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TEX MEX Martini

Texas Lifestyle influencers and enthusiasts will love exploring foods, drinks, travel, home decor, and more than anything just having plain ole down-home fun Texas-style. 

Texini is the leading lifestyle brand in Texas that is defined by its celebration of the Lone Star State’s culture, heritage, and values. The brand offers a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, home décor, and food and beverage, all of which are designed to reflect the unique spirit of Texas.

Kay Keeton, Editor in Chief

Find out more about Texini, the leading Texas lifestyle brand that is defined by its celebration of the Lone Star State’s culture, heritage, and values.

Tex Mex Martini & Cocktail Parties

Mexican martini ingredients include tequila (we recommend Sauza Hornitos), fresh lime, orange liquor (recommended is Cointreau), sweet n sour soda of your choice, and olive juice. along with your one part Texas and a splash of onery, which is all you! Jump to recipe.

The first cocktail party was in St. Louis, Missouri in 1917 for a group of fifty and became an instant hit. Even though Texas does have cocktail parties, as a whole, we are more informal. Garden parties, barbeques, tapas parties, etc, are very popular. 

However, we as Texans do like our cocktails. The Mexican martini recipe has been claimed by many establishments in Texas but never confirmed as to who invented it. The olive juice makes it a dirty martini. The double shot of liquor gives it a nice kick. Its popularity has been spread socially by word of mouth and social media for many years by Texas influencers, bartenders and you guessed it “Texans who like to drink”.

First of our Texas Lifestyle Influencers

Today an influencer is a person on social media who is adept at persuading followers to buy things and follow certain trends.  Social media is based on people sharing and communicating in a way that makes others aware of new ideas, trends, events, and more information that other people will find interesting.

Jim Bowie designer of the Bowie knife was the first of our Texas lifestyle influencers. James ‘Jim’ carried the original Bowie knife that was based on a series of knife designs that Jim improved upon. The Bowie Knife was at least a foot-long and razor-sharp. Its lethal edge and design became legendary. Jim was a frontiersman and fighter. Bowie’s last stand at the Alamo made him famous. It was rumored he killed a dozen Mexican soldiers that day the Texians lost their lives defending our rights to be the Texans we are today. After his death, the Bowie knife was made by blacksmiths around the world. The Texas Rangers and US Marines carried versions of his famous knife. His knife is still famous today by collectors around the globe. Now that’s an influencer y’all!

Texini, Our signature Tex Mex Martini. A custom Mexican martini recipe created especially for our readers. This recipe for Mexican martini AKA Texini Tex Mex Martini, is great whether you have a couple of friends over or a whole crowd.

It’s Texini Time!

TEXINI, Recipe for fun!

  • One part Texas
  • Two-part tequila
  • One part lime
  • One part orange liqueur
  • One part sweet ‘n sour soda
  • Splash of olive juice
  • Splash of ornery

Do wut?

Hint* part sizes are bigger in Texas.

Y’all come on down. Shake, pour, kick back and git your Texas on!

Visit often for new variations and twists to the best 5-star – Texas Style Mexican Martini ever made! We love to hear from our readers about their favorite additions to our signature Texini, Tex Mex Martini

Visit us often to find out what trends, brands and styles are on the move. Texas influencers set the bar high and it doesn’t matter if you are from a big city or a small community. Texas lifestyle influencers have something for everyone. The Lone Star Lifestyle is a true culture of diversity.

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What is A Texas Lifestyle?

Texas Lifestyle is defined by those people that have located here in our past from other parts of the world that brought a piece of their culture to meld with Texas. I use the term ‘meld with’ for a reason because no matter how ingrained their native culture was, Texas has a way of making each of its residents true Texans. For instance, most people in Texas have at least one pair of cowboy boots even though they may have never owned a pair before becoming a “Texan”. 

What is a Texas lifestyle influencer?

A Texas lifestyle influencer is someone who has a unique perspective and expertise in the fashion, beauty, food, and culture of Texas. They use their influence to promote and share the best aspects of life in the Lone Star State to a broad audience through online publications, social media platforms, events, and interviews.

Kay Keeton, Ed.

Editor in Chief, Kay Keeton - Texas Lifestyle Expert. Kay is a designer turned author, marketer, storyteller, and influencer. A sixth-generation Texan, Kay is both an authority as well as being passionate about sharing her home state of Texas's diverse culture and lifestyle. Kay is a content writer and editor of content for various local and national online publications.

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