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What is Rustic Style?

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What is rustic-style decor? This is a broad area and encompasses a range of styles. There are common basic elements in rustic design regardless of whether you are leaning towards farmhouse rustic or all the way to the other end of the spectrum with a bohemian modern rustic. There is a full spectrum of rustic-style decors to consider.

Texas Lifestyle Moodboard
Rustic Moodboard

Rustic Decor Styles

  • Rustic Modern Industrial
  • Country Rustic and Farmhouse Rustic
  • Contemporary Rustic
  • Primitive Rustic
  • Organic Rustic
  • Cottage Rustic
  • Rustic Chic
  • Bohemian Rustic
  • Coastal Rustic
  • Western Rustic and Ranch Rustic
  • Vintage Rustic
  • Arts & Crafts Rustic

Rustic Decor Home

Base Palette for any Rustic Decor Design

When planning your ideas for farmhouse decor think of reclaimed wood and vintage items. Your farmhouse kitchen and rustic bathroom will look great with modern rustic design trends. Transitional interiors are becoming more and more popular, so whether you are renovating or just updating and refreshing your space a mixture of design styles will keep it on trend.

Farmhouse Style is a popular choice in Texas-inspired spaces and any rustic farmhouse decor will be right on trend no matter where you live. Modern farmhouse design has become a mainstream decorating choice and rustic decor will give your space that authentic rustic look you are going for. Modern Farmhouse decorations are very much sought after in many modern homes.

How to Make Your Home Look Rustic

Your base palette for any rustic design should incorporate warm, earthy colors and textures. Rugged natural woods, natural stone, and distressed brick are all desirable elements for a Rustic Decor Design. Moreover, other desirable elements are natural organic textiles, and textures such as jute and leather. These paired with a neutral, natural color palette, provides an environment of comfort and simplicity. Hand-forged metals, weathered aged pieces, repurposed furniture, and handmade decor pieces fit nicely into a rustic design.

Most rustic décor uses color sparing, especially strong colors, in order to achieve a warm, timeless aesthetic. Muted tones should dominate the design with warm tones incorporated for a cozy lived-in feel. Refurbished, repurposed items add charm and simplicity to rustic designs. Layering your design with organic materials such as soft linens, woven linens, fur, textured woven area rugs, reeds, grasses, and twigs brings in additional elements to tie your design together.

Rustic Decor Elements

Typical rustic elements are large exposed wood beams, wood floors, exposed brick walls, wooden countertops, wood-burning stoves, large expansive windows, and natural stone fireplaces. Do you love the beauty of the outdoors, comfortable spaces, and natural materials? If so, then rustic decor might be the perfect fit for your decorating style.

Rustic Decor Design
Rustic Decor Design

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

What if your room doesn’t have any of these elements and your budget will not accommodate renovations? Not to worry, as you can give your rooms a rustic homey feel with simple additions. These additions can range from hanging lamps, area rugs, wrought iron, rusted metals, and distressed walls. The design as pictured above also incorporates wall art and natural wood furniture pieces along with other accessories for added warmth.

House remodel ideas with a modern rustic flare bring warmth to any space. Greenery and other plants can add to the coziness of the space while maintaining its rustic feel. Home decor lends itself to rustic interior design principles through the use of earthy colors, textures, and nature-inspired elements such as greenery bringing that natural feel to your home like no other style can.

Organic elements, as well as natural aesthetics such as wood, stone, and metals, with natural colors and textures, are perfect for this design style. There are many complementary elements that make up the many types of rustic interiors. Rustic style interior design inspiration can come from the outdoors and the desire to connect with nature.

Modern rustic style is about creating a comfortable unpretentious atmosphere with natural elements, soft warm colors, and aged items. It can be incorporated with other design elements to further define your space and your style. It works quite well with traditional interior design styles as well. The color of terracotta along with eucalyptus green or sage green are good examples of setting the tone for your rustic interior design.

Where to Find Rustic Style Decor

Some fantastic rustic decor items can be found in online stores, flea markets, junk yards, antique stores as well as some of your more conventional shopping locations. Check your basement, talk to friends to see if they are discarding anything. Look for items to repurpose or distress to bring out that rustic appeal. The possibilities are endless if you think outside of the box.

Bolder Colors

Rustic style usually has a neutral color palette but certain rustic styles lend themselves nicely to the addition of bolder colors. If you are leaning toward bright colors then bohemian rustic, western rustic, and southwestern rustic would be good choices to bring in more colors. Choosing slightly subdued bright tones such as rust instead of orange, mustard instead of yellow, and olive instead of green will allow you to blend brighter colors with your rustic designs.

Types of Rustic Decor

Rustic Modern Industrial Decor

If you are looking for an industrial modern-rustic feel, then bring in additional elements such as non-shiny metals or metals with patina. Sleek, simple lines paired with natural woods, exposed bricks, and naturally warm tones are the basics for this unassuming style of decor.

Rustic Modern Industrial
Rustic Modern Industrial

Typically this style incorporates a mix of modern and rustic. In addition to the rustic neutral warm color scheme, for a more industrial feel the use of whites and blacks add character to this style. As seen in the photo above white has been incorporated with the natural brick and the black pendant lights give the room a distinct industrial appearance. The cabinets and sofa have modern lines as does the table which is accented by vintage industrial chairs. Industrial-aged fans, warehouse lighting fixtures, and vintage metal furniture all up the industrial look of any rustic palate room.

Country Rustic and Farmhouse Rustic

Farmhouse Rustic Decor

A farmhouse rustic incorporates all the basics of rustic decor with a few additional items to set the tone such as earthenware pots, candles, woven blankets, and patchwork quilts. Other options include distressed paint finishes, reclaimed wood, sheer curtains, white or off-white shiplap walls, river rock stone elements, brushed hardware, and pendant lights. A farmhouse living room will go to the next level with rustic decorating.

Read more about farmhouse decor here.

Farmhouse Pink Flowers Drying on a Rope
Pink Flowers Drying on a Rope

Country Farmhouse Rustic

Country rustic decor leans on the softer side of rustic with soft organic fabrics, whitewashed painted surfaces, and dried flowers for instance. To achieve a country farmhouse-rustic atmosphere, add elements such as vintage items, weathered hardware, and handmade wood decor items. Honey-toned woods, mudrooms with open shelving, window benches, beadboard, and greenery are great inexpensive additions to give your farmhouse rustic that country feeling. Country styles lend themselves nicely to rustic homes’ decor.

Country Handmade Wood Decor
Handmade Wood Decor

How to Decorate Country or Farmhouse Rustic Style on a Budget

Simple butcher block countertops in the kitchen or if the budget does not allow that then a wall of vintage wooden cutting boards will impart functionality and a warm cozy feel. A farmhouse sink is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. Red accessories such as napkins or a kettle on the stove will punch up the country decor of any farmhouse kitchen.

Contemporary Rustic

Rustic contemporary design combines more modern elements with your basic rustic palate. The simplicity and serenity of contemporary elements with its muted color palette is the perfect complement to a rustic design style. Contemporary elements create harmony and when paired with the warm basic rustic elements create a pleasing natural environment.

Contemporary Rustic
Contemporary Rustic

In the room above the contemporary rustic elements and design create an open feel and casual atmosphere that would complement any home. Combined with rich textures, a touch of nature to bring the outdoors in, and clean angular lines this room is both comfortable and sophisticated. The richness of the hardwoods and subtle contemporary lines creates an intimate natural space. Your homestyle decor just went up a notch with this streamlined contemporary rustic aesthetic.

Primitive Rustic

Primitive rustic incorporates the basic rustic palate with utilitarian elements that represent a lack of pretense and have a practical purpose. A roughly hewn peg coat rack, heavy single-purpose furniture, a hooked rug, and a rough-hewn poster bed are examples of primitive pieces.

Crude Primitive Design
Living Room in Primitive Rustic Style

The focus of primitive rustic is uncluttered practical spaces without any fluff. Chunky single-purpose furnishings of wood with all the natural dings and scratches in a matte natural state work well. That old saying “less is more” couldn’t be truer than in primitive interior design spaces. If you like your spaces to include natural elements, as well as be functional and clutter-free then this might be the rustic design style for you.

Crude Simple Designs

Practical elements such as stainless steel sinks and concrete countertops work well in primitive rustic design with a focus on function rather than appearance. Crude simple designs such as metal stars, early Americana flags, and handcrafted aged pieces are also predominant in this design style. Primitive rustic imparts a space that requires little upkeep and gives the feeling of sparseness and retreat rather than being overdone or dramatic. A place to rest, relax, eat, and sleep with an underlying rustic ambiance.

Organic Rustic Decor

Natural woods and other organic materials paired with greenery and lots of natural light define the organic rustic style. Of all the rustic styles of decor, this is the most natural. Elements in their natural state to showcase their beauty are recommended for an organic rustic style design. Large organic statement pieces paired with natural material area rugs, bamboo, and seagrass bring a balance that anchors the space.

Organic Rustic
Natural Elm Slab Table

The raw-edged organic table as pictured above, combined with the sculptural refined metal would give an organic edge to any room. Bring in some Zen with layered textures, leathers, and soft linens to further define the space. A natural hide sling back chair with natural wood stump side tables are just a few suggestions to give your home that organic rustic vibe.

Cottage Rustic Decor

White or pastel-washed natural woods, distressed woods, bamboo roman shades, wicker chairs, and keeping your larger statement pieces warm and neutral defines this understated look. You do not want to overdo the room with warm woods for this style, you want just enough warmth to showcase the accessories. Another example of this style would be natural linens and soft fabrics against roughhewn woods and wrought iron.

Cottage Kitchen - Bright Light and Airy with a Touch of Warm
Bright Light and Airy with a Touch of Warm Defines Cottage Rustic

Combining closed and open shelving, showcasing different metal patinas, greenery and subtle soft pastels against a mostly white background with simple window coverings and natural stone floors define this space. The whitewashed beamed ceiling and large windows provide a bright, light, airy look for this Cottage Rustic kitchen.

Rustic Chic Decor

Rustic Chic is a marriage of feminine touches with rugged masculine elements, the yin, and yang of natural rustic elements paired with glitzy accessories. This eclectic, whimsical mix of old-world charm in a grounded rustic space is a very appealing aesthetic allowing you to have fun with your design. 

Yin and Yang Design Elements
Yin and Yang Elements. Chandeliers and Rough Hewn Woods.

Chandeliers combined with distressed woods, luxurious layered linens, and cotton paired with distressed metals provide an interesting visual appearance. Perhaps a couple of ornate candleholders and a fuzzy area rug to complete the bedroom style. Refurbished, repurposed items also add charm and simplicity to this design style.

Feminine Touches with Rugged Masculine Elemen
Feminine Touches with Rugged Masculine Elements

Unlike shabby chic, Rustic Chic is meant to be uncluttered with layers of interest here and there throughout a room. Rustic Chic elements allow you to create an elegant yet comfortable design for everyday living. This well-thought-out kitchen space provides a simple rustic elegance through the use of both feminine touches and rugged masculine elements.

Bohemian Rustic

Bohemian Rustic Decor uses the same basic palate as rustic design with neutral colors, wood elements, distressed walls, linens, woven textiles, and other woven elements. In addition, Bohemian Decor is a mixture of textures, colors, and patterns. Unlike some of the other rustic designs, the sky is the limit with Bohemian. You can add as much or as little to the room as you desire. However, you should have some common elements in the room to bring it together.

Bohemian Rustic Decor
Beautiful Cozy Bedroom with Bohemian Rustic Style.

Start by adding a few pops of color to your unconventional Boho Rustic style. Layer your colors with woven linens, cotton, and wool giving your space a comfortable welcoming feel. Floor sweeping linens and organic touches, as well as greenery, give an overall free spirit ambiance to the space. Repurposed items and quirky objects lend interest as well. You can use items that represent your personal experiences through travel, hobbies, or other interests that give a unique appeal to the room.

Coastal Rustic Decor

Coastal rustic combines lighter-toned woods, and whitewashed or pastel-washed wood tones combined with neutral colors. Think natural woods ranging from cool to light warm or even white for furniture pieces. Neutral wall colors of very light sandy beige and other cool muted tones work well. Accessories that impart the natural outdoors such as grasses, woven elements, driftwood, shells, and natural fiber rugs provide peaceful calming elements to the space, just like the ocean breeze.

Coastal Rustic Decor
Peaceful Beachside Coastal Rustic

A natural rustic seaside palate of light-toned chunky wood and rattans paired with a sisal rug, accentuated by greenery with layers of pillows and linens whispers peaceful bliss at the beach.

Western Rustic Decor and Ranch Rustic Decor

Western and Ranch Rustic decor can be used interchangeably but each has unique features which set them apart as distinct styles. Ranch rustic is usually considered to be more expansive and open. Both styles incorporate a basic warm rustic palate with natural elements. A Ranch Rustic design consists of functional pieces that do a job and little else. Furniture to sit and sleep on, lighting, perhaps an area rug, cabinets, or drawers for storing clothing and other items.

Western and Ranch Rustic Decor
Ranch Rustic

Ranch Rustic style usually encompasses furnishings and architectural elements made of reclaimed wood including expansive glass windows. Beamed ceilings and a rock fireplace accentuate this rustic bedroom’s ranch-like aesthetic. Wrought iron and earthenware lamps give it a homey lived-in feeling. The large area rug is a common feature in ranch homes.  

Western and Ranch Rustic Decor
Western and Ranch Rustic Bath

Western rustic has more decorative attributes than ranch rustic and can range from cowboy to southwestern style. It still has the same rustic palate as the ranch rustic with chunky warm furniture pieces. You tend to see more pops of color in western rustic and cozier spaces. Southwestern touches are often seen in Western Rustic decors such as clay pots and hand-painted colorful tiles. Western decoration for home styles can include cowboy paraphernalia, horse blankets, boots, and saddles among others. Many modern rustic, Texas-inspired style homes, will feature metal art pieces as depicted below.

Western Rustic Decor has Decorative Attributes. Texas Made, Texas Design Metal Art Decor.
Western Rustic Decor has Decorative Attributes. Texas Made, Texas Design Metal Art Decor.

Common decorative aspects of a western rustic are nostalgic items such as wagon wheels, vintage cowboy memorabilia, local artisan metal wall art, bronze or metal cowboy sculptures, cowhide rugs, and cowboy art pieces. Many western-style spaces include boots and hats as decor as well. Horse blankets and saddles are sometimes included as accessories in Western Rustic-style homes.

Vintage Rustic

Vintage Rustic incorporates the basic rustic palate with antiques and vintage reproductions in spaces that are cozy and comfortable. Raw distressed surfaces, natural elements, and woods with neutral subdued colors are the perfect backdrop to showcase your family treasures, flea market finds, repurposed items, and antiques.

Vintage Rustic Decor
Vintage Rustic Home Office

Vintage and retro style with modern touches gives your space a fresh look while encompassing the history and charm of the past. Paired with a rustic palate, distressed walls, natural wood floors and greenery your space speaks volumes of design style-savvy.

Vintage Rustic
Beautiful Vintage Rustic Setting.

Just like the photo above, Vintage Rustic also encompasses the romance of a forgotten era. Through the use of distressed walls, aged vintage look chairs, soft flowing fabric, elegant vases, and amber glass this room speaks elegance and graciousness. If you appreciate the elegance and charm of the past in a modern rustic setting then this style is one you should consider.

Arts & Crafts Rustic

The Arts and Crafts Rustic Decor is one of my personal favorite styles. If you desire function, simplicity, and craftsmanship in your decor then this might become your favorite too. Wood is one of the most important elements in the Arts and Crafts style so its natural organic nature blends perfectly with a basic rustic palate. Warm rich colors as well as floors of stone, slate, tile, and planked hardwood that predominated the Arts and Crafts movement meld perfectly with the natural aesthetics of the rustic design. 

Utilitarian lines, Angular Profiles and Square Clean Shapes

The Arts and Crafts period did not originate as a style but rather as a movement. As such the aesthetics varied greatly based on location and local resources. Utilitarian lines, angular profiles, and square clean shapes were encouraged and can be accomplished in your rustic décor with furnishings. Art and décor objects that mimic the geometric stained glass of the period also work well. Dark woods are predominantly used but one can achieve a similar and lighter look with white oak. Rock or other natural stone fireplaces were the heart of the Arts and Crafts home and sturdy wooden furniture was a trademark of the movement. 

Arts & Crafts Rustic Decor
Arts and Crafts Rustic Design

Even though wallpaper was a major player in the Arts and Crafts era you do not want anything too ornate. A distressed wall finish will complement the overall look and meld the rustic with the Arts and Crafts design, no wallpaper is needed. Simplicity and craftsmanship are the keys to this style and the addition of painted or stenciled botanical touches fit the period. They should however be kept to a minimum.

Arts and Crafts Kitchen with potted herbs
Bring a Green Element to a Rustic Arts and Crafts Kitchen with Potted Herbs.

Metals in general should be avoided or kept to a minimum as well. Should you find the need to include metals then consider distressed warm metals such as copper or brass as well as metals with a patina. Area rugs with a leaf motif or botanical theme in a natural woven fabric work well over a hardwood planked floor. Bring a green element to a rustic Arts and Crafts kitchen with potted herbs.

The Arts and Crafts Movement

The Arts and Crafts movement of the later eighteenth and early nineteenth century was a rebellion against the Victorian ornate era. It celebrated simple craftsmanship and a simplified design style. The importance of design using local materials was central to the furnishings and architecture of the Arts and Crafts movement. 

“The quiet rhythmic monotone of the wall of logs fills one with the rustic peace of a secluded nook in the woods.”

Gustav Stickley, March 9, 1858 – April 21, 1942 An American furniture maker, designer and a leader in the Arts and Crafts Movement.
Arts & Crafts Movement
Gustav Stickley Home. Living Room at Craftsman Farms. Photo Credit, Daderot, Public domain.

With open rooms and a focus on natural materials, the Arts and Crafts Architecture consisted of Bungalows, Craftsman style, Mission style, and Prairie style homes. Mission Style homes followed the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement by being made of natural, indigenous materials to fit the character of the environment. Bungalows and prairie-style homes were the inspiration behind the modern ranch house made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1940s.

Learn more about the Arts & Crafts Movement here.

Check out this beautiful Walnut Mission Rustic Table Lamp here.

In Conclusion

Finding your personal interior design and decor style can be a real journey. You can start by making a general mood board and pinning pictures of designs that appeal to you. Take a look at what you have collected and make note of any common elements such as wall colors, textures, architectural design features, furniture pieces, decor accessories, and so on.

Make a second mood board and include pictures or samples of the common elements that you noted from your first mood board. Now add pictures of designs that include those common elements to your second mood board. When completed you will have really narrowed down your style and you can begin to make an actual design plan.

General Decor Moodboard
General Style Moodboard

More on finding your interior design style here.

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We hope you have enjoyed perusing the many different Rustic Decor styles and wish you happy hunting to find your personal interior design style.

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What is rustic style décor?

Rustic décor is a simple décor style relating to the countryside and the elements of nature. Rustic décor uses organic elements that can be in their natural state, refined or rough in appearance, distressed, or aged to create a warm rustic interior space.

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