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Styles come and go over the years. However, some styles are evergreen, such as western wear, dresses with cowboy boots, and other awesome cowgirl stuff. If you have been wondering which dresses go best with different types of cowboy boots, you’ve come to the right place, partner!

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What Dresses Look Good With Cowboy Boots?

Many styles of dresses work well with cowboy boots, from denim dresses, to slip dresses. You can find a style for just about any occasion, that fits perfectly for your boot-dress combo.  

Dress styles to wear with cowboy boots:

  • Denim dress
  • Slipdress
  • High-slit dress
  • Shirtdress
  • Ruffle dress
  • Peasant dress
  • Oversized dress
  • Sundress
  • Lace dress

You can go for a cowgirl fashion look, or something more casual looking. You can even combine a suit dress, and a pair of cowboy boots, for a professional, yet stylish look. We’re going to take a look at some of these styles, as well as boot styles, to have you looking your Western best!

Do Boots Look Good With Dresses?

Some people may consider boots to be strictly horse riding or country and western options only. However, boots look good on just about any occasion. There are a lot of options for dresses to wear with cowboy boots.

You can go with something that is strictly Western, or you can mix it up, with a sundress, or a high-slit dress, that makes your cowboy boots stand out. The great thing about wearing cowboy boots with a dress is the number of options you have.

Boots are always a fun way to challenge your wardrobe. They are easy to put on and to take off, and they can look stylish with many kinds of dresses. Long dresses work great with cowboy boots!

Are Cowboy Boots in Style 2023?

Cowboy boots continue to stay in style, no matter what the year. Wearing country and western clothing, mixing and matching with other styles, will always be a way for people to express how they look.

Cowboy boots have a way of stepping up any type of clothing. They can be casual, and they can be a broad business statement. You can wear cowboy boots with a denim dress, or you can have a lighter style, like cowboy boots with a slip dress.

In 2023 cowboy boots are just as popular, if not more popular, than ever. Cowboy boots with a dress will always be a fun way to change up your wardrobe, with something more diverse. Some places like Texas, have become known for their boots and dresses. It’s a Texas lifestyle.


Dresses to Wear with Cowboy Boots to a Wedding

Can you wear cowboy boots to a wedding? Boots go very well with dresses, and at a wedding, you can be comfortable with your boots and dress combo. Some weddings are Western-themed, requiring men and women to wear boots.

Boots look very good with wedding-style dresses. Cowboy boots, compliment lace dresses, and slip dresses. They are a unique way to combine a light fun dress, with some leather, and durability.

Cowboy boots are comfortable. Walking in a pair of cowboy boots is easier than you may think. They give good arch support and are much easier on the feet than some flimsy pair of sandals or shoes.

Cowgirl Boots and Boots for Women

There are many styles of boots for women. Cowgirl boots look good with just about any kind of dress. Let’s take a look at some of the best boot brands for women.

Women’s cowboy boots brands:

  • Shyanne
  • Idyllwind
  • Corral
  • Ariat
  • Roper
  • Lucchese
  • Justin
  • Circle G
  • Lane

With these brands, you can find something for any occasion. Roper makes comfortable boots, with many variations for women. Shyanne offers boots that are 15 inches, great for wearing with slit dresses.

There are also, tried and true brands, like Lucchese and Justin. Finding the boots that are just right for your outfit doesn’t have to be a chore. Next time you are at the boot store, check for any of these brands.

You will be able to find deep-color leather boots, luscious brown boots, decorative boots, and even turquoise boots. They come in a wide range of prices. You can find something very affordable for under a hundred dollars, and you can find a high-quality pair that you will keep around for years.

Dresses to Pair with Cowboy Boots

Now for the fun part. These styles of dresses go awesome with just about any pair of cowboy boots. From something that says, today we’re going to explore the town, to something more formal. These dresses will impress any adventure.

Slip Dresses

The slip dress combined with cowboy boots can make an elegant outfit. The slip dress is one that resembles the underslip that is worn traditionally as undergarments. However, when paired with cowboy boots and a lacy design over the slip dress, you’ve got yourself a classy-looking outfit.


These dresses look great with cowboy boots. A shirt dress looks casual, and when worn with cowboy boots, it makes an interesting combination. These dresses are usually one piece and resemble a shirt top.

Ruffle Dress

The ruffle dress has a lot of charm and versatility. With the ruffle dress, you can have a great country-western style or a sleek, more defined style. Both of these styles of ruffle dresses go well with cowboy boots.

The Peasant Dress

This dress is probably one of the best country and western-style dresses to pair with cowboy boots. These dresses look great at any type of gathering. They also pair well with other leather items, like belts and leather purses.

Oversized Dress

Oversized dresses can also look great with cowboy boots. Loose-fitting dresses, and oversized dresses, can help change up your style. These types of dresses look great with dark-colored cowboy boots, that add complexity to an unusual, awesome outfit.

Can You Wear Boots With a Lace Dress?

The lace dress is perhaps one of the most elegant, and Western-friendly dresses of all time. Many traditional Western-style dresses use lace designs, and these designs can be used in a wide range of other styles and fashions.

Pairing a lace dress, that has some color, and a fun pattern, with a pair of decorated cowboy boots, can make an awesome-looking outfit. Lace dresses are often worn at wedding events, and anywhere that is casual.

Denim Dresses for Cowboy Boots

Nothing says cowboy, or cowgirl, more than denim. Boots go perfectly well with denim dresses. A light brown or brown pair of cowboy boots, with a blue denim dress, could be just the look you’re going for.

They also pair well with other leather items, like brown belts, and leather or beaded purses. You have a lot of options for accessories when wearing denim, and you can usually pull off any pair of boots.

You can also combine styles, by wearing a lace dress underneath, with a denim jacket, and a nice-looking pair of cowboy boots. Add a matching leather purse or a denim purse to that combination, and you’ve got a winner.

The High-slit Dress with Cowboy Boots

One last style, for dresses to wear with cowboy boots, is the high-slit dress. The high-slit dress usually has a slit on the bottom of one side. This exposes part of the leg and looks good with cowboy boots.

The slit allows you to show your beautiful leg, as well as show off your beautiful pair of cowboy boots. This can turn any fancy high-slit dress into cowgirl fashion. Wearing extra tall boots, like the ones offered by Shyanne Boots, makes a great slit-dress boot combination.

In Conclusion, Dresses to Wear with Cowboy Boots

The fashion scene in Texas is a melting pot of various styles and influences, mirroring the state’s rich cultural heritage. Whether it’s the rugged and rustic cowboy look of the Wild West or the sleek and modern fashion of the urban cities, Texas fashion has something to offer everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear riding boots with a dress?

Riding boots can be worn with a dress, and are paired well with sweater dresses, and other fun styles, that can make your riding boots stand out.

What does wearing cowboy boots say about you?

Cowboy boots stand out, in a good way. They can show that you are confident, that you have a diverse style, and they can also give off a vibe of importance.

What do you wear to a Western-themed wedding?

Western-themed weddings, usually use combinations of denim, slip dresses, and other styles of dresses. They often pair these dress styles with cowboy boots

Can I wear cowboy boots to work?

If the dress code at your work allows it, cowboy boots can make a great impression. They can show confidence and authority.

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