Stocking your Home Bar

Stocking your Texas Style Home Bar


When stocking your home bar find a space that works for your bar. Coffee-type nooks are great for this purpose. Stock with the following tools: 24 Oz cocktail shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, jigger, strainer, corkscrew, 3 liquor pourers + 2 brushes + 6 caps, ice tongs, and 2 bottle stoppers. Liquor will keep for a long time. Buying in bulk on sale is a good idea if you entertain often. Keep it simple by stocking up on the essential liquors. A half dozen or so, 750 ml bottles with a few mixers is a well-stocked home bar.

Liquor Keeps for a Long Time

Liquor will keep for a long time. Buying in bulk on sale is a good idea if you entertain often. Many liquor stores provide a case discount. Keep it simple by stocking up on the essential liquors. A half dozen or so of the 750 ml bottles, with a few mixers is a well-stocked home bar.

  • Vodka: It is one of the most versatile liquors and considered an essential for any home bar. Distilled from fermented grains or potatoes, vodka is a clear, flavorless spirit. It is a popular base for cocktails, as it can be easily mixed with other flavors.
  • Gin: Distilled from vodka and flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals, gin has a distinctive piney flavor. It is often used in cocktails such as the martini and the gin and tonic.
  • Whiskey: Distilled from fermented grains and aged in oak barrels, whiskey has a complex flavor profile that varies depending on the type of grain used, the aging process, and the region where it is produced. Popular types of whiskey include bourbon, scotch, and rye.
  • Tequila: Distilled from fermented agave plants, tequila has a slightly sweet, earthy flavor. It is often enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails such as the margarita and the tequila sunrise.
  • Rum: Distilled from fermented sugarcane molasses, rum has a sweet, caramel flavor. It is often used in cocktails such as the mojito and the daiquiri.
  • Brandy: Distilled from fermented fruit, brandy has a rich, fruity flavor. It is often enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails such as the sidecar and the Old Fashioned.

In addition to these base spirits, you may also want to consider stocking up on some liqueurs and mixers such as sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, bitters, and citrus and vanilla vodkas .

Remember that your home bar should be customized to what you actually drink and your individual style, taste, and budget . You can always add more as you discover new cocktail recipes or find a new distilled spirit to try.

  • Start with the basics: vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, and rum. Once you have these spirits, you can start to add other liquor categories such as brandy, aperitifs, and liqueurs.
  • Choose high-quality spirits: It is better to have a few bottles of high-quality spirits than a lot of bottles of low-quality spirits.
  • Consider your budget: Liquor can be expensive, so it is important to set a budget for your home bar.

Beer Mugs and Pilsner Glasses

Beer Mugs and Pilsner Glasses

The Basics

Some home bar essentials are basic to ensure easy drink preparation and entertaining. Your home bar design can be simple or more complicated based on your needs. You may want the addition of a bar or bar table, along with bar stools or chairs and shelves to store liquor and bar utensils as well as barware glasses. Ask friends and family for home bar ideas, go online and look for idea boards such as Pinterest, for even more ideas.

Install shelves if needed to support your barware glasses. The basics are:

  • Various sizes of shot glasses
  • Old-fashioned bar glasses
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Margarita glasses
  • Highball and Collins glasses
  • Mason jar-style glasses
  • A few fun Fishbowl glasses
  • Champagne and wine glasses
  • Pilsner beer glasses and beer mugs
Find a space that works for your bar. Coffee type nooks are great for this purpose.

10 Home Bar Ideas

Adding a home bar should be a convenient and entertaining space. Depending on how much free room you have, here are 10 ideas for a home bar.

  • A small bar cart with a built-in wine rack and glass storage.
  • A minibar in a corner of the living room, with a counter and stools for seating.
  • A home bar cabinet with fold-down doors and shelves for storing bottles and glasses.
  • A converted furniture piece, such as an old chest or armoire, can be used as a bar.
  • A built-in bar with a granite or marble countertop, wine fridge, and cabinetry for storage.
  • A home bar with a keg tap and beer fridge for the ultimate home-brewing setup.
  • A tiki bar, complete with tropical decor and a thatched roof for a fun, laid-back vibe.
  • A bar with a vintage or industrial design, created using reclaimed wood or metal for a unique look.
  • A simple bar setup in a basement, with a long counter and bar stools for a casual space to entertain.
  • An outdoor bar with a built-in grill and refrigerator, perfect for summer parties and backyard gatherings.

If you have children in your home then consider installing a safety latch or lock to your home bar cabinet for storing liquor bottles. Coffee-type nooks make a great bar area for the home barista allowing you to do double duty with your space.

Decorating Your Home Bar

Decorating your home bar is a matter of personal taste. This is a space you use to relax and unwind. Vintage signs or more modern touches may be your style. Make it comfortable and useable with your personal touches. Your home bar setup should be clean and modern. Add some home bar stools and home bar essentials to your home bar design. Home bar signs are also great additions. Home bar lighting is another consideration, both low lighting and high lighting are recommended for the different ambiances of various entertainment purposes.

If your space allows a home bar counter is a great addition and gives your space more definition. You might want to sport a few home decor touches that reflect you or your hobbies for your in-home bar design. Your home bar setup should reflect who you are as well as provide for the needs of guests when entertaining. Home bar furniture should be something you enjoy, functional and relaxing.

Man Cave Ideas

If a man cave is more your style then a bigger space is needed. Big screen TV, posters, neon signs even a built-in bar or movable bar with a larger surface would be suitable. Bar stools of your liking, as well as more comfortable seating, is a must. If you want to go all out add a wine cooler and a small refrigerator for snacks.

  • Choose a space that can be easily converted into a man cave, such as a basement, garage, or spare room.
  • Consider the size and layout of the space, and how it will accommodate your desired activities and furniture.
  • Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and personal touches.
  • Install a TV and sound system for watching sports and movies, and consider adding a gaming system or other entertainment options.
  • Stock the bar with your favorite drinks and snacks, and add a refrigerator or kegerator for convenient access.
  • Display your favorite memorabilia, such as sports jerseys or posters, and add personal touches like a dartboard or pool table.
  • Invest in storage solutions, such as shelves and cabinets, to keep your space organized and clutter-free.
  • Consider the acoustics of the room and add soundproofing materials if necessary to keep noise levels under control.
  • Create defined areas within the man cave for different activities, such as a seating area for watching TV and a bar area for socializing.
  • Invite friends and family over to enjoy your new space and make it a regular spot for gatherings and relaxation.

There are many considerations while designing a home bar for basement or man cave status. Some man cave furniture, a few man cave signs, and interesting home bar decor make your space more inviting. You should allow plenty of room for friends to move around, so an open space is best. Consider a house-bar-warming party, invite lots of friends and they can contribute to your space with some home bar gifts as well. Cheers!


A basic home bar set is a great addition to any home bar. Get yours here.

Drinks for a Party here. 

As always, drink responsibly and stay safe.

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