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So many books, so little time. We have the reviews you need.

Book Reviews Include a Star Rating.

Book reviews keep it brief and concise when you consider that a summary has been observed through research. They generally include the characters, themes, and plot. But this might vary within books, and genres, according to what is being presented.

We dedicate a paragraph to essential aspects, discussing what the creator wrote about including what we didn’t enjoy. Short quotes generally reach readers and they are included when appropriate. We also deliver the most important factors in the review, along with the overall judgment of the book.

We give you a short and sweet heartfelt ranking of the book. Book review articles may include press releases.

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So many books, so little time. We have the reviews you need.

Topic: Fiction

Reading Expands Your Mind

Reading expands your mind and gives your creativity a venue to come back alive. It improves your writing abilities and vocabulary, which is a great benefit because nothing’s more appealing than intelligence. Reading is an incredibly inexpensive pastime that provides so many benefits. Books provide an incredible wealth of gaining knowledge of and at a far cheaper rate than taking a course. You can take a book just about anywhere. There is an unending variety of books out there for you to read.

Reading can be incredibly social, too. I love discussing books with my friends, in particular ones we’ve got both studied or read just for pleasure.


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Topic: Books About TEXAS

definition of book review
1: a descriptive and critical or evaluative account of a book
2: a newspaper supplement or magazine devoted chiefly to book reviews

Merriam Webster

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What are book reviews?

Book reviews are a summary and critique of a book. They generally include a brief description of the book’s contents, an evaluation of the writing style and quality, as well as an assessment of its overall value to readers. Book reviews can be both subjective and objective depending on the author’s opinion of the work they are reviewing.