Jeans for Cowboy Boots


If you’re a little bit country, like me, then chances are you own a pair of cowboy boots and many pairs of jeans. If you’re new to the Lonestar lifestyle, then we’ve put together these tips for you on the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots.

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Texas fashion reflects the state’s rich cultural heritage and diverse influences. From the rugged cowboy look of the Wild West to the chic and sophisticated urban styles of the cities, Texas fashion offers everyone a wide range of options. With a plethora of Texas-based clothing brands and western-inspired styles, cowboys and cowgirls alike can find the perfect outfit to suit their style.

What Kind of Jeans Go With Cowboy Boots

Here is a list of our top 5 brands of jeans to wear with Western boots. Combine the styles of these jeans with any of your boots.

  1. Wrangler Jeans
  2. Levi Strauss jeans
  3. Ariat Jeans
  4. Cinch Jeans
  5. Rock & Roll Denim Jeans

Jeans are extremely durable and can hold up to heavy use. Whether or not, you are a cowboy, in the oil field, or just out on the town, you can wear jeans with cowboy boots. Now let’s look at some styles of jeans, and answer a few questions.

Best Style of Jeans for Western Boots

Jeans come in many styles, some of which may be better suited for wearing with cowboy boots. Keep in mind that there is no right and wrong here, it’s up to you what kind of jeans you are most comfortable with.

Standard Jeans

Standard jeans or blue jeans are a great option when pairing jeans with cowboy boots. These types of jeans come in more than one type of fit, from a relaxed fit to a loose fit. You can get standard jeans from Wrangler, Levis, and many more.

Boot Cut Jeans

With boot-cut jeans, you get a different kind of fit. They are wider in the hip area and wider in the legs. Boot-cut jeans make your legs look longer and help show off your body type. They look great for men and women.

Cowboy Cut Jeans

Cowboy-cut jeans are designed and sold by Wrangler Jeans. These jeans were made with cowboys and rodeos in mind. They come in multiple fits and have high back pockets, and tapered legs, for fitting over cowboy boots.  


Popular Brands of Jeans

Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler jeans are one of the most popular western jeans companies out there. They have been making jeans for cowboys for many years, and have many types of jeans that are perfect for wearing with cowboy boots.

You can go with a standard pair of Wrangler jeans, that come in multiple fits, perfect for that casual Western look. Or you can go with their cowboy cut jeans, which give more room in the legs, to fit boots.

Wrangler jeans are tried and true. They are strong jeans, that can be worked in, used for cowboying, or just worn to relax and hang out. Either way, they look great with a pair of boots.

Levi’s Cowboy Jeans

Levi’s is one of the oldest makers of jeans. They have been producing high-quality jeans, for all types of professions, for many years. Their jeans were designed to be used with copper rivets. After experimenting with denim as the perfect fabric, they had a well-crafted pair of jeans.

Since then Levi’s has made many styles of jeans and blue jeans. They were the first ones to use the classic blue jean denim color that we all know and love. To this day, Levi’s are one of the best jeans to go with cowboy boots.

Ariat Jeans for Western Boots

Ariat has been making unique jeans for 3 decades. Their clothing is modified, to fit especially well for the outdoors, working, and rodeoing. They have a lot of different styles, that make it easy for you to find a style that works with your cowboy boots.

Ariat also makes cowboy boots, they have some of the most well-crafted boots, that complement their jeans, and other types of jeans. You can find jeans and boots combinations, with Ariat, that will look great with your wardrobe.

Cowboy Cut Jeans Vs Boot Cut Jeans

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between cowboy cut and boot cut jeans? Here is a chart that shows some of the differences and similarities.

Cowboy CutBoot Cut
The cowboy-cut jeans have tapered legs, that leave more room for fitting around cowboy boots.Boot-cut jeans are made by many different denim companies, such as Ariat, Levi’s, and Cinch.
Cowboy-cut jeans have higher pockets and were designed for cowboys and rodeoing. They have multiple fits.Cowboy-cut jeans are made only by Wrangler. These jeans are their own brand of “boot cut” jeans.
Cowboy cut jeans have higher pockets and were designed for cowboys and rodeoing. They have multiple fits.Boot-cut jeans have longer legs, that look great when worn with cowboy boots. They are tapered to fit.

How to Wear Jeans With Cowboy Boots

Knowing how to wear jeans with cowboy boots, maybe just as important as pairing the two together. There are multiple ways to wear cowboy boots, so we are going to explain how and when to wear your jeans with cowboy boots. See our article ‘are cowboy boots comfortable? Here.

Wearing Jeans over Cowboy Boots

Most of the time, you will probably be wearing your jeans over your cowboy boots. If this is the case, then the fit and style of your jeans will affect how well they cover your boots. Boot-cut and cowboy-cut jeans are tapered to fit over cowboy boots.

Jeans Tucked Into Cowboy Boots

Sometimes you will want to wear your jeans tucked into your cowboy boots. This is acceptable for multiple occasions. Usually, you are going to wear your jeans tucked in when you are riding a horse, or doing outdoor work.


Length of Jeans for Boots

When you are buying jeans to wear with boots, you want to have them be a couple of inches longer than your normal jeans. Jeans should bunch up on the cowboy boots, to give you a relaxed fit, and that stacked look.

If you have a tapered pair of jeans, this should be easy, because they are made longer and slightly wider, to allow them to fit over cowboy boots. They look great bunched up and have a nice fit.

Slim-fitting jeans should also be bought longer, to allow for bunching up. Multiple fits of jeans work well with boots, as long as you have plenty of length and some room at the bottoms. Skinny jeans do not go as well with boots. However, done right they may work for you with your favorite pair of boots.

Best Jeans to Wear with Boots

Jeans are both tough and durable making them a favorite for cowboys and cowgirls alike. So how do you go about finding the best jeans to wear with boots? The first key thing is to try them on with the boot you will be wearing. Although you can wear many styles of jeans with cowboy or cowgirl boots an actual boot-cut jean will work with most cowboy-style boots. Most cowboy-style boots reach about mid-calf making the overall boot height approximately 12 inches.

The main difference between cowboy-style and western-style boots is in the design. Cowboy boots are designed for getting on and off a horse easily. In today’s world, they are also popular in the fashion sense, and they can be worn with many types of outfits.

Some of the best boot-cut jeans fit well around the waist (or top) without sagging and are the correct length. Boot-cut jeans are very flattering for both men and women. They are some of the best for men’s jeans with boots, as well as, the best jeans for cowgirl boots. Boot jeans do not have to be boot cut, however. A slight flare is preferable when wearing any type of boot and boot-cut jeans are made with a flare.

Western boots were designed for working on a ranch to do chores and other tasks. They are designed to protect the toes and are more comfortable for walking for long periods of time. Western work boots are more utilitarian than stylish. However, some people do prefer them to cowboy boots for everyday wear. Both styles of boots offer comfort and wearing boots should be fun and comfortable. So, it is really your choice of which boot best suits you and your personal tastes.

Again, boot-cut styled jeans, cowboy-cut jeans, and western-cut jeans all work with a western boot and a cowboy boot. The most important thing when looking for denim jeans to wear with boots is length. Proper fitting boot cut and western or cowboy style jeans should slightly stack on top of the boot. Cowboys usually prefer a tighter fit in their jeans.

Jeans with higher pockets, copper rivets, and extra belt loops are also preferable in cowboy cut jeans, and these features are all found in the favorite rodeo brand jean – Wranglers.

Some of the Best Jeans for Cowboy Boots, Women

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard enough but when pairing them with cowgirl or cowboy boots it can be even harder.

Some of our favorite women’s boot-cut jeans are:

  • Levi’s Classic Bootcut Jean
  • Levi’s Women’s Ribcage Bootcut Jeans
  • American Eagle Kick Bootcut Jean
  • Old Navy Mid Rise Kicker Boot Cut Jean
  • Amazon Essentials Women’s Standard Authentic Bootcut Jean
  • Joe’s Jeans Women’s The Hi Honey Bootcut
  • Gap Mid-Rise Baby Boot Jeans
  • Style & Co Curvy-fit Bootcut Jeans
  • Hudson Beth Mid-Rise Baby Bootcut Jean
  • NYDJ Women’s Barbara Boot-Cut Jeans
  • Levi’s 315 Shaping Bootcut Women’s Jeans (plus size)

Women’s jeans in an actual cowboy cut are harder to come by. However, we have our favorites that fit the general style which includes wide flare, riding, and western-cut jeans. Actual ‘cowboy cut’ jeans are only made by the Wrangler Brand.

Our favorite Cowboy or Western Cut Jeans for Women are:

  • Women’s Wrangler Cowboy Cuts Slim Fit Jean
  • Wrangler Cowboy Cut Natural Rise Women’s Jeans
  • Kimes Ranch Women’s Dark Wash Jennifer High Rise Wide Flare Jeans
  • Ariat Women’s Kelsea Trouser Stretch Wide Leg Jeans
  • Wrangler Women’s Dark Dynasty Ultimate Riding Q-Baby Jeans

More Best Men’s Jeans for Cowboy Boots

Our favorite men’s bootcut jeans for boots are:

  • Levi’s Men’s 517 Bootcut Jeans
  • Wrangler Men’s Bootcut Jeans
  • Ariat Men’s M4 Rebar Dark Wash Relaxed Bootcut Work Jeans
  • Cody James Men’s Boone Medium Wash Stretch Slim Bootcut Jeans
  • Hockerty Boot Cut Jeans
  • Cinch Men’s Ian Dark Stonewash Slim Fit ArenaFlex Boot Cut Jeans
  • Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut Men’s Jeans
  • Rock & Roll Regular Fit Bootcut Jeans
  • Old Navy Boot-Cut Built-In Flex Jeans
  • Banana Republic Bootcut Legacy Jean

Again, as in Women’s Cowboy cut jeans, Wrangler is the only official cowboy-cut jean. However, we have our favorites that fit the general western fit style which includes wide leg, riding, traditional straight leg, diamond cut, and regular fit jeans. Western-fit style jeans will usually accommodate cowboy boots, work boots, and custom rodeo rider boots. What style of boots and jeans you wear will depend on the weather, your work, and the style you prefer.

Our favorite Cowboy or Western Cut Jeans for Men:

  • Wrangler Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean
  • Levi’s Western Fit Jeans
  • Wrangler George Strait Cowboy Cut Original
  • Stetson Men’s Blue 100% Cotton Dark Rinse Jeans
  • Tin Haul 1206 Men’s Blue 100% Cotton Deep V Jeans
  • Tecovas Straight Western Jean
  • Carhartt Men’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean
  • Lee Men’s Performance Series Extreme Motion Athletic Fit Tapered Leg Jean
  • Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant RuggedFlex Traditional Fit Jeans
  • Rank 45 Men’s Fistcuff Performance Stretch Slim Fit Straight Jeans

How to Cut Your Jeans for Western Boots

If your jeans do not taper and need to be adjusted to fit around your cowboy boots, then fret not, we have the technique you will want to use. You will need a pair of fabric scissors and you may also need a fabric pencil.

You will want to put your boots on, and also your jeans. Roll the bottoms up until they fit the bottom of the boot, then mark that spot. It should be about an inch or two of rolled jeans. Next, you will remove the jeans, unroll the bottoms, and use the fabric scissors to cut along the seam, up to the mark you made.

This extra 1-2 inch cut in the bottom seams, will allow the bottom of your jeans to fit perfectly over your boot. You will still have the bunched-up look, but the bottom of the jeans will taper around your boots.

In Conclusion

Both men and women will enjoy wearing cowboy boots with jeans. It is a comfortable, casual look that still has enough punch to separate you from the rest of the herd, so to speak. There are so many styles of cowboy boots and jeans your options are plentiful. However when in doubt stick with solid color boots in brown or black with dark wash bootcut jeans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots?

You can wear skinny jeans with cowboy boots as long as you have them wide enough to fit over the boots. You will most likely need to modify them to fit right.

What do blue jeans symbolize?

Blue jeans have a long history in America and Texas. Blue jeans have been used by cowboys, bikers, laborers, and many more, for decades. They symbolize the American worker, rancher, and cowboy.

Who made the first pair of jeans?

The first pair of denim jeans were made by the Levi Strauss Company. They were designed to be put together with brass rivets, this combined with the denim made them extremely durable.

What is the difference between denim and jeans?

Denim is a type of fabric, that is durable and easy to work with. Jeans are a type of clothing, or type of pants, that cover the legs. Jeans can be made of any material, including denim.

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