Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable? The Absolute Answer


Are cowboy boots comfortable, the absolute answer is yes. You must break your new boots in so that they form to your feet and give you a comfortable experience. You also have the option of having boots custom-made to your feet if you are planning on getting a new pair. You can make boots more comfortable by adding insoles, wearing them more often, and knowing which kinds of boots are for walking vs riding horses.

If you have ever owned a pair of cowboy boots then you know the right pair can make or break the experience, they need to fit your feet just right. If you haven’t owned a pair then you should probably get one or two! We show you exactly how to buy boots and how to make a pair that’s hurting your feet more comfortable! So are cowboys’ boots comfortable, and the absolute answer is yes.

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In Texas, just about everyone owns a pair of cowboy boots. They look nice and feel nice. Cowboy boots are not just for cowboys, they are a fashion that goes with just about any other style out there.

If you have been wanting to get a pair of boots, why wait? The time is now! We’ve put together this guide on how to buy your boots based on your budget, what kind of boot you want, and how much you will be wearing them.

I personally wear my boots pretty much every chance I get. I still own the first pair I ever bought! One good thing about cowboy boots is that they can be fixed/worked on if they ever start to wear out or get damaged.

Unlike most pairs of shoes, they don’t just get thrown out after they get worn, they get fixed and worn some more.

Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable, the Absolute Answer provides you with the information you need to purchase the perfect pair of cowboy boots.


Cowboy Boots Are Good For Your Feet

Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable, The Absolute Answer

Believe it or not, cowboy boots are actually really great for your feet. They give you a built-in heal lift which takes the pressure off your Achilles tendon, causing less stress on your ankles.

They also have a heel-to-toe metal plate in the soles that give your feet more support. Boots are great to walk in, as a matter of fact, the more you walk in them the better they feel. Stretching your feet keeps them healthy as well.

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Not only are cowboy boots comfortable but they can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and mud. Made of durable leather and originally designed as a working boot with smooth leather you will also find many cowboy boots are made with waterproofing materials. If yours are not, you can easily waterproof them using a leather conditioner, beeswax, or mink oil. Cowboy boots do require maintenance to keep them in top condition and of course regular cleaning no matter what the weather condition will greatly prolong the life of your boots.

Finding the right fit is the key to comfortable cowboy boots. Cowboy boots should fit snugly but not too tight and have a little heel slip in the back. Cowskin leather boots provide the most comfort and are recognized as the standard for comfortable as well as durable cowboy boot.

Tip – Square Toes

  • If you walk around a lot consider getting a pair of boots with square toes, they give your toes more room to wiggle.

Tip  – Bunions

  • If you have a bunion, consider buying a pair of cowboy boots that have exotic animal skin, they tend to stretch more and can be more forgiving.

Regardless of if you are new to cowboy boots or not,  knowing that they are actually good for your feet is an awesome thing to know.


Cowboy Boots Are Easy

If you’re anything like me, having to tie your shoelaces every day is a hassle! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not lazy, I just like the simplicity of being able to slip on a pair of socks and slide your boots on.

Boots are much higher quality than tennis shoes and they offer twice as much support for your feet.

Breaking boots in, and letting them form to your feet is easier than you think. Most high-quality boots start to feel good after just a few days of walking

The more walking you do in cowboy boots the better for their comfort. Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable, the absolute answer is yes! Regardless of whether walking, riding or out on the town cowboy boots are a comfortable choice.


What Kinds of Boots Are There?

There are many types of boots and we want you to know which boot is the most comfortable for your feet and your style.

Whether it’s men’s or women’s cowboy boots you will want to choose the right kind of boot for your lifestyle. Boot materials range from synthetic materials to leathers such as cow, goat, and lamb as well as exotic leathers.

Some boots are for riding horses, some are for doing work, and others are just for walking and casual wear.

Here are 4 types of comfortable cowboy boots:

  • Ropers
  • Classic western boots
  • Stockman boots
  • Workboots

Ropers are great everyday comfortable cowboy boots. They have small heals about 1 inch and rounded toes. They hold up to day-to-day use and have a great look and feel when walking. They vary in price but most are affordable.

Classic western boots are used primarily for horse riding. They have larger heels that are 1 ½ inch heels that are slightly slanted so that they can fit into the stirrups on a horse. These boots vary from affordable to expensive.

Stockman boots are the best boots for those who just walk in them or work in them. They have a short square heel and square toes that give your foot enough room for your toes to wiggle.

Stockmen are usually ornate and have awesome designs. They also vary and can be affordable and pricy depending on how fancy you want to get.

Workboots are cowboy boots with rubber heels and square toes. Sometimes they will have steel toes. They are easy on the feet and the leather is tough, holding up to most conditions.

A comfortable cowboy boot for ladies can sometimes be harder to find than men’s cowboy boots. One reason is that women’s cowboy boots tend to be more fashionable than comfortable. Some of the most comfortable, as well as fashionable ladies’ boot brands, are Ariat Fat Baby, Justin Stampede, Chisos No. 3, and Laredo Miss Kate. The best ladies’ cowboy boot “to live in” for those that wear their boots daily is Camilla Stud by Lucchese.

Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable, the absolute answer might surprise you. Cowboy boots can be very comfortable as long as you choose the right size and materials.

Exotic Cowboy Boots

When searching for a pair of comfortable cowboy boots consider durability, flexibility, and stretchability. A good pair of cowhide cowboy boots can provide all three factors but what if you want a more upscale exotic boot? The more common exotic boot materials come from reptiles and the ostrich. Alligator, crocodile, and snakeskin as well as ostrich skin are the most common types of materials used for exotic cowboy boots.

A cowboy boots’ most comfortable attribute is the support that it gives your foot. Selecting the right boot for fit will provide the most support and comfort. So, getting the right fit is the most important aspect of comfort when purchasing any type of cowboy boot. Some materials used to make cowboy boots will provide more flexibility and stretchability than others which are also important attributes when selecting a comfortable cowboy boot.

Some cowboy boot styles and materials are more comfortable than others. When looking at comfort more expensive is not always better when it comes to boots. Alligator boots for instance cost more than crocodile boots. Both are very durable and made from the belly skin of the reptile. Alligator is said to be the softest leather and a good cowboy boot should be soft and flexible. It takes 3 American Alligators to make one pair of boots.

Alligator and Crocodile boots are comfortable boots; however, they are the more expensive cowboy boots on the market. Crocodile and alligator are considered superior, premium classic leathers for cowboy boots as opposed to Caiman reptile leather. They are all crocodilians however the Caiman is an inferior leather in comparison. It is not as soft as its cousin the alligator and its distant cousin the crocodile.

Cowboy boots made solely of genuine alligator bellies are one of the most expensive boots. When shopping for exotic cowboy boots you should be aware that many cowhide types of leather are stamped to resemble exotic leathers. Make sure you know what the actual material of the boot is. Also, some exotic boots are not full exotic leather boots, as the shaft or upper body of the boot may be a different material.

Boots made from any type of reptile skin are high maintenance. They need special care to keep them in great condition and prevent cracking. As such if you are wanting a pair of boots “to live in so to speak” they may not be your best choice. However, if you are looking for a comfortable pair of dress cowboy boots an exotic reptile skin cowboy boot provides great comfort, flexibility, and support.

Products made from crocodile and alligator skins are illegal in some states. Both reptiles are semi-aquatic predators. Some of these species are endangered. American Alligators are farmed in the USA and since not in the wild, they are legal to sell (in most states). Alligator and crocodile farms can be found mostly in the southern states. Louisiana is one of the biggest producers of these farms and it is a multimillion-dollar industry for them.

There are many types of snakeskin used to make cowboy boots. Python snakeskin boots are thought to be superior to most snakeskin boots. Python snake skins are one of the most durable and flexible materials for cowboy boots. It is also one of the most comfortable exotic leathers. Its stretch factor can make them easier to break in. They are less expensive than alligator or crocodile boots.

It generally takes 6 to 8 snakeskins to make one pair of boots. Snakeskin boots are lighter and more flexible than most other types of skins and leather. They are also very durable; however, they do not hold up well in wet conditions. Snakeskins are naturally yellow over time.

Ostrich skin leather is very durable and has a uniquely bumpy texture. It is also a soft leather so considering it is also one of the strongest leathers available the softness it provides is definitely an asset. The naturally occurring oils in the ostrich leather make it a lower-maintenance cowboy boot than some of the other exotics. The key to ostrich boot comfort is making sure you have a great fit since they do not have much stretch.

Keep in mind that any leather needs to breathe so having more than one pair of boots is a plus. However, ostrich boots would be a good “live-in boot” compared to some exotics. They stand up to rough use and are breathable, so if you have to live in an exotic boot for regular daily wear the ostrich boot would be a very good choice.


Which Boots Are the Most Comfortable?

Are cowboy boots comfortable, the absolute answer is yes. The boots that are the most comfortable are the ones that fit your lifestyle. If you ride horses then classic westerns are your best bet. If you do a lot of walking then roper or stockman are your boots of choice.

For people who do hard labor, work boots fit better than any other kind of boots. A good pair of cowboy work boots makes your day a lot easier, no tying shoelaces, no having them get loose, and having to fix them. They are tried and true.

So let’s break it down into the 8 most comfortable cowboy boots.

8 Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots

Ariatmen’sworkbootWestern Hybrid Ranchersquare100% leather foot and upper90-degree DuratreadYes
Ariat women’sworkbootBaby Fat Heritage square100% leather foot and upper Duratread Yes
Justin men’sdress boot wears like workboot Tobias roundcowhide leather walking/block/tallerCheck with manufacturer
Justin Gypsywomen’s dress boot wears like workboot Gypsy square/softwater buffalo walking/block/rubberCheck with manufacturer
Dan Post men’sdress boot wears like workboot Milwaukee pointed100% leather  cowboyCheck with manufacturer
Dan Post women’severyday boot Alexy square100% leather stockmanCheck with manufacturer
Abilene men’sdress boot wears like workboot Bison roundbison leather westernCheck with manufacturer
Lane women’s classic western Saratoga Tanpointed snip soft calfskin leather upper westernCheck with manufacturer
Most Comfortable Cowboy Boots


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How To Break In Boots

One of the most important parts of getting a new pair of cowboy boots is breaking them in. What does breaking them in mean? You need to wear them. Pick a day where you plan on doing a lot of walking and spend the day walking around in them.

The more you wear them the more comfortable they get and the better they fit your feet. Jump around a little, and walk fast. Get them suckers broke in!

Tip – You can wet a pair of boots

  • Walk in some water with them on your feet, submerge them up to the top of your ankles, then walk around the rest of the day and let them dry to your feet. This is one of the best ways to stretch them to your feet.

Tip – Boots can stretch

  • Boots are made from cow leather, or other types of exotic leathers such as snake, emu, and ostrich. Leather stretches, you can wear two pairs of socks for a day or use a boot stretcher to stretch out the leather.

Breaking in your boots is paramount to getting them in that comfort zone. Luckily wearing them a lot should be easy, they look good, feel good and you look good wearing them!


How To Make Cowboy Boots More Comfortable

You may be wondering if there are ways you can make boots more comfortable and the answer is yes there are quite a few ways. Although wearing them in is the absolute best way to get them where you need them, you may also want to try these other options.

  • Wear insoles
  • Stretch them out
  • Wear better socks
  • Give them a chance

Most cowboy boots have rubber soles that make them easy to walk on, however, if that is not enough you may want to buy a pair of good insoles to add to them. Insoles work the same as with shoes, if you are on concrete all day you may need to add a little bit of cushion to make your cowboy boots comfortable.

As mentioned before, stretching them out can be a great way to make them more comfortable if they are fitting too tight. There are multiple ways to stretch them, wearing them more often, or getting them wet and then wearing them until they dry to your feet. You can even steam them.

The Most Comfortable Boot for Wide Feet

The most comfortable cowboy boots for wide feet, again, are boots that fit. Many cowboy boot makers have size selections for wide feet. A round or square-toe boot is a good choice as this allows some extra room for a wider foot. If you have extra wide feet however you should choose a wide-sized boot.

Boot width is just as important as length. For many years cowboy boots were only available in one width however, there are now many sizing options for cowboy boots. Some brands offering more sizing choices are Ariat, Dan Post, and Justin bootmakers. If you have particularly hard-to-fit feet a custom boot is recommended.

One way to make your experience more comfortable is to wear better socks. Thinner low-cut socks tend to be uncomfortable in boots. You need to wear something thicker and taller.

Last but not least, give them boots a chance! They may still be new and you might need to wear them a little longer before they are truly broken in. The more you wear them the better they feel. Goof around in them, wear them all day multiple days in a row. Chances are they will start to fit you just right.

Anyone can wear boots, men, women, and even children. I’ve had a pair of boots for nearly my whole life. You don’t have to be from the south to wear cowboy boots, they look good and feel great, for everybody.

In Conclusion, Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable, The Absolute Answer

Texas fashion is often associated with cowboy boots, and while some may wonder if they are comfortable, the answer is a resounding yes. However, it is important to break in new boots to ensure they form to your feet and provide a comfortable experience. Custom-made boots are also an option for those seeking the perfect fit. To make boots even more comfortable, adding insoles and knowing which styles are best for walking versus riding horses can make a difference. So, if you’re looking to embrace Texas fashion, don’t be afraid to slip on a pair of cowboy boots and enjoy the comfort they provide.


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Are custom cowboy boots more comfortable?

Yes, they are. When it comes to custom boots there is nothing in the world as good for your feet. Making custom boots is a true craft. Bootmakers size you up, literally. They make your boots fit your exact dimensions and custom bootmakers know how to get them right.

Can cowboy boots be repaired?

They absolutely can be repaired. Your boots can last you a lifetime if you have them repaired. They can be re-soled, re-heeled, and even patched if the leather gets a hole in them. Boot repair shops do an excellent job and keep your boots in top condition.

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