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Texini Media Page

TEXINI Media Page

TEXINI provides a digital platform for what makes the Texas Lonestar Life and all it encompasses great as well as offering various advertising and brand awareness options. Visit often for current advertising rates and availability. Texini provides a platform for bringing together for the benefit of others, a variety of goods, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods as well as promoting, advertising, and marketing the brands, products, services, and online websites of individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Information is provided by the TEXINI media page.

Our User Demographics

69.3 % female 30.7% male ages 18 – 65
Traffic 82.7% smartphones (iPhone and Androids)
20.8% tablets, laptops, desktops

Social Media Presence

TEXINI is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We connect with other influencers to promote our content, advertising, and brand awareness.

Our readers are more likely to buy goods online. 60% of our readers are homeowners.

What is TEXINI?

Art and Lifestyle website; implementing digital and influencer marketing by inspiring conversation on social media and other platforms related to home decor, architecture, and personal style. Sharing and caring about all things Texas while defining styles related to diverse cultures. Implementing creative collaboration by sharing things that are relevant to us and our audience. TEXINI’s ‘Texas Lifestyle’ website highlights Texas history, Texas culture, Texas people, and interesting facts about Texas and Texans as well as exploring foods, drinks, travel, home decor, and more than anything just having plain ole down-home fun Texas-style. Visit us often to share in the Lone Star Lifestyle, a true culture of diversity.

TEXINI Media Page

TEXINI provides advertising and marketing campaigns that are about raising brand awareness for products and services. Some of the links contained in this website pages and blog posts contain affiliate links from one or more of our advertisers. This means we may earn a commission or compensation when you click the links provided and make a purchase. For a detailed explanation please review our full Privacy Policy, Terms, Conditions, and Site Policy.

Our team of designers, influencers, storytellers, researchers, and editors have compiled the information for this website to provide to anyone who wishes to learn about Texas, its diverse culture, Texas Lifestyle, America’s lifestyle, and more.

We accept quality guest posting requests for review. We consider guest posts for review and possible inclusion within the recommended guest post guidelines. Email us for guest post outreach, guidelines, and exchanging links here. Only content-relevant links are considered.

Thank you for your interest in TEXINI. 


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