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Texas decorating ideas should reflect your own personal style. Casual, modern, cozy, affordable, traditional, eclectic, minimal and many other styles can fit within your Texas-inspired space concept. These fresh ideas will bring you Texas-style inspiration for your space with the latest designs, styles, and trends no matter where you live.

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Implementing your Texas Decorating Ideas

When implementing your Texas decorating ideas you should first consider your budget. What do you want to achieve in your space and what will your budget allow you to change or update? When decorating a new space, you have a clean slate to start with, however, if you are updating an existing space you will have additional considerations. Take a good look at your space and make a note of your lighting, room shape, size of space, and existing colors.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Freestanding Tub, Glass Shower

This modern contemporary bath has a free-standing tub with industrial-style hardware and rustic touches throughout. Texas decorating ideas include key elements to updating, brightening the space, and keeping its functionality on point. A practical, livable, comfortable home with the right design style and elements to fit your lifestyle are paramount no matter what style you are implementing. Texas style leans toward a contemporary, casual lifestyle for real life.

Texas Decorating Ideas Tips and Styles

Texas decorating ideas and style can encompass vintage, country, rustic, western, and ranch while still giving you a modern overall aesthetic. Most Texas-style homes in our new millennium have a more modern contemporary style that reflects the use of organic materials and neutral palettes along with an open minimalistic approach. Texas-style homes can include longhorn decor and Texas stars, but as with any interior design, they are much more complex than just a few random design elements.

Custom Texas Style Kitchen
Custom Texas Style Kitchen

Infuse your Texas Style home with a comfortable, cozy, atmosphere using warm furniture pieces such as this double island with barstool seating, soft pendant lights, crown molding, and more. Touch it up with some iron-colored drawer pulls and glass cabinetry. The bead-board ceiling with its recessed lighting gives an authentic Texas ambiance to the space. Add modern appliances and ground the space with a natural wood-tone floor. Old meets new in this beautiful room design.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Modern Texas Farmhouse Kitchen

Sustainable Texas style interior designs have a light touch of western culture and are not too trendy. Pairing rustic elements with stainless steel, gray cabinets, and neutral geometric tile backsplash grounded with a light, warm, wide plank flooring gives this Texas-inspired kitchen some pizazz!

Texas-style decor takes its lead from the natural elements of the diverse Texas terrain, its history including early settlers, fauna, and wildlife, as well as the cowboy spirit of its early trail hands who herded longhorn cattle across Texas.

The most popular type of home in Texas is the ranch style which lends itself to modern aesthetics quite well. Other popular architectural styles in Texas are Spanish Mission, Craftsman, Queen Anne, Bungalow, Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Spanish Revival, Southwestern, and Hill Country German.

Read more about Modern Farmhouse Decor here.

Create a Texas-Inspired Space

Big as Texas Interior Design
Large Ranch Style Living

Opening your space up is important in a Texas-style interior design. If your space is already open and roomy then that is half the battle. However, if you have smaller spaces, you should take steps to open them up if possible. Also, with smaller spaces, you want to minimize clutter and use clean lines to make your space appear Texas big. Always make sure your furniture is in the correct size ratio to the room. Large, overstuffed furniture in a small space is both restrictive and overwhelms the room so that the design elements are overpowered.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Blue Sideboard and Texas Wall Art

Use wall art and unique lighting to draw the eye up for a more open clean look rather than adding a lot of smaller décor items. This technique is seen in many Texas coastal homes. A bright welcoming kitchen with light wood tones and lots of natural light is also seen in many Texas coastal houses. If you can incorporate window seating along with the natural lighting you will have a space that is bright and welcoming, Texas style. Neutrals with grey, white, and an occasional pop of color such as a country blue also open a space up and give it a certain Texas charm

Texas Home Improvement Tips

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

As we have already mentioned an open-concept space is ideal for a Texas-style home. If your home is small, closed in, or otherwise outdated then you might want to consider some home improvements if your budget allows. Also when updating a kitchen then some home improvements might be necessary to create a more modern space. A large country farmhouse kitchen is typical in Texas-style homes.

Texas inspired Modern Bath
Modern Bath

It makes sense to do the improvements before redecorating your space if they are needed. Many home improvements can increase the value of your home. If your budget does not allow for actual renovations, then doing minor kitchen remodels or adding an outdoor space such as a patio can make a big difference in your space. Painting your front door and sprucing up your yard increases your curb appeal. Inside simple alterations such as replacing kitchen hardware and faucets will give the space a more modern feel along with replacing light fixtures and flooring.

Texas Home Décor Ideas

How to bring Texas home décor into your space can be as simple as bringing the outdoors in with small touches here and there. Giving your home a modern country feel by using light neutral tones not only opens the space up but gives it an airy light atmosphere. If you want something a little more rustic, then adding natural wood elements with a farmhouse aesthetic will go nicely in updating your Texas-inspired space.

Vintage inspired farmhouse kitchen
Beautiful Vintage Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen with Window Seating

Modern spaces with vintage elements and southern-inspired décor also lend themselves well to a Texas-style home. Traditional pieces paired with cowhide rugs and western accent décor give a homey farmhouse appeal to a space. One of our favorite Texas-inspired design styles is a modern industrial farmhouse look. This has become a predominant architectural style for Texas new home builds in recent years.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Modern Industrial Farmhouse, Dining and Living Space

A modern industrial farmhouse look makes a great Texas-inspired space. Warm rustic woods paired with metal and warm leather, offset by light wide plank flooring and lots of natural light make a comfortable, stylish living space. This contemporary minimal space provides an overall casual ambiance that can be achieved with little effort. The result is a sleek, modern, comfortable space for living and dining.

Rustic Modern Industrial Farmhouse
Rustic Modern Industrial Farmhouse

A more modern industrial look paired with the already existing rustic farmhouse elements can be seen in both rural and urban Texas homes. Some of the architectural features would be large expansive porches, simple rooflines, distinct industrial influence exteriors, and smart home features. Many are masterpieces of function and sustainability, that conserve resources and optimize energy as well as reduce water use. The modern Industrial farmhouse’s utilitarian influences are designed to be useful and practical while being unpretentious and minimalistic. Read more about Texas architecture here.

Texas Home Inspiration

Texas décor for home inspiration can set the theme for your design, such as adding some antlers for wall décor or a more functional piece such as a hall tree, and yes, even a Texas Lonestar can set the mood for your design.  Rustic signs and items you might find on a ranch such as saddles or horse blankets can also set the tone for your space.

Of course, you can always incorporate some of the more iconic Texas signature decor items such as anything with longhorn cattle, a metal Texas Lone Star, deer antlers, cow skulls, southwestern prints, western paraphernalia, horse blankets, saddles, boots, bluebonnets, metal or wood cut-outs with the shape of Texas, wagon wheels, the Texas flag, and cowhides. A touch or two here and there look great just don’t overoptimize.

More Texas Decorating Ideas

Old vintage maps of Texas can give another layer to your decor. They are great in the home office, study, or reading nook areas. Cast iron items both vintage and modern such as coat racks or even antique pieces such as an old cast iron brooder (stove). If you have the correct layout and space a cast iron wood-burning stove or its facsimile is great for giving your space a country flavor.

vintage hand cut metal art Texas Artist
Vintage Hand Cut Metal Art

Hand-cut metal art pieces are also great choices for the wall or other areas of the home. They are still rather common to find in Texas. However, true hand-cut metal is quickly becoming a lost art. Hand-cut pieces all have minor differences even if the patterns are similar as each artist adds their own little personal touches to each piece they cut.

Southwestern Style
Southwestern Style

Smaller homes as pictured above with smaller rooms make a great backdrop for Southwestern style combined with Texas style. Include a small bar space and keep clutter to a minimum. A focal wall can also make a room appear larger and adds some warmth and color to the space.

A mixture of rustic, modern, and industrial elements is common in Texas-inspired homes. Other Texas décor ideas include farmhouse sinks, interior barn doors, unique chandeliers, and furniture in stripes or leather are also wonderful elements. In addition, a quality area rug with a weathered appearance in subdued colors can give your space a finished Texas style that is both refined and comfortable.

Southern Living Spaces

Southern Living Spaces
Southern Farmhouse Style

Many southern living spaces feature wide plank natural flooring and Texas is no exception. Flooring can be a more costly upgrade but the right flooring grounds the space and plank flooring establishes a modern country charm that is hard to beat. A modern country cottage look is also a popular Texas-style décor theme. Modern shabby chic, reclaimed items, along with a few bold accents and architectural elements such as exposed beams, white beadboard, and open kitchen shelving give your space a cozy, southern style, homey feel.

Southern Country Style
Southern Country Style

If you are on a tight budget a modern country space can be a little easier on the wallet. By using reclaimed items from thrift stores, flea markets, and yes even junk stores, your space can be transformed along with neutral wall color and greenery for a pop of color while costing very little.

Warm cozy bedroom space
Create a Warm Cozy Bedroom Space

Layering linens and bedding gives a bedroom space a chic country appeal while lending a touch of elegance. A full-length flax bed skirt in beige or natural along with lots of bed pillows dressed in a variety of pillow shams is a timeless country look that goes well with most interior styles. Add some rustic elements and a touch of greenery for a soothing, warm, relaxing, casual aesthetic.

Modern Texas Decorating Ideas
Light Modern Bedroom

Texas Houses

Texas houses come in all shapes and sizes, they are not a one size fits all type of home, in most instances. Wrap-around porches, large windows, both one and two-story, along with other architectural features such as exposed beams are common to most areas of Texas. If you are purchasing a new build, many builders offer some unique features. Austin has many unique residences and some even have white limestone floors, which are exquisite as well as durable.

Texas Modern Industrial Farmhouse
Texas Modern Industrial Farmhouse

Many of Austins’ newer homes are Modern Industrial Farmhouse style or Texas Modern Industrial as they are commonly called. They are reminiscent of the traditional Texas farmhouse that you still see scattered across the more rural areas of Texas. This popular style of home is becoming more and more common in Austin and the surrounding hill country region of Texas. It is by far my favorite Texas-style home. These modern elegant homes with a touch of industrial combined with rustic elements, provide a livable, unpretentious country living feeling in even the most urban areas, providing clean lines and high-end finishes.

Texas Style Home
Texas Style Home

Exteriors are often board and batten with standing seam roof lines and expansive anodized aluminum windows. Many have large porch areas, perfect for hanging your prized Texas Lone Star on. Their interiors are usually a neutral monochromatic palette of authentic chalky whites, muted grays, and blues, with a touch of warm browns. These hues provide an excellent foundation for layering the textures required to create an intimate, yet cozy home.

Modern Retro Vintage Bath
Modern Retro Vintage Bath

Add a touch of Texas to your home with a freestanding tub, complete with brass fixtures, and pendant lighting. The beamed ceiling and vintage touches such as a ladder for towels, simple open shelf style vanity with greenery, and light wood flooring give this bath a Texas home decor style that is, oh so, relaxing. Casual and functional with a countryside feel this minimal space is perfect for you and your guests.

Barndo Barndominium
Barndo – Barn Shell for House with a Turret

Perhaps you are more inclined to a Barndominium abode which is also plentiful in Texas, especially as new builds, to be finished out with custom interiors. Most new build Barndominiums’ are built of a metal exterior with high-end finishes available. You could even go a little more colorful with a Barndo interior.

However, there are many converted existing barns, that are both unique, and lend themselves nicely to open floor plans and modern finishes. Barndominiums are more common in rural areas and often can be purchased with 5-10 acres of land. Most come as a shell only, or with an unfinished interior so they can be customized to your liking.

Texas Metro Areas by Design

Many of the various Texas Metro areas whether it be DFW, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso or Austin are creating loft spaces, both new and old. Revitalization and the need for more housing in already heavily populated areas create even more opportunities for Texas Inspired interior designs.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Modern Texas Style Loft

Easily incorporate a beautiful Texas home decor style into any type of space. This modern take on a Texas-inspired loft design with its industrial feel, modern furnishings combined with geometrics, and fun decor pieces is a great choice for city dwellers.

Lofts are apartments that are usually one large space with defined living areas. High ceilings, walls of windows, with existing warehouse or industrial architectural features can be a challenge to decorate, no matter what your style. However, this simple, clean, minimalistic look with modern furnishings and a few Texas-style touches will have you embracing the city life in style.

From cozy studios to sprawling penthouses, apartments offer diverse living spaces. Decorating these urban dwellings can be tricky, regardless of your preferred aesthetic. The key lies in understanding scale and proportion. Select furniture and decor that fit comfortably within your rooms and complement existing pieces. For a chic city vibe, consider adopting a minimalist approach. Opt for sleek, modern furnishings and a handful of carefully chosen accent items to create a stylish, uncluttered space that embraces urban living.

Dallas Texas neighborhoods
Dallas, Texas Neighborhoods

Newer homes in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex tend to have high-pitched roofs, with multi-levels and brick exteriors. However, the Dallas area has a multitude of architectural styles ranging from Mid-century Modern to Mediterranean Revival. The most common of course is a classic, albeit, sprawling ranch home that is common in most parts of Texas as well as the US in general.

Traditional Home Dallas Texas
Traditional Home in Dallas, Texas

Dallas has many architectural styles. One of the most common is traditional full brick exteriors with contemporary furnishings. Dallas boasts many typical suburban homes of this type with higher ceilings and open floor plans. These homes are easy to decorate and infuse with some of your Texas styles.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Modern Contemporary Home Office Space

This example of a typical suburban home office has been streamlined with an eclectic mix of rustic, industrial and modern elements keeping it both contemporary and on-trend. Add some greenery and rustic-toned furniture pieces to give it a homey, cozy feeling. This relaxing up-to-date space has your name on it. A few unique home décor items layered into the design based on your personal preferences give you the ideal space for working at home or just kicking back with a good book.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Casual Comfort in this Texas-Inspired Suburban Home

The newer suburban areas of Houston are very similar to the Dallas area, built with high-pitched roofs, multi-levels, and brick exteriors. However, Houston has many older homes with the most common being the bungalow and ranch house. The Houston area is big, so many of the different neighborhoods have their own distinct architectural styles. From the Houston Heights Victorian style to the ultra-modern homes being built in the southwest areas of Houston, there is a virtual feast of home styles.

Mission Style Patio Home
Mission Style Patio Home

San Antonio runs the gamut of architectural styles with its Spanish mission and German architectural influences. The King William District is the perfect example of German architecture, and the homes are lovely. Heritage homes and the newer luxury German Farmhouses are popular choices for Texas-inspired finishes and decor. Natural rock, sandstone, exposed ceiling beams, and a host of other choices are available with your custom new build. Heritage homes can still be found in the historic district many of which are fully updated with modern contemporary finishes paired with old-world style for unending Texas charm.

Mission-style patio homes are common in this area as well, many have outdoor fireplaces, tile roof lines, and stucco exteriors. Some are built with multiple patio garden areas as well as both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Almost all have an enclosed or partially enclosed patio garden area at the center of the front entrance. However, some are in the backyard area opening into a lush green well-manicured yard.

Mission Style Interior
Mission Style Home with Interior Architectural Features

Homes with built-in architectural features such as this beautiful interior above with its arched doorways and concrete flooring looks both modern and reminiscent of the Mission Revival period. Offsetting it with modern and rustic furniture as well as a touch of greenery brings it all together without being fussy.

Mission style home
Mission Style Home

Texas Mission-style homes were brought here by the Spanish settlers. Today’s modern Texas mission homes have curated lawns and often feature central patios. These homes are generally stucco with tile roofs. The interiors are open wide spaces that feature arched entryways and Terracotta tile. Modern versions are often mixed with Spanish revival, southwestern, and Adobe styles.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Mission Style interiors
Mission Style Interior

This beautiful Spanish Mission Style interior with its distinctive arched entry and doorways represents a style that is minimal with a touch of glam. The wood doors and floors add warmth to the home while the well-curated furnishings mimic the Spanish Colonial Revival-inspired period of the 1920s.

Texas Hill Country Home
Texas Hill Country

Texas Hill Country Style has more German influence than many other regions of Texas. Hill country-style homes feature limestone, sandstone, and cedar. From the classic farmhouses of old to today’s modern farmhouse inspired by the beautiful hill country terrain of rolling hills, creeks, rivers, and canopied oak trees, hill country homes seem to be part of the natural landscape.

Texas Prairie Bungalow
Texas Prairie Bungalow

Hill Country homes range from small bungalows to large impressive luxury homes each having its own unique style. Hill country home interiors are a perfect blend of Texas natural terrain with limestone, natural woods, textures, and movement. They mimic the flora and fauna of this beautiful idyllic countryside.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Hill Country Style
Texas Hill Country Style

The natural stone, warm earth tones, grays, woods, and textures mimic the surrounding scenery with lots of Texas style. Many hill country home exteriors are a limestone blend that carries into the interior as in this ceiling-to-floor limestone fireplace. This luxury home with its timeless aesthetics is so welcoming and peaceful. A neutral background showcases the wonderful architectural features of this home.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Texas Bungalow Eclectic Interior

Texas bungalows are one of my personal favorites. They are livable, cozy, and comfortable. Also many have great bones with awesome architectural features, such as this Eclectic Texas Style, with its pops of color and well-defined living areas. The opposites in the above design, somehow make it into a whole with both old and new design elements. Many Texas bungalows have high ceilings making the rooms seem larger than they actually are.

Regardless of whether you want life on the ranch or just a small homestead, Texas living has it! Texas has many ranch-style houses both big and small as does much of the United States. Many ranches and farms in Texas have ranch-style homes as well as in the cities.

Typical Ranch Style Home
Typical Ranch Style Home

These long low ranch homes with big interiors are often renovated and updated to bring them a more modern aesthetic. They are common in both the rural and urban areas of Texas and make a great backdrop for style, inspired by implementing tasteful Texas decoration ideas.

Texas Decorating Ideas
Spacious Ranch Home with Large Fireplace

This large living room space with its oversized fireplace and vintage cowhide rug is representative of the rustic Texas charm that is often found in older ranch homes. Texas ranch style is big and bold like Texas itself. True to their Texas roots most Texans will tell you everything is bigger and better here in the Lone Star State. Make your Texas decorating ideas a reality and your space can be Texas big and beautiful!

Classic Texas Décor

Classic Texas décor items are anything longhorn, with touches of western and southwest styles combined along with cowboy relics, including cowboy wall art, and rustic furniture pieces such as farmhouse table dining areas. When combined with some of the more modern aesthetics noted above such as neutral backgrounds and natural elements you have created the perfect Texas-style inspired space.  

Texas Decorating Ideas
Outdoor Space with Kitchen Area

Texas decorating ideas can also include your outdoor spaces. Create equally awesome outdoor spaces with a dining area, a vintage Mexican fire pit, and stamped concrete for those backyard BBQs and other outdoor events. Tie the outside with the interior, using greenery and other natural elements, as well as touches of floral and metal accent pieces.

Your Texas Style Home

Texas Decorating Ideas
Cozy Modern Texas Decor

Neutral palettes with chalky whites, grays, blues, and browns in monochromatic tones set the foundation for your perfect Texas-style inspired home.  Create a cozy modern Texas home décor style for layering with natural textures, rustic elements, and industrial touches such as patinated metals, reclaimed items, vintage décor, and more. Implement our Texas-style décor tips and invite your friends over because “you nailed it”, as they say, and expect compliments galore.

How to add a touch of Texas to your home with just a few changes is easy and doable. Create your stylish Texas-inspired home for the interior of your dreams. A wall of floating shelves and some well-curated furnishings with your favorite Texas-inspired decor items can make your home go from blah to breathtaking overnight. Don’t be afraid to experiment by layering different fabrics and textures.

In Conclusion, Texas Decorating Ideas

In conclusion, Texas Decorating Ideas will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try some new design styles. Different regions in Texas have different styles of building and decorating. Houston and Dallas are much more traditional in both architecture and interior styles, while Austin and central Texas as well as West Texas mesh casual with modern for a more industrial style modern farmhouse look. Adding some patterns, geometrics and transitional pieces to top off your Texas-style space keep your home looking both modern and on-trend.

Texas style Moodboard
Shop our Texas Inspired Style Moodboard

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What is a Texas-inspired design style?

Texas decorating ideas should reflect your own personal style. Casual, modern, cozy, affordable, traditional, eclectic, minimal and many other styles can fit within your Texas-inspired space concept. Texas-inspired designs encompass vintage, country, rustic, western, and ranch while still giving you a modern overall aesthetic.

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