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Art is Life

Cowboy Artists | Vintage and Modern bring alive the old as well as the new west. It reflects the rugged terrain of our cowboys and the idealized settings of our great country with rolling hills, expansive windswept fields, and majestic mountains.

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Kay Keeton, Editor in Chief

Art is life. When it comes to making art, the process is not reserved for a select few. To make art is to be alive, to convey the meaning of your life in a way that becomes reflective and viewable to others. Cowboy artists’ both vintage and modern works are not only reflective of a past view but an active presence in today’s world.

Cowboy artists are artists that lived in the old days of westerns and cowboys, as well as in modern-day country living and ranching. Their art decks the walls of museums, government buildings, and homes. Artists like N.C. Wyeth illustrated the famous Treasure Island and The Last of the Mohicans.

From the old to the new, cowboy artists keep making art that compels people to think and sit in awe of their masterful work.

“It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.”

 Oscar Wilde

We may not live in a perfect world, but those little moments of what it means to truly live can be captured almost perfectly through art.

Cowboy Concept Art

Cowboy art encompasses Cowboy Concept Art a form of art that seeks to capture the essence of cowboy culture and history, depicting western-style scenes such as ranching, rodeos, and other activities associated with the Wild West. Cowboy Concept Art often includes horses, wagons, saloons, deserts, mountains, and other elements of cowboy life. It may also include contemporary or abstract interpretations of the Wild West.

Contemporary or Abstract Interpretations of the Wild West

Cowboy concept art is a style of artwork that conveys the life and culture of America’s iconic cowboys and the American West. It typically includes representations of cowboys and cowgirls, horses, western landscapes, work life on the ranch, campfire scenes, and more.

Cowboy Artists | Vintage and Modern

Cowboy artists have been able to capture pain, hard work, and triumph in their works as well as things as beautiful and unique as the vulnerability of the human body and the slopes and angles of southern architecture.

Cowboy Artists Vintage

Vintage Cowboy Art

In the world of art and cowboys, the vintage works have a decadent feel to them that seems to be larger than life. They bring the old world into the light, with their vibrant colors, and their tall hats, talking to us in a language that is somewhat forgotten.

They tell the tales of cowboys and Indians and the days of pioneering, where things were not easy. In those hard times, there were many opportunities for artists to shine through.

Some of the most masterful artists of those days were able to use their skills to make a little coin and to gain recognition in an underworld that was dominated by men and women who had softer hands.

Modern Cowboy Art | Vintage and Modern

Cowboy art did not die with the old west, it lives today in the new modern world of ranching and southern living. Cowboys will always exist as long as the world is covered in green earth.

Cowboys artists both modern and vintage will always have stories to tell that are larger than life, and what better way than to sketch and paint them into an immortal canvas.

Modern artists today mix a little bit of the old with the new, painting what they see in their own lives as well as what they can remember of the past.

Southern architecture is alive and well. Beautiful ranch homes with landscapes that would make even an old cowboy weep. These types of things come to life when you put them into art. The sun shines through a wrought iron gate onto the cactus and rocks that have their own stories to tell.

Cowboy art is alive and well, and the artists who continue the tradition are doing it the best way they know how to, with a little bit of whiskey and a steady hand.

Cowboy Artists  Modern

Notable Cowboy Artists

Cowboy Artists Vintage and Modern

Here is a list of our favorite cowboy artists both old and new. These cowboy artists both vintage and modern all have collections that will make your heart melt with the sunset.

Vintage Cowboy Artists

  • N.C. Wyeth
  • Frederick Remington
  • Charles Marion Russell

These artists bring us a glimpse into a life that was as tough and western as can be, and in some cases with personal accounts. Their art touches on the history and the relationship between people from different walks of life.

Modern Cowboy Artists

  • Frank McCarthy
  • Bev Doolittle
  • Sheila Cottrell

In the modern world of art, you will find many artists who consider cowboys to be outdated, however, these modern artists bring you into their world where there is still a relationship with man, woman, and nature.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these names to find out what stories they have to tell.

N.C. Wyeth

N.C. Wyeth, born Newell Convers Wyeth in 1882, was one of America’s greatest illustrators. He was a master painter and illustrator who had thousands of paintings and illustrations. His early work, illustrating for books like Treasure Island, helped fund his studio where he would continue to make beautiful works of art.

Wyeth was very technical with his art and that stood out in his paintings and his illustrations. He understood the importance of keeping those two mediums separate.

“Painting and illustration cannot be mixed—one cannot merge from one into the other.”

N.C. Wyeth

Before he died in 1945 at age 62 he had worked on projects for Coca-Cola and other large brands.

Smokey Face – By N.C. Wyeth

Frederick Remington was born in 1861. In his lifetime he witnessed many unfolding events that would shape American impressionism and modern art to this day. He was a painter, sculptor, journalist, and writer.

He sketched and painted many kinds of figures, including cowboys, Native Americans, and horses. He was prolific at bringing things to life.

Frederick Remington’s paintings depict an energetic and lively expression of the Old West. He excelled at capturing the intensity of combat, as well as the movement and energy of stagecoaches, cowboys, and horses. Through his use of bold colors, dynamic compositions, and vigorous brushstrokes, he masterfully depicted the drama and excitement of the American frontier.

He died of health complications at the age of 48 in 1909.

Aiding a Comrade – By Frederic Remington

Charles Marion Russell

When it comes to paintings of cowboys and Indians, no one captured their particular lifestyles better than Charles Marion Russell. Charles was one of the great American cowboy artists of the old American West.

His paintings and bronze sculptures depicted the wild west with great detail. He painted landscapes from the American West that could make a person weep, from the beauty of it all.

Charles known as C.M. Russell or “Kid” Russell, was an American artist best known for his iconic images of the American West. He had a realist style that focused on depicting the beauty and realism of life in rural America, particularly the Old West and Native American culture.

He championed the cause of the underdog and portrayed ordinary people with extraordinary compassion and understanding. His art has become synonymous with classic depictions of cowboys, Indians, wildlife, and landscapes.

He was named the official “Cowboy Artist.” Charles was born in 1864 and died in 1926 at age 62.

Frank McCarthy

Frank McCarthy is the first of our modern cowboy artists. His paintings of the American West were vibrant and full of life. His work can be found in advertisements, western magazines, books, and even movie posters.

After a long career of advertising and illustrating Frank left the commercial world behind so that he could focus on western paintings. His paintings made a huge splash in the cowboy art scene and he was eventually invited to join the Cowboy Artists of America, a group that was formed by 4 other western artists.

Frank McCarthy was born in 1924 and died in 2002 at the age of 78.

Bev Doolittle

Bev Doolittle is an American artist who paints western scenes, Native Americans, and landscapes. Bev uses watercolors instead of the traditional oil paints used in most western art. She has become very popular in the United States for her portrayals of Native Americans and western scenes that are painted alongside animals.

Her work shows a connection between humans and the natural world where animals and landscapes come together to make beautiful artwork.

Bed Doolittle was born in 1947 and currently lives with her husband in California.

Sheila Cottrell

Sheila Cottrell is a modern-day western artist who paints lovely western scenes. She pulls her inspiration from the pioneer days of her family who settled in Arizona and later moved on to Texas.

Her art can be found in many galleries and she was chosen as the Honorary Lifetime Artist Member by the historic Mountain Oyster Club in 2014.

“l enjoy painting anything to do with the west, past and present, but especially love illustrating the tales of pioneering adventures my family experienced.”

Sheila Cottrell
Cowboy Artists Vintage and Modern

What Makes Cowboy Art Unique

Cowboy art is a way of producing timeless pieces that speak to the hearts of those who love a good story. In an age where most people are blinded by technology and new forms of media that have almost replaced the old forms, cowboy art continues to stand out as unique as the lives that they portray.

Western and southern lifestyles are something more than just a fad, they speak from nature, from experience and they keep living on despite the changes in the world around us. Cowboy artists’ vintage and modern works are timeless.

How Art Reflects the Times

When it comes to art and time, there is no expiration date. Cowboy artists display the best parts of our history. They carry on the flame from then to now, and when you look at how magnificent their creations are, you can’t help but be transported into the paintings.

Even if westerns and cowboy life is not something you live, just to be able to look upon those trials and tribulations, makes you a part of their story.


In Conclusion, Cowboy Artists | Vintage and Modern

If you love art, and you love cowboys, then these artists will speak to your heart in ways that will last a lifetime. Cowboy artists both vintage and modern speak to all Americans. At Texini, we wish to share the things we hold dear, and cowboy art is at the center of our preservations. You cannot look at a western landscape without thinking “my goodness, there is beauty among us.”

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What is cowboy art?

Cowboy art is a genre that celebrates the culture of the Old West through painting, sculpture, and photography. It often features scenes from ranching, rodeo riding, and lasso-spinning cowboys in idealized settings with rolling hills, expansive windswept fields, and majestic mountains.

Who are some famous cowboy and western artists?

Some of the most famous cowboy and western artists include Bev Doolittle, Sheila Cottrell, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frederic Remington, N.C. Wyeth, Frank McCarthy as well as Charles M. Russell. These Trailblazing painters captured the rugged beauty of the American West and created iconic images that remain popular to this day.

What is cowboy concept art?

Cowboy concept art is artwork that visually illustrates the themes, settings, and characters of stories set in the Old West. This type of art encompasses a range of styles, from realist depictions of wild west landscapes to cartoonish caricatures of cowboys, Native Americans, and other elements of the American frontier.

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