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Dressing like a cowgirl isn’t just about fashion, it’s also about comfort, durability, and dressing the part. Not every lady who dresses like a cowgirl is going to be working on a ranch, but the style and the work go hand in hand.

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How to Dress Like a Cowgirl

To dress like a cowgirl, you should pair different Western styles together. Western wear includes cowgirl boots, denim, fringes, hats, and leather belts. There is a lot of versatility in how a cowgirl can dress, with leather items, cowboy hats, floral dresses, and even fringy clothing.

The best part about cowgirl outfits is that you have control over how you want to look. There are so many styles you can combine to make the perfect outfit. If you’re doing ranch work, some of these styles can crossover into workwear. These cowgirl outfit ideas are not just limited to ranch work either, these are for the everyday cowgirl.

Western Styles for Women

Western wear is a pretty defined look but has many options. Multiple styles can be layered together to achieve this. The most important thing is to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. There is no right or wrong here, so you can be creative.

Cowgirl styles:

With styles, you have a lot of opportunities to experiment. Almost everything in this list can be used together to create awesome cowgirl outfits. Western shirts look great with denim jeans, and dresses go perfectly with cowboy boots.

Accessories can make any cowgirl outfit stand out. Sequins, fringes, leather belts, bandanas, and rhinestones, all can take your outfit to the next level. When it comes to denim and leather, you can’t go wrong.


Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

Now for the juicy part of this article. The best cowgirl outfit ideas. These are our best picks for combining styles to create the perfect Western outfits for ladies. The most important part is to have fun.

Western Shirts with Jeans

Western shirts are one of the best ways to show off your country style. Button-up western shirts and denim jeans are both iconic in their own right, when you put the two together, you have a formula for a great-looking cowgirl outfit. You can pair these with a variety of boots, leather shoes, hats, and more.

Styles of Dresses

Many western dress styles look great with cowboy boots and hats. You can even combine non-western dresses with leather to create a great-looking outfit. Here are a few dress styles to use: peasant dress, slip dress, ruffle dress, sundress, lace dress, and more. For more ideas check out our dresses to wear with cowboy boots article here.

Best Boots and Hats

There are so many options with boots and hats. Leather boots and shoes are the very best when it comes to cowgirl outfits. Leather boots come in many styles, riding boots, ropers, walking boots, work boots, and more. Hat styles can be any type of material. Cowboy hats look great, but with cowgirl outfits, you can wear sunhats, straw hats, felt hats, and more.

Denim Outfits

Denin might be the best way to show off your country attitude. Over the years denim shirts, jeans, and jackets have had a huge impact on Western style. You can pair denim with just about anything. Denim dresses look great with leather belts and boots. Denim jackets can be worn over dresses, and shirts, to make a great cowgirl outfit.

Leather Western Wear

Leather is a great versatile material to use in your outfits. Things as simple as a leather jacket can be comfortable, and warm, and can go over any outfit you are wearing. Likewise, leather belts and boots are some of the best accessories to pair with your Western clothing. Leather shoes can be a great alternative to wearing boots and can be very comfortable, and good for the feet. You can’t go wrong with leather.


There are a ton of accessories when it comes to cowgirl outfit ideas. You can find an accessory for just about any outfit you are putting together.  A few accessories to mention, are belt buckles, sequins, belts, scarves, bandanas, jewelry, conches, beads, and purses. You have a lot of opportunities here to define your style with how you tie your outfits together.

Western Outfit Jewelry

Every good cowgirl outfit comes with equally paired jewelry that makes you look your country best. There are many styles of jewelry that can be worn with your outfits, such as beaded jewelry, silver and turquoise, and more.

Best Jewelry for cowgirl outfit ideas:

Perhaps some of the most versatile Western jewelry is beaded, and Native American jewelry. These can come in many forms, necklaces, earrings, and bolo ties. Southwestern bead designs are full of color and life.

Silver and turquoise are other favorites for cowgirl outfits. They pair well with just about anything Western. Rings, necklaces, belt buckles, and Christian crosses, can all be made from these materials. They can be stunning additions.

Jewelry that uses brand symbols is also a favorite, such as rings and earrings that have brands from different ranches. Brand symbols are iconic symbols of Western life and can be recognized by anyone worth a lick.


Modern Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

The fashion scene in Texas is a melting pot of various styles and influences, mirroring the state’s rich cultural heritage. The fashion choices in Texas range from the rugged and rustic cowboy look of the West to the cities’ chic and sophisticated urban style. With such a diverse range of fashion options, there’s something for everyone in the Lone Star State.

Just because Western clothing can be considered a vintage approach to outfits, doesn’t mean it can’t transcend into the modern era. Blouses, mini skirts, and even dress pants can be paired together with Western elements to create killer cowgirl outfits.

Graphic T-shirts are one way to show your country personality while wearing something modern. You can find all manners of Western designs screen printed onto graphic T’s. Cactus, western stars, boots, cowgirl silhouettes, all of these look awesome on a T-shirt.

High heels, and modern shoes, can also look great with other Western elements. With modern cowgirl outfits, you are not limited to any one style. You can wear a split dress to show your legs and high heels, or you can wear a simple slip-on to stay in your comfort zone.

Plus Size Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

You don’t have to be a skinny girl to have style when it comes to outfits. One of the most important elements of being a cowgirl is having a personality. You can pair things like oversized shirts, and dresses, with jeans and other clothing, that show off your curves.

Hemlined shirts, rhinestoned cardigans, and long-sleeve shirts can all make a great plus-sized cowgirl outfit. Put those together with some blue jeans, some cowgirl boots, and some awesome silver and turquoise jewelry, and you’ve got yourself a darn good-looking outfit.

You are never limited when it comes to being plus-sized, there are good-looking combinations for all body types. The good thing about Western clothing is that it’s not stuck in a single frame of mind, you can experiment, and use your own style and clothing to make yourself stand out.

Coastal Cowgirl: A New Wave of Western Style

Hold onto your hats, fashion lovers! A fresh breeze is blowing through Western wear, and it’s carrying the salty scent of the coast. The coastal cowgirl look, a rising star on social media, effortlessly blends rugged cowboy charm with breezy beach elegance. It’s a look that’s both playful and flattering, perfect for unleashing your inner cowgirl without sacrificing your coastal vibes.

Imagine sun-kissed skin, flowing skirts in light fabrics, and subtle hints of Western flair like cowboy hats and boots. Think Daisy Duke meets Stevie Nicks, and you’ve got the picture.

Here are some key elements to master the coastal cowgirl look:

Top it off: Ditch the classic Western shirt for a breezy linen top or a flowy blouse for a touch of femininity.

Dress it up or down: Denim skirts, maxi dresses, and wide-leg pants are all perfect companions for this look.

Accessorize with flair: A wide-brimmed hat, a statement belt, and delicate jewelry can add the finishing touches of Western charm.

While cowboy boots remain a classic choice, the coastal cowgirl embraces versatility. The beauty of the coastal cowgirl look lies in its adaptability. Dress it up for a special occasion or keep it casual for everyday wear. It’s all about embracing the joy of fashion and expressing your unique style.

Here are some tips to become a coastal cowgirl fashionista:

  • Stay light and breezy. Opt for natural fabrics like linen and cotton in flowing silhouettes.
  • Choose your accessories wisely. A few well-chosen pieces can make all the difference.
  • Experiment and have fun! There are no strict rules, so explore different combinations and find what works for you.

So, are you ready to embrace the coastal cowgirl trend? With a little inspiration and these tips, you’ll be rocking this stylish look in no time!

How to Dress Like a Cowgirl Without Cowboy Boots

Cowgirl Style, No Boots Required!

Ever wanted to channel your inner cowgirl but don’t have a pair of boots? No worries, partner! You can still rock the Western look with these tips!

Accessorize Like a Pro:

  • Must-have cowgirl hat: Straw for summer, felt for winter.
  • Versatile bandana: Wear it around your neck, in your hair, or even as a belt.
  • Blinged-out Western belt: Add a big buckle for a statement piece.
  • Classic turquoise jewelry: A pop of color and a timeless Western touch.

What Shoes do Cowgirls Wear Besides Boots

You don’t have to wear cowboy or cowgirl boots to look western. There are plenty of other shoe styles that can make your outfit stand out.

  • Sneakers: White or colorful, they can complement your cowgirl outfit well.
  • Comfy moccasins: Stylish and comfortable for any occasion.
  • Western-inspired ankle boots: Look for stitching or embroidery for added flair.
  • Favorites like: Sandals and lace-up leather shoes.

You can find many leather shoes out there that can help define your Western style. Leather walking shoes, lace-up shoes, leather sandals, leather high heels, the combinations are endless.

Leather and beaded moccasins are a classic favorite western wear for ladies. They come in various styles and are some of the most comfortable footwear for Western designs. There is a reason Native American men and women wore moccasins, their comfort, and design are good for your feet!

In Conclusion

Western cowgirl outfit ideas are plentiful, even for special occasions or events. Perhaps your want to flaunt your disco cowgirl look for a party or even more trendy space cowgirl attire. The sky is the limit if you are confident and comfortable enough to pull it off. As always, comfort is key to cowgirl outfits while embracing your authentic Western lifestyle with authority and style.

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Please find out more about Texini, the leading Texas lifestyle brand defined by its celebration of the Lone Star State’s culture, heritage, and values.

Please find out more about Texini, the leading Texas lifestyle brand defined by its celebration of the Lone Star State’s culture, heritage, and values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a cowgirl?

What it means to be a cowgirl has changed over the years, you do not have to be a rodeo woman, or ranch worker to be a cowgirl. If you have a Western mentality, then you can be a cowgirl.

How do cowgirls wear their hats?

There are many hat options for a cowgirl. Cowgirls wear traditional cowboy hats, as well as straw hats, sun hats, and oversized hats. How you wear it is up to you and your style.

What looks good with cowgirl boots?

Blue jeans, western jewelry, and button-up shirts go very well with cowgirl boots. Your options are endless, all you have to do is wear what feels comfortable, and the boots will do the work for you.

How do I look cute in cowgirl outfits?

To look cute in cowgirl outfits, you want to add some of your unique personality. Throw in some jewelry, and denim; wear them with attitude. Looking cute is an art, but you are your own worst critic, wear what you love.

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