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A cowboy outfit for kids is a great pick. Western wear is trending for men, women, and kids. Kids go through many phases when it comes to clothing. Cowboy and cowgirl outfits are always popular costumes, but what about your tried-and-true buckaroo? In Texas, it is not that unusual to see kids dressed in western wear apparel. Most kids will think it is fun to dress like a cowboy or cowgirl.

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Kay Keeton, Editor in Chief

How to Dress Like a Cowboy – for Kids

Many of the same components factor into your child’s western wear wardrobe as it does for adults. Boots, hats, jeans, and cowboy shirts are all standard cowboy duds. T-shirts and jeans are standard American apparel for most kids, so if they want to cowboy up as the saying goes, it is an easy transition.

Maybe your household is a working cowboy home on a real ranch or farm. In this case, a pair of boots to protect your little one’s feet, a hat to keep the sun off their face, and a tough pair of jeans just make sense. Perhaps your child has a folk hero, so to speak, that they look up to who carries on the cowboy tradition of western daily wear.

Even if it is just a once-a-year trip to the rodeo kids will love to dress like a cowboy or cowgirl every now and then. Cowboy duds make great fair and festival attire for kids and will help them get into the swing of things. Any special event that is western-themed will be the perfect excuse to go for the cowboy look and your kids can join in.

Boys Wrangler jean jacket


Check out this awesome boys’ jean jacket by Wrangler for your buckaroo here.

How to Choose Cowboy Boots for Kids

We will start with boots since kids’ feet are important. If you have toddlers, you might want to wait until their feet are properly developed before, they wear real cowboy boots. Shoes or sneakers made to look like boots for everyday wear would be a better pick for them since they need time for their feet to fully develop.

If you do opt to let them wear cowboy boots you should limit the time, they wear them to just a few hours a day. A wide, lightweight boot with a flexible sole that pulls on and off easily would be the best choice for a toddler. Pointed-toe cowboy boots are not recommended. Boot makers do design boots for toddlers and our recommendations are Ariat and Roper. Also, make sure your toddler always wears socks with real cowboy boots.

Cowboy outfit for kids cowboy boots
Cowboy Boots Big and Small

Once your child’s feet have fully developed cowboy boots are actually a good choice in footwear. They provide a slight lift to the heel which reduces strain on the Achilles tendon. Most cowboy boots have a rigid metal shank built in from end to end providing solid support to the foot. A round or square toe is recommended for kids’ boots giving their feet plenty of wiggle room to grow.

Kids do grow fast so understand that if your child really likes to wear cowboy boots they will outgrow them quickly. Genuine leather is recommended in a kids’ boot. They are soft, flexible, and durable. Leather also stretches which means they can wear them a little longer than boots made with other materials. A bit of slip at the heel is a desirable fit.

Making sure they have a good fit is key. A cowboy boot on a child should not be tight and they should be able to wiggle their toes. Choosing cowboy boots for kids can be a bit tricky. Make sure they try boots on with socks to get a proper fit. Kids are active so proper support and comfort are key to a good-fitting pair of cowboy boots. Take your time, do not rush through the process, and make sure they try on a variety of styles.

A child’s boot should also not be too big, the top of the boot should fit snugly to prevent rubbing and causing blisters. Make sure you choose a width option that matches your child’s feet. A size up is recommended for a hard-to-fit foot needing more room, just make sure it is not too big. Again, a square or round toe works best for most children under the age of twelve.

cowboy outfit for kids
Young Cowboy in the Hay

Western Wear Duds for Kids

Now on to some easier picks in western wear. Western style t-shirts are comfortable and letting kids pick out their own western t-shirts is a good starting point for a kid’s western wardrobe. When your child becomes 4-5 years old they will love being able to pick and choose. Letting them choose from a limited selection of clothing such as a western t-shirt category gives them a feeling of independence.

A great cowboy outfit for kids can be classic or trendy. Cowboy kidswear comes in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to a standard cowboy shirt, kids might need a bit more guidance. The proper fit will include sleeve length, give of fabric, and body shape. Try pre-selecting a variety of possibilities and then after determining a good fit they can choose their favorite.

Cowboy Denim Jeans for Kids

Cowboy denim jeans come in all styles for kids. If they will be wearing them with cowboy boots then make sure they have a slight flare at the bottom. A comfortable pair of denim jeans should have some stretch for the active kid so they do not feel restricted in their movements. Most western wear manufacturers have a variety of styles and cuts to choose from. Again, make sure the fit is correct and the length should just skim the top of a boot or shoe.

If your child needs western riding jeans some extra diligence is required. They need a proper fit and length for the saddle. Wrangler and Ariat western cut kids’ jeans are a good pick for most kids that sit in the saddle as they are designed for optimal saddle comfort in mind.

Cowgirls Love Western Wear

These tips apply to both boys and girls; however, girls may prefer a dress to wear with their boots. Dresses of most lengths work with boots but for safety, a full-length dress is not recommended for children. Girls have more options when it comes to style. A cowboy outfit for kids can mean many things.

Skirts, shorts, dresses, and overalls make great picks for girls when wearing boots along with the standard t-shirts and jeans. Finding the right style and fit for your bubbly, strong-willed, adventurous, country cowgirl should be a fun experience. Most girls will love wearing a hat and boots.

Your horse-riding girl might prefer some of the more standard cowgirl apparel. Again, a proper fit is important when sitting in the saddle. A proper panhandle style button-down shirt, and boot-cut jeans, paired with a pair of well-fitting western riding boots might be just the ticket. Panhandle-style western shirts come in both short and long-sleeve styles.

Cowboy Hats for Kids

Some kids will not wear a hat and some kids love them. A cowboy hat is no exception. So before you spend too much money on the perfect cowboy hat for your child you might want to start with a less expensive hat just to make sure they take to it.

cowboy outfit for kids
It’s Rodeo Time Buckaroo

Kids’ cowboy hats come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Unless your child is just playing dress up you want to look at your options for a quality cowboy hat. Even a straw hat should be made of quality materials. Cody James, Cavenders, and Resistol all make quality kids’ cowboy hats. Cowboy hats for kids usually come in youth sizes and are available in many brands.

In Conclusion, Cowboy Outfit – for Kids

Cowboy hats, boots, and jeans are great options for kids’ clothing as daily wear and even for special occasions and events. They are durable enough for even the hardiest, rough-necking, rowdy kids with a hankering to be a cowboy or cowgirl.

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Find a kids’ sizing guide here.

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Check out the great picks from Carhartt for toddlers. Overalls in pink here. Jacket in brown here. Boots in pink here.

Carhartt baby jacket

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Do kids like to dress like a cowboy?

Even if it is just a once-a-year trip to the rodeo kids love to dress like a cowboy or cowgirl every now and then. T-shirts and jeans are standard American apparel for most kids, so if they want to cowboy up as the saying goes, it is an easy transition. In Texas, it is not that unusual to see kids dressed in western wear apparel.

Kay Keeton, Ed.

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