Chad Fox – Author Biography

Chad Fox - Author Biography

Chad Fox – Author Biography

Chad Fox – Author Biography – Chad is a multi-talented individual hailing from Austin, Texas. With a deep love and appreciation for all things related to The Lone Star State and its unique culture, Chad has made it his mission to share his knowledge and passion with others. As a 7th-generation Texan, he has an extensive understanding of the land and its history, having worked on numerous ranches, farms, and wildlife preserves across both Texas and Oklahoma.

Not only is Chad an experienced hand when it comes to working the land, but he is also a skilled writer and researcher. He has a wealth of knowledge about Texas and its people and uses his writing as a platform to share that knowledge with a wider audience. Whether it’s exploring the rich heritage of the state or delving into the latest research on its wildlife, Chad is always eager to share his insights and findings.

In his spare time, Chad plays guitar, hunts for treasure with his metal detector, and he is always looking for new delicious foods to try. For anyone looking to learn more about Texas and the people who call it home, Chad Fox is the expert to turn to.

Chad writes for various local and national publications and is a published book author. Chad’s ability to visualize and craft an article or a story as well as his knack for showcasing details stands out bringing depth and vivid imagery to his works.

Chad Fox – Author Biography

Writing a look at the creative process here.

Our core staff writers and authors consist of 6 to 7th-generation Texans with extensive knowledge of Texas. They understand how different platforms can be used to convey different messages or tones and do it with the utmost skill.

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