Cities In Texas That Start With Y

cities in Texas that start with Y

Cities in Texas that start with “Y” may not be as well known as Dallas or Austin but they offer their own unique perspective on the Lone Star State. These lesser-known but charming towns offer distinct history, culture, and natural beauty that make these hidden gems worth exploring.

From coastal plains, mountains, mesas, and rolling hill country, Texas has something distinct and remarkable at every turn. With over 1,200 cities in Texas, it’s easy to overlook some of the small towns that make the state so special.

Small towns are all about neighbor helping neighbor and are havens of connectivity for people in an increasingly isolating world. Join us as we take a closer look at cities in Texas that start with “Y”.

Top Texas Cities That Start With Y

There are only three cities in Texas starting with “Y”. We’re going to give you a breakdown of all of them.

  • Yoakum
  • Yorktown
  • Yantis


Yoakum is located on U.S., Highway 77 Alternate, about halfway between U.S. highways 183 and 77, approximately 100 miles east of San Antonio and 120 miles west of Houston. Part of the city resides in Lavaca County and part in DeWitt County.

The community was formed in 1835. It remained small and was mainly used as a stop for cattle and cowboys following up the Chisholm Trail until 1887. It was then that the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway was built through the area with a stop in Yoakum.

A town site was laid out, railroad shops were built, and hundreds of area residents found employment there. The city was incorporated in 1889 and grew steadily throughout the remainder of the nineteenth and into the twentieth century. By 1914, the city of Yoakum had 7,500 residents.

The main line of the railroad went from San Antonio to Houston with two other lines, one from Yoakum to Waco, and one from Yoakum to Corpus Christi. Due to financial issues, the line was eventually sold to Southern Pacific.

To combat the continued decline of railroad traffic, the community encouraged area farmers to grow tomatoes. The endeavor was largely successful, and in 1928 the city celebrated the first Tom-Tom Festival.

Continued success for the city came in the form of the leather industry. Over ten leather companies have opened in Yoakum starting with a tannery called Tex-Tan which manufactured saddles, bridles, harnesses, and many other leather products.


Yorktown is located in southwestern DeWitt County at the intersection of State highways 72 and 119, 75 miles southeast of San Antonio. The city was named in honor of Captain John York who received the land for his role in the Texas Revolution.

Also instrumental in the founding of the town was a German businessman named Charles Eckhardt. Eckhardt ran a mercantile store in Indianola, at that time a major seaport.

Running through Yorktown, he established a road that ran from Indianola to New Braunfels, known as the Old Indianola Trail. The city was incorporated in 1871 and, by that time, already had a school and a church opened in 1853 and 1857, respectively. 

After Charles Eckhardt passed away from yellow fever in 1852, his brother Ceasar and his sons took over the store located in Yorktown. In 1876 and 1878, they constructed a new location for the store built from sandstone blocks and steel.

Their building still stands and is today home to the Yorktown Historical Museum. In 1886, the railroad was built a mile south of town. Many businesses moved to be closer to the railroad, which caused the older part of town to be known as upper Yorktown and the newer section called lower Yorktown.

The Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1918 and, in 1920, the Yorktown Fair Association was organized. The fair association sponsored the “Little World’s Fair” until 1949 and the Chamber of commerce has organized a Western Days celebration since 1958.


Yantis is located along State Highway 154, 80 miles east of Dallas in northwest Wood County. Directly east, west, and south is Lake Fork. The area was settled in 1860 and had a gristmill and cotton gin by 1870.

The post office arrived in 1885 and the city was named for the first postmaster, George R. Yantis. By 1896, there were sixty people living in Yantis and the community had fifteen businesses. 

The population peaked in the 1930s with 500 residents. Oil was discovered in 1947 at the Yantis Oilfield but it did not have much effect on the community. Yantis was incorporated in the late 1960s.

In Conclusion, Cities in Texas that Start with Y

In conclusion, cities in Texas that start with Y are winding down our Cities in Texas Series. Y‘all stay tuned for our final Z – Texas cities.

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Are there cities in Texas that start with a Y?

Yes, there are cities and municipalities in Texas that starts with Y – Yoakum, Yantis, and Yorktown. These small towns have a rich history and unique charm that make them worth exploring if you find yourself passing through the vast State of Texas.

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