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In many places in Texas, it is acceptable to wear cowboy boots with a suit. However, that style doesn’t end in Texas, other states, and even former US presidents, have a long history of wearing cowboy boots with a nice suit.

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Cowboy boots with a  suit, when permitted, can show authority, and confidence in the workplace. Many professionals wear cowboy boots with suits, like presidents, mariachi bands, and even law enforcement, such as the Texas Rangers.

The world around us is constantly changing. Trends come and go, however, over time, some things become grandfathered in. Wearing cowboy boots with any kind of suit can make your appearance look dignified and sleek. You can totally pair a black dress boot with wedding attire, even a Tuxedo, for a streamlined man-about-town look.

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Is It Ok to Wear Cowboy Boots With a Suit?

Not every professional is going to be able to pull off wearing cowboy boots. Some businesses may not allow employees to wear cowboy boots, as part of their dress codes. Others may require you to wear dress cowboy boots.

It is perfectly fine, for anyone who does not answer to any obligations, to wear cowboy boots with a suit. A suit and cowboy boots pair together extremely well. Many styles of cowboy boots go great with suits. Like boots that are a good solid black, or brown, or elegant looking pairs, like dress boots.

There are some boots that you may want to not wear with a suit. Like boots that have designs on them, decorations, rhinestones, or flashy colors. Keep the look simple, and sleek.

Professions that Wear Western Boots

Many professions, and professionals, wear cowboy boots with a suit and make it look completely natural. This may be a more southern thing, definitely, in Texas, it is normal to see suits with cowboy boots.

  • Mariachi bands
  • Preachers
  • Former US Presidents
  • Texas Rangers (Law Enforcement)

Mariachi bands, sometimes incorporate cowboy boots into their suit combos. Mariachi music is a very big deal in Texas and Mexico. It is a well-respected profession, that requires nice-looking suits, clothing, and well-crafted instruments.

It is not uncommon to see a preacher in Texas wearing a suit and cowboy boots. In a church, you will see all manners of dress clothing. Texas is home to many Baptists and Methodist churches, that are much more lenient on dress codes than a catholic church.  

Multiple former US Presidents have worn cowboy boots, during their presidency. Even some candidates for President have been seen in them. I’m sure there are many older presidents to have done this, but to name a few more recent ones, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr, and even candidate, Al Gore, has been photographed wearing cowboy boots, and a nice suit.

The long-standing law enforcement agency in Texas, called the Texas Rangers, requires as part of their dress code, to wear a dress coat, a dress shirt, a tie, western boots, and a cowboy hat. As well as the Texas Rangers badge, pinned on their shirts.

Many other professions, allow cowboy boots with a uniform or suit, even doctors, and lawyers, have been known to wear the combination.


Cowboy Boots For Business Casual

Cowboy boots can be seen as business or formal. So, cowboy boots for business casual, are a great way to wear a suit, with a nice-looking pair of boots. Many businesses today allow a more casual dress code than years before.

This gives you a lot of options for pairing suits with cowboy boots, or a blazer with cowboy boots. The color of the boots will help determine, what color suits go best with them. Even if you are not going with a full-on suit, you can wear cowboy boots with dress shirts, dress pants, and just about any other business casual outfit.

Cowboy Boots and Suit Pants

Cowboy boots, and suit pants, can look great together. Even if you are not in the business world, pairing a good-looking pair of suit pants (also known as slacks or dress pants), with cowboy boots, can step up your style. A modern cowboy will wear boots with a suit just as many professionals do.

A good pair of cowboy boots, with dress pants, will have you looking your best, You will also be as comfortable as possible. Cowboy boots are good for your feet and arch support. For anyone who wears them every day, cowboy boots can be a healthy way to treat your feet.


Best Western Boots to Wear With a Suit

There are many types of cowboy boots, that you can wear with a suit. To keep it simple we have chosen a few different brands and styles to help you find a pair that is right for your wardrobe.

Cowboy boots to wear with a suit:

  • Western boots
  • Roper boots
  • Walking boots
  • Working Boots

These are our top picks for styles of boots to wear with a suit. You can find something with these boots that will fit any suit. You want to go with something easy on the feet, with a simple design and color choice.

Now let’s look at a few brands of boots, to wear with suits. These brands combine all of the styles mentioned above and should give you a good idea of how to pair boots with suits.

Ariat boots make quality leather boots, that can pair well with different colored suits. You can get something with a minimal design, with good-looking leatherwork, that more closely resembles dress boots, or you can get classic western boots.

Lucchese is one of my personal favorites. I own a pair of emu skin Lucchese boots, that I have owned for over 20 years. I’ve worn them so much, that I’ve had the soles repaired more than once from wear and tear. They are solid boots, that look great with suits.

Cowboy Boots With a Blue Suit

One of my favorite combinations is cowboy boots with a blue suit. When wearing shoes, or cowboy boots with a suit, you want to follow a few rules of thumb. First, you want to keep the design minimal and sleek.

Next, with blue, you are better off wearing brown or burgundy-colored cowboy boots. They work well with blue and will show some dynamics to the style you are going for.

Finally, if you are someone who walks a lot, around the office, or door to door, whatever your day may have in store for you, you may want to consider wearing a good pair of walking boots.

Cowboy Boots with a Black Suit

A black suit, and a sleek-looking pair of cowboy boots, make a confident-looking aesthetic. A rule of thumb with black suits is to wear black boots with them. Nothing looks better with a black suit than a matching pair of slick black shoes or boots.

Black western boots, with a suit, will give you a streamlined look, that can be both formal and casual at the same time. For jobs that require all black, this can be a great alternative to dress shoes. As long as your work permits it, you can turn up the style on your work suit or uniform.

Western Boots With Suit Wedding

Many weddings in Texas, and other places, incorporate western wear into the theme of the wedding. Western boots look great with dresses, and with wedding suits and tuxedos. Since boots are good for your feet, it also makes a long wedding day, easier on your feet.

Nothing says Texas, or western, like a cowboy-themed wedding. A cowboy boot with a suit wedding will have the groom looking dapper and ready for the big day, while the other attendees are dancing the night away.

In Conclusion

Cowboy boots with a suit can be a great look. Keep your pant length appropriate to the boot. It should skim the top and not bunch up. Darker shades of boots in a glossy finish work well with most suits. You can even wear cowboy boots with a tuxedo. although a little risky, they are appropriate for weddings and some black-tie events. Just remember to keep the boots simple and tasteful.

Texas fashion is a diverse and eclectic mix of styles, reflecting the state’s unique culture and history. From the West’s rugged cowboy chic to the cities’ sophisticated urban style, there’s something for everyone in Texas fashion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do cowboy boots say about a man?

What cowboy boots can say about a man, will depend on the setting. There is confidence in a man in cowboy boots, and sometimes it can give off a feeling of authority.

Are cowboy boots in style in 2021?

Cowboy boots do not go out of style. There are many country and western people who wear cowboy boots, and even millennials, who feel confident wearing cowboy boots with a suit.

Are cowboy boots bad for your feet?

Cowboy boots are good for arch support. They can be good for the feet for certain things. You would want to choose a pair of boots that best fit your style of walking and your routines.

Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?

No, the boot size is not the same as the shoe size. Boot sizes differ between where they are made, the style of the boot, and the maker. Someone who wears a size 9 in shoes may wear a 10 or 11 in cowboy boots.

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