Many a Texas Legend

There is a fine line between history and folklore, and this couldn’t be truer than in the great state of Texas. Many a Texas legend whether it be part truth or fiction is a matter of conceptual semantics for most Texans.

Fine Line Between History and Folklore

Jackalopes really are bigger than life in the state of Texas and I dare anyone to prove me wrong!

Texini Editor

Take the jackalope for instance. Are jackalopes really bigger than life in Texas? Why do Texans revere and protect the Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum)?  Is it a horned lizard or a horny toad? Is the Texas horned lizard protected because it is endangered or is it because killing a horned toad prevents a cow’s milk from flowing?

Marfa Texas Lights

Are the Marfa, TX eerie lights glowing gases or aliens? Did Texas give birth to wine vineyards in North America and save them from extinction in France? Is Austin TX the Live Music Capital of the World? Does Texas have crawfish as big as lobsters?  Is everything really bigger and better in Texas?

Texas Legends have been Told and Retold

Many a Texas legend has been told and retold throughout Texas history. Some will send chills down your spine, some will uplift your day, some will be living legends in your hearts, and others will leave you scratching your head. Texas folklore , Texas folklife, myths, and legends have been carried on by word of mouth for centuries.

Folklore is a combination of cultural expressions or a body of culture collectively shared by a group of people. It can include many elements such as dance, art, music, myths, stories, legends, jokes, food, customs, and beliefs, among others. It encompasses aspects of our culture from different points of view. Folktales began by word of mouth and typically have a lesson or moral buried with them. Folktales get our attention, allow us to fantasize, and reflect on our various cultures as well as the cultures of others.

Texas legends and folklore originating in Texas include stories of Davy Crockett and Pecos Bill, the Lake Worth monster, and many more. Texas Lifestyle is heavily influenced by our past as well as the past of our Texas settlers. Texas is home to over 27 ethnic and cultural groups all bringing legends, folklore, and tall tales from their various origins. Just as our Latins have the story of La Llorona, Texas folklore is the weaving together of the many nationalities that have settled here. Many go all the way back to our Native American cultures.

The importance of Texas folklore and American folklore is that it keeps our ethnic identity as well as our personal identities from being lost in the exploding population and mass urbanization of Texas and our nation. Sharing folktales, taking pride in the past, and in old traditions bring a richness to our modern-day world that would otherwise be lost forever. [SOURCE]

Part Truth, Part Fiction

Part truth part fiction describes what many refer to as Texas Tall Tales. It is a well-known fact that Texans are prone to exaggeration. But in many ways, everything is bigger in Texas. Texansbig personalities are known worldwide. Austin, Texas is home to the Live Music Capital of the World. Texas does have the largest urban population of bats in North America. Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas is the biggest in the US as of this writing. Texas definitely has big culture, big history, and big tall tales.

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