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Being born and raised in Texas, I have my own opinions on whether or not Texas is part of the south. Texas was a cotton state and joined the Civil War. However, Texas has always had a lifestyle of its own and a mindset of independence that sets it apart from the antebellum of the Civil War and the deep south.

Is Texas the South?

Is Texas the South? Yes, Texas is part of the south. Texas was one of the cotton states that joined the Confederacy. Texas supplied horses and men to the Confederate army and fought in almost every battle of the Civil War.

TX the cotton state

Opinions seem to differ on whether or not Texas is part of the “deep south.” Texas was the last state to join the Confederacy in the Civil War and was not there when the Confederacy was first formed in Alabama.

Texas was a Cotton State

However, Texas was a cotton state that relied on the industry of slavery and joined the war to fight to continue that industry. Some people might have a problem with that last statement, but it is factual, backed up by Texas’s own declaration and participation.

I’m proud to be a Texan and I believe in preserving our history, however, I do not hold onto antiquated ideas that have no place in the modern world. The south’s dark history should be seen as a lesson, that will hopefully help make the future a better place. In this same regard, I do not think history should be replaced or deleted.

Texas has grown out of its past actions into a diverse, rich, and respected southern state. To put it short, I love Texas and the south.


What Is the South?

When most people think of the south, they think in terms of geography. However, the deep south is a term given to the cotton states that formed and participated in the Confederacy in the Civil War, and it goes beyond just location.

There is a dark history behind the war that many states would like to forget and a heritage that others have worked hard to preserve. History repeats itself and forgetting or changing the past will not help to educate future generations.

There was a transfer of wealth in the Civil War. The southern states were extremely wealthy landowners. The northern states chose to pledge the land of the south to foreign interests, causing brothers to fight against brothers.

Both the north and the south relied on the industry of slavery, however, in the end, the south was stripped of much of its wealth.

Texas holds onto its heritage and history today not because it wishes to continue the evil ideology of slavery, but because it was able to adapt and become a great force even after the transfer of wealth, making the right decisions in the end and prospering.

Southern Geography

Is Texas the South?

When it comes to geography there is no doubt that Texas is part of the south. The southern lifestyle that Texas has nurtured is second to none, having deep roots in the ranching industry and the cowboy way of life.

Texas is about as far south as it gets! We Texans live a lifestyle that is desired by many and that is oftentimes copied.

We have beautiful scenery, national parks, lakes, and great BBQ. We keep an acoustic guitar handy, and on most cold nights you can find a campfire to warm yourself under the stars.

Texas’s southern roots are accompanied by other southern states such as Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and more.

The United States Census lists Texas as the South West Central region of the United States.

census regions and divisions of the US

Texas History

Texas has a long history of being independent. This is one of the things that make the State of Texas such an interesting part of America’s history. Truth be told in the early days there really weren’t a lot of people settling in Texas.

This is one of the points historians make against Texas being considered the deep south. During the Civil War, Texas was a relatively newly settled place, not as old as the original settlements.

Texas Independence

Before the Civil War, Texas fought many battles, including the battle for independence from Mexico. The saying “Remember the Alamo” has great significance to Texas History.

Many great men fought bravely and died defending the Alamo. Men like James Bowie and Davy Crockett. Their stories are remembered and told in classrooms as part of Texas History. This was one of my favorite classes in school.

After it’s independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836, the Republic of Texas was created and acted as its own nation for 9 years before it was annexed into the Union in 1845.

Texas’s Independence is celebrated on March 2, which is known as Texas Independence Day.


Texas in the Civil War

Texas’s involvement in the Civil War is the real deciding factor that makes Texas part of the deep south. Texas was a cotton state that seceded and fought with the Confederacy.

What some would disagree with is the decision that Texas should be counted as the Deep South. This comes mostly from the fact that Texas was not there in Montgomery Alabama when the Confederacy was first founded. Texas was, in fact, the last state to join.

However, Texas did fight in almost every major battle of the Civil War, supplying men and horses to the war effort. There are Civil War reenactments to this day in Texas and many of the relatives of those who fought are proud of that heritage.

In recent years, Confederate monuments have been taken down, removed, or moved to new locations. Schools and street names have also been renamed from their Confederate roots. This has made many people upset.

Regardless of what many call “dark history” the removal of history is never a good thing when history is known for repeating itself. While some see the monuments as celebrating the dark history, others see it as a heritage that should never be forgotten.

The ceiling of the Texas capital building.

Modern Texas

Texas is very different today than it was hundreds of years ago. The state has become a diverse place that has made room for many people and cultures while still holding on to its southern roots.

Texas’s big cities have continually stayed on lists of best cities in the country to live and for good reason. There is a booming economy that provides a lifestyle that many people want.

If you have a little touch of southern in you, and the desire to make a name for yourself, Texas is the perfect place.

For those of us who were born and raised here, I can’t think of another state that I would want to live in. When it comes to technology, social lives, and good jobs, Texas is number one in my book.

Many people from other states are moving to Texas from California, New York, and other locations. Hundreds of people move into cities like Austin, every single day. Tech companies from silicon valley are moving to Texas because the cost of living is lower than in California, and Texas has made a name for itself, some calling it a second silicon valley.

When it comes to modern living with traditional values Texas is one of the best southern states out there, bar none.


Southern Living

Texas provides southern living at its finest. If you’re looking to live a southern lifestyle without most of the dark history parts, Texas could be right for you. From ranches to farms, cowboy living, and hospitality.

The past is the past, and the future is bright for Texas. A truly unique way of life that combines the best parts of the south with modern ways of living. In Texas, we prefer to keep things traditional while still leaving room for growth.

Our cities are some of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, with enough space to keep anyone from getting stir-crazy.

Places like Austin, Texas, where the green belt and lakes make up a large part of the scenery. Beautiful attractions and friendly people. There are plenty of off-centered unique things in Austin as well as old-school western swagger.

Texas southern living really does provide variety with a taste of the south and a clear view of what’s important.

Texas has a lot of ranches and raises a ton of livestock. We love animals in Texas and we have a connection to the land that goes way back. Bluebonnets line the highways and longhorns can be seen in the distance.

Country music is one of the best parts of Texas. With artists like Willie Nelson, who call Central Texas home. You can find traditional country music all over the state of Texas.

One thing Texas does well is to preserve the best parts of southern life. Texas has a lot of spirit, beautiful landscapes, and beautiful women.

Texas Bluebonnets

Southern Food

With many southern restaurants, farmer’s markets, and home gardens, Texas brings the farm right to your table. If you’re a Texan, chances are you love a good steak, and eating BBQ is a weekly if not daily event.

Eggs, jalapeno grits, bacon, and homemade gravy! Now that’s a southern breakfast. Texas loves to cook, and good food that comes along with good company. And don’t forget about our sweet tea!

Comfort foods, beer, and live music, who could ask for more?


Southern Homes

Another unique part of Texas is the dedication to keeping a southern feel to the home. There’s no shortage of southern décor and handmade southern designs. With old-style town squares and courthouses, that make you feel like you’re a part of history.

Ranch houses are a big part of the Texas lifestyle. Large metal gates with cactus and barbwire. Beautiful wood beams and old barns converted into farmhouses. You know you’re in the south when every home has a welcoming tone.

A stitched crochet piece above the door says “congratulations you’ve reached the south.”

Many people who move to the south use the phrase, “I’m not from Texas but I got here as fast as I could!”

Austin, Texas.

Southern Language

You can expect to hear some southern talk in Texas. Southern accents and Texas lingo. Texas is known for southern belles and “bless your heart” types of euphemisms. People in Texas have big personalities that are common in some southern states, but bigger in Texas.

As the saying goes “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Expect to hear your fair share of yes ma’ams, yes sir, and y’all. We aren’t shy about the way we talk, we’re loud, we’re opinionated and we know what we like, but we’re also respectful.

If something needs to get done, we’re most likely fixin’ to get ‘er done. Southern slang is a big part of Texan lingo. We say howdy to strangers, we wave at just about anyone and we do it with a smile, most days.

“Goodness to Betsy” and all that good stuff. In Texas, you might just get a hankering for something sweet.

Foreign Influence

During Texas’s reign as a nation, the Republic of Texas made diplomatic connections with many parts of the foreign world. Most of these connections were made through the cotton trade industries.

However, oil also made a big splash. One of the things that made Texas keep its wealth after the Civil War was oil and ranching.

Texas had a consulate in Antwerp, Belgium. They exported raw goods, like corn and cotton to Belgium. They also made connections in other parts of the world like Denmark.

At one point or another, multiple other countries had a stake in the land and territories of Texas, from France to Spain and more obviously Mexico. This is where the term “Six flags over Texas” comes from.

Texas continues to this day to be a self-sufficient state with its own power grid and connections all over the world.


What Is A Texan?

A Texan is someone who is proud of where they come from. We have our own lingo and we make our southern way of living a lifestyle. There are not many places like Texas in the world, so rich in culture, and well-connected.

Texans love their beer, their sports, BBQ, and ranching. We own guns, we have bullets and we fight for what we love. Texas has proven time and time again that when it comes to being uniquely southern we raise the bar.

Here at Texini, we live that lifestyle known as the lone star life. We love our state, and our history of independence makes us more than just southerners. We are Texans.


Conclusion – Is Texas the South?

When asked, is Texas the south? Certainly, Texas is in the south. However, the lone star state provides a unique experience that sets us apart from the deep south and a lifestyle that allows us to keep our southern ways without all the hubbub. We’re truly a lone star, and we aim to keep it that way.

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Texas folklore and more, fun facts about Texas!

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How many people live in Texas? As of 2018, there were close to 30 million people living in Texas, and that number grows daily. With 2.3 million people in Houston, just under a million people in Austin, and over 1.5 million people in Dallas, Texas lives up to the term of bigger and better.

How many acres are in Texas? Texas is huge, one of the largest states in America, second only to Alaska. Texas has over 171 million acres of land. Rhode Island which is the smallest state in the United States could fit into Texas 221 times!

Is Texas a southern state?

Yes, Texas is a southern state. It is in the south-central United States and borders Mexico to the south as well as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas to the east. Texas is considered a southern state with much of its land mass located in the South’s “Bible Belt.” It has a rich history of agriculture and border culture, making it a unique destination for travelers.

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Chad Fox is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas. He is passionate about Texas and the lone star lifestyle.

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