere.

Texini has a deep understanding of the lifestyle industry and the needs of its audience. Texini provides valuable information and advice on a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to home décor and travel.

The Texini team are experts in their field and have a proven track record of success. Texini is a trusted Texas lifestyle brand source. They have a wealth of expertise with the core team at Texini being sixth and seventh-generation Texans.

Our Core Staff Writers and Authors

Our core staff writers and authors consist of 6 to 7th-generation Texans with extensive knowledge of Texas. They understand how different platforms can be used to convey different messages or tones and do it with the utmost skill.

Kay Keeton Author & Editor

Kay Keeton the author and editor is a proud sixth-generation Texan and an expert on all things Texas and the Lone Star lifestyle. Her knowledge, style, and talent continue to make her an authority in Texas life and an inspiration to many.

Read more about Kay here.

Chad Fox is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas. He is passionate about Texas and The Lone Star Lifestyle. Chad is a 7th-generation Texan who has a solid background working ranches and farms in Texas and Oklahoma as well as wildlife and native fauna. Read more about Chad here.

Chad Kilpatrick - Author
Casey Kilpatrick - Author

Casey Kilpatrick is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas. Casey has an extensive background in renovations & design, as well as estimating & drafting. Casey is a 7th-generation Texan who enjoys hiking, nature, travel, and history. Casey is passionate about sharing his adventures and knowledge of Texas. Read more about Casey here.

Read more about writing for multimedia and the web here.

The Texini Creative Team

The Texini creative team strives to excel and collaboration is key. Our team has a shared vision and passion for The Lone Star State with a clear line of communication that is essential for success. We create an atmosphere where team members feel empowered to bring their ideas to the table thereby ensuring all perspectives are taken into consideration. Finally, our team provides excellent resources, tapping into their brainstorming tools to spur creativity and fresh thinking.

We want to say Thank You to our support staff and guest contributors who share our passion for the Great State of Texas!

Texini Creative Team
Texini Support Staff and Contributors

Texini Creative Team

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