Is Texas a Good Place to Live?


I’ve lived in Texas for a large part of my life but I have also lived in other parts of the country and spent time in foreign countries. So why is Texas so special? Let’s take a look at why Texas is not only a good place to live but the best place to live!

Texas is a good place to live for many reasons. The cities in Texas are large and diverse, the economy is strong, and there are many attractions and forms of entertainment that make it second to none.

With almost 30 million people living in Texas, some might be wondering what’s all the hype about. Texas is full of great people and fun things for people to do. With natural attractions, nightlife in the cities, and just about anything you can think of for entertainment.

Texas a Good Place to Live

Living in Texas is like living in your own little country. Being independent is something that Texans are very proud of, and there is a long history backing up that sentiment.

Texas is one of the most independent places in the world. In its first nine years of existence, Texas was an independent nation. They have their own power grid, separate from the rest of the U.S. and they have their own law enforcement known as the Texas Rangers.

They have a plethora of sports teams, large cities and small towns, and something for everyone to like.


Natural Attractions

Texas has almost 172 million acres! That’s a lot of land and nature. While there are many large cities, there are just as many nature spots, natural attractions, and natural wonders!

List of some of the natural wonders in Texas.

  • South Padre Island
  • Palo Duro Canyon
  • Big Bend National Park
  • Enchanted Rock
  • Natural Bridge Caverns
  • Rio Grande River

This is not even a complete list! There are so many awesome natural sights to see in Texas that it would take you years to explore them all. This is awesome because, after years of living in Texas, I still have many more explorations to go.

My two favorite natural wonders in Texas are Enchanted Rock and Palo Duro Canyon.

Enchanted Rock Texas
Enchanted Rock.

Enchanted Rock

Located 17 miles north of Fredricksburg is Enchanted Rock. A large pink granite mountain with multiple cave systems.

The first time I visited enchanted rock I was in awe. Something so awesome and natural right in my backyard!

We climbed the mountain, camped, and went down into the largest of the cave systems. The descending 14’ drop into the largest cave was intimidating, to say the least. I plunged down and went the whole way through, sliding under small surfaces, yelling into large caverns, and making it out the other end.

Palo Duro Canyon

Most of us think of the grand canyon when we think of the largest canyon in America, but did you know the second largest canyon is in north Texas? Located in the panhandle of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the United States.

This place will make your heart race, over 120 miles long and a width of 20 miles in some areas, this canyon is one of the natural wonders of Texas. There are campsites and all kinds of awesome activities such as horseback riding and guided trails.

Texas Sports Teams

Next to their independence, Texas sports is probably the second most thing Texans are proud of. Some of the top sports teams in the nation call Texas their home, such as the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans, the Texas Rangers Baseball team, and the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

College teams are also a mainstay in the Texas sports world. With rivalries, tradition, and a hell of a lot of tailgating, Texans take their sports seriously.

Some notable college teams are the Texas Longhorns, for just about every sport, football, basketball, and baseball. Next, you have Texas A&M who are rivals of the Longhorns.

There is always excitement when it comes to sports in Texas, and with all of the awesome places to go, sports bars are pretty much everywhere. If you’re into sports and nightlife then you will be right at home.

Is Texas a Good Place to Live?
Austin Texas.

Top 5 Cities in Texas

Texas has so many awesome cities it’s hard to fit them all into a list. Being the second-biggest state in the union, you can imagine there are a ton of great places to live. These are my top 5 cities in Texas to live in.

  1. Austin
  2. San Antonio
  3. Dallas
  4. Houston
  5. Lubbock

While someone else may have a different idea of which cities in Texas are best, the truth is they all have a lot to love.

Is Austin Texas a good place to live? I’ve traveled all over the world, and Austin, Texas is where I call home. Austin has so many awesome things that make it unique. The people are the biggest attraction for me, with so many diverse cultures and traditional people all living together.

San Antonio is a close second, with the river walk and the history of the city that goes back about as far as a city in Texas can go. Remember the Alamo!

Is Dallas Texas a good place to live? Dallas is another large city with many attractions and different walks of life that will have your head spinning with excitement. Dallas is a great place to live for both families and singles. Job opportunities are plentiful and the cost of living is relatively low as is most of Texas.

Is Houston Texas a good place to live? Like most of the larger cities in Texas, Houston is a good place to live. Houston is known for its rodeos and their football team the Houston Texans, as well as it being home to musicians such as ZZ Top.

What is the Panhandle of Texas?

The Texas panhandle is the rectangular-shaped, most northern part of the Lone Star State. Not to be confused with North Texas which is generally considered to be DFW and surrounding areas. The Panhandle is considered its own area. Just picture the shape of Texas as a pan with a handle. The Texas Panhandle consists of 25,610 square miles.

The Texas Panhandle consists of mostly prairies and plains and is in what is called the Panhandle Plains region of Texas. Also commonly referred to as the high plains of Texas, this area also includes the 2nd largest canyon in the US. Palo Duro Canyon goes 800 feet deep and 45.6 square miles with an abundance of wildlife, fauna, and red dirt.

The Palo Duro State Park has more than 30 miles of hike and bike trails as well as equestrian trails for horseback riding. The canyon consists of red dirt along with various colors of layers created over 4 geologic periods which were formed by 240 million years of erosion Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River and the West Texas winds.

Lubbock is in the Texas panhandle and has a ton of cool history. Home to the Buddy Holly Museum and the Cactus Theater. There is always good live music and a lot of fun to be had. Just north of Lubbock is Amarillo Texas. Is Amarillo Texas a good place to live? Amarillo has a low cost of living and the housing market is good for young families as well as retirees. It has been my experience that some of the friendliest people in the world live in the Texas Panhandle which makes it a great place to live.

Is Texas a Good Place to Live?

The Texas Economy

Texas has a strong economy. Even when other states and the nation as a whole is falling in stock points, Texas holds its ground. This is due in part to its independent power grid, the oil, and the fact that Texans put a lot of their money back into the economy.

There are always a ton of jobs and people in Texas know how to keep things moving. The oil and gas boom has had the biggest effect on Texas’s economy making it a perpetual force to be reckoned with.

Is Texas Expensive to Live in?

The cost of living in Texas is another selling point for “is Texas a good place to live.” The housing costs are lower, health costs are lower, utilities are lower, and most areas of Texas are lower than the national average.

It’s no wonder that people are moving to Texas in record-breaking numbers. In recent years Texas has seen a boom in people moving in from places with higher costs of living such as California and New York.

In a way this has had a conflicting effect on the economy, while it has driven housing costs up a little higher, it does still bring more money into the overall economy and most Texans welcome growth.

Many immigrants (legal and illegal) also call texas home, coming to America is great and coming to texas is even better.

Is Texas a Good Place to Live?

Is Texas a Safe Place to Live?

People have some pretty wild ideas about how safe Texas is. I remember when I was spending time in New Zealand, more than one person talked about Texas as though it were the wild west. Bro, does everyone have 10 guns in Texas?

Texas is a safe place to live despite the number of guns! In fact, carrying firearms in most cases makes Texas a safer place to live (depending on who you ask.)

Just like any place, there are safe neighborhoods and not-so-safe neighborhoods, however, people in Texas are friendly and most of the cities are safe. Crime happens everywhere.

Is Texas a Good Place to Retire?

The cost of living makes Texas a good place to retire. In addition, the moderate temperature in the Lone Star State also adds to its appeal allowing retirees to get outdoors and enjoy all that Texas has to offer. Read more about the best places to retire in Texas here.

Austin the New Silicon Valley

Austin has become a huge attraction for tech companies. This has had a positive effect on the economy and job market. Hundreds of tech companies are moving to Austin every year.

So much so, that it has earned the title of the new silicon valley. Google just recently announced an expansion in the city that will bring even more jobs and tech companies flooding in.

Is Texas a Good Place to Live?

Texas Lifestyle

We Texans take our way of life pretty seriously. We enjoy our BBQ, our sports teams, fishing and hunting (Texas has many lakes and large areas for hunting), and most of all we are proud of our diverse and independent culture.

The Lonestar lifestyle is more than just how we dress (cowboy boots and button-up shirts) it’s how we work, how we talk, how we feel, and how we spend our time on a Sunday afternoon. With a beer and a plate of ribs!

In Conclusion, Is Texas a Good Place to Live

Is Texas a good place to live? You’re darn right it is. I’ve lived in Texas for many years and to be completely honest, I wouldn’t choose anywhere else to call home. There is so much to love, so much to do, and so many awesome people that you can’t help but talk good about it.

Expect people to wave at you, expect them to say howdy and most of all expect them to welcome you with open arms.

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Is Texas Expensive to Live in?

Texas is not expensive to live in. The housing costs are lower, health costs are lower, utilities are lower, and most areas of Texas are lower than the national average.

Why is Texas a good place to live?

There are many benefits of living in Texas. Texas is a great place to live due to its strong economy and job opportunities, attractive tax structure, diverse amenities, excellent weather, and a diverse as well as, beautiful landscape. With so many things to love about this vibrant state, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to make Texas their home.

Chad Fox

Chad Fox is a writer and researcher from Austin, Texas. He is passionate about Texas and the lone star lifestyle.

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