Texini Frequently Asked Questions

TEXINI was established in 2010 to serve Texans as well as others who want to know more about Texas Life. Texini is an online lifestyle publication about residents of the great State of Texas, and life in Texas. To better serve our readers we have compiled a few FAQs about Texas and Texini.

The urban dictionary describes a lifestyle as the way a person lives which includes patterns of social relations, food consumption, behaviors, and interests. Our team of Texas lifestylers, love to share what is great about Texas, as well as exploring common interests such as foodsdrinks, travel, fashion, home decor, family life, pets, and more.

What is Texini?

Texini is an online publication dedicated to the Texas lifestyle and life in Texas. Texini is a collective of people who research, provide expert information concerning the Texas Lifestyle, America’s Lifestyle, and related subjects. TEXINI highlights Texas history, Texas culture, Texas people, and interesting facts about Texas and Texans. Lifestyle enthusiasts will love exploring foods, drinks, travel, home decor, and more than anything just having plain ole down-home fun Texas-style.

What is a Texan?

In a nutshell, Texas embraces its diverse culture in unity because no matter where you came from when you made Texas your home you became a Texan with a Big Texas Personality, at least one pair of cowboy boots, and a collective mindset like no other! It’s Texas and there isn’t any place like it.

As Texans, we have evolved from and embraced the American lifestyle with one twist. Before being annexed into the United States in 1845 we were an independent republic. As such Texans tend to be very independent, industrial people, and just as the frontiersman that fought for our independence from Mexico we strive for a better life on Texas soil. 

What is The Lone Star State? 

Perhaps the most recognized state nickname in our nation ‘The Lone Star State’ originated from the Texas flag that flew over the republic of Texas consisting of one white star on a blue background along with a white and red set of single stripes. However, the Lone Star State is much more than just a nickname. 

What is a Texas lifestyle? 

Texas Lifestyle will always be a mixture of ranching, cowboy culture, and all the other aspects of its deep history. Texas Lifestyle is defined by those people that have located here in our past from other parts of the world that brought a piece of their culture to meld with Texas.

Is Texas friendly? 

An outstanding “yes”, Texas is friendly, in fact it is our state motto. In addition, the name Texas was derived from the Native American Caddo language word ‘teyshas’ meaning friends or allies.  Texas’ official greeting is ‘Howdy’ and Texans love to say it along with ‘Welcome Y’all’ another favorite Texas greeting.

What is Texas known for? 

Texas is known for its barbecue, Tex Mex food, the battle of the Alamo, rodeos, cowboy boots, its vast area of expansive terrains, its friendliness, its cities, its beaches, crude oil, its Texas legends, its ruby red grapefruit and much, much more.

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Find out more about Texini here and read more about Texas lifestyle here. Visit us often to share in our Texas Lifestyle and life in Texas. 

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What is a Texini Tex Mex Martini?

The Texini Signature Tex Mex Martini is a custom Mexican martini recipe created especially for our readers. This recipe for Mexican martini AKA Texini Tex Mex Martini is great whether you have a couple of friends over or a whole crowd.

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