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Celebrating Keep Austin Weird in Austin, Texas happens each and every day. Austin, Texas is known for its quirky, vibrant energy, and it has proudly embraced the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” This motto expresses the city’s commitment to celebrating its unique identity and embracing the diverse culture that exists there. From local music to funky art galleries, there is always something unusual around every corner in Austin.

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Kay Keeton, Editor in Chief

For years, locals in Austin, Texas have proudly proclaimed the unofficial motto “Keep Austin Weird” to promote their support for the local businesses and independent spirit within the city. The phrase was first ‘coined’ in 2000 during a campaign to preserve the unique character of Austin’s small business and local culture from being swallowed up by chain stores and corporations from outside of the area.

“Keep Austin Weird”

“Keep Austin Weird” is one of the most famous quips about this amazing town! “Keep Austin Weird” solidifies the real sense of community Austin has that folks from outside of Texas just don’t get quite as deeply as a fellow Texan might. One of the most authentic aspects of Austin and its people is its cultural diversity which fully supports its unofficial slogan. Austinites love to celebrate and celebrating keep Austin weird is a daily occurrence.

Everything from Austin’s Tex-Mex Cuisine, art galleries, sightseeing, and music festivals are all products that represent this cultural diversity. In addition, every year Austin also hosts some of the largest festivals like SXSW and ACL which host acts from a number of different backgrounds including jazz, rock, bluegrass, hip-hop, and more.

Keep Austin Weird first started as a “slogan” when an Austin Texas local came up with the phrase for an Austin-based non-profit campaign to promote small businesses in the city and combat suburban sprawl. In the early 2000s, two UT students created a t-shirt featuring the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” printed on it which became an instant hit in the area. The slogan quickly caught on and began appearing at rallies, on bumper stickers, and in other areas of Austin culture. This was the beginning of what would later be known as “keeping Austin weird”.

Celebrating Keep Austin Weird

Austinites Known for their Unique Style

Even before the 2000s Austinites were known to wear leather sandals, socks, cutoffs, and t-shirts just about anywhere for many occasions year-round. Clothing companies and other small businesses began using this slogan to promote their products which further spread “keeping Austin weird” across the nation.

In 2005, hometown resident Michaelangelo Comerci joined forces with an ad agency called GSD&M which made Keep Austin Weird their official company motto for all their advertisements. With the newfound attention, people from around the world asked about this unique phrase, leading to national attention from television shows like Morning Edition and Allen’s NBC to document its success story.

The success of Keep Austin Weird continued in 2006 when it was added as one of Time Magazine’s “Ultimate 100 American Slogans”. The catchphrase had become so popular by then that it even spread outside America’s borders with Europe being exposed to this new culture trend by 2007 when it reached mainstream media such as CNN, All Around Italy series showcasing various aspects of quirky Americana captured through a lens including “Keeping Austin Weird”. 

Celebrating Keep Austin Weird

Keeping Austin Weird Becomes a Movement

By 2009, Keeping Austin Weird became more than just a slogan but rather a movement within Central Texas representing openness and acceptance among marginalized communities while embracing creatives and promoting uniqueness throughout all areas of life. The movement is popular among college students looking for outlets that embrace individuality or simply persons wanting to break out from standard conformity with clothing or music style choices. Keep Austin Weird quickly became integrated into everyday life around town as well, helping unique murals bloom from concrete walls and making sure tourists will always have too many choices when discovering what local spot truly features the emblematic Austin vibes.  

2023 might look different for everyone as post-pandemic circumstances still surface, but one thing has stayed constant: “Keeping Austin Weird” is going strong now more than ever! Throughout social media, you can find campaigns running that show how locals try to make sure these weird vibes are welcomed universally and ensure every person knows they belong regardless of how they look, how they dress, or what they choose to enjoy during their free time.  

2023 and Beyond

As if we needed another reminder 2022 showed us once again why keeping Austin weird isn’t just a quaint moniker created years ago as a pastime. Today in Austin Texas it still represents a way of living emphasizing the importance of diversity, and uniqueness, as well as things we are passionate about in our lives on both a physical and mental level. No matter where you live, no matter how circumstances have limited your fun recently, it’s OK to “Keep Austin Weird”!

In Conclusion, Celebrating Keep Austin Weird

Join us in celebrating keep Austin weird. “Keep Austin Weird” is still inspiring love, unity, humanity, and mutual respect. As the movement continues to spread and evolve it’s important to think about how we can ensure that its legacy is preserved for generations to come. Austin Texas Lifestyle includes keeping Austin weird. From volunteer initiatives and educational programs to creating even more sustainable local businesses, there are many ways that we can continue to support a culture of eccentricity in Austin. By working together, we can keep the city weird for years to come. Austinites look forward to any chance of celebrating together, demonstrating the unmistakable feeling of solidarity the slogan represents in an otherwise divided world! 

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What is Austin Texas’s unofficial motto?

Austin, Texas is known for its creative spirit thanks to its quirky and unique businesses and attractions. From funky food trucks to vibrant music venues, the city embraces its slogan “Keep Austin Weird” and celebrates its oddities. Whether you’re admiring the giant bats that emerge from Congress Bridge at dusk or browsing through vintage stores on South Congress Avenue, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in this one-of-a-kind city.

Kay Keeton, Ed.

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