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What is country-style design and décor?  Country Décor style is a comfortable, cozy, practical design style indicative of a simpler time and rural living. This design principle is not just for rural homes but rather a style concept based on a more laid-back lifestyle and the desire for a simple, tranquil aesthetic. Country Décor has a broad range from rustic country to modern contemporary country styles and everything in between. 

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Your country decor home style can be a transitional style incorporating complementary elements as well, such as French country decor. Today’s modern country decor is a unique mix of elements from different design styles that gives your space warmth and comfort while streamlining your overall interior design. Country decor is popular in Texas-inspired interior design and can make a space cozy and inviting.

Additional country decor elements such as vintage items, florals, greenery, shiplap, distressed paint, or other elements help to define your style. Other country-style home decor ideas include keeping things simple, not overly ornate, with neutral backdrops creating a timeless, classic look. A country-style home is a balance of old and new elements that create an atmosphere of cozy relaxation and comfort. Country style is a perfect fit for ranch-style homes, as well as bungalows, farmhouses, cottages, and even modern homes.

Country Décor Style
Basic Classic Country Decor

A good country décor accentuates old-fashioned comfort.  A deep overstuffed chair to sink into, simple furnishings, clean lines, and muted color palates.  Change it up a bit to keep it from becoming outdated by using slipcovers over dining chairs.  Shiplap over a cozy fireplace, an open hutch with plaids and dishes along with pops of color gives this open concept room plenty of styles.

Classic Country Style Décor Kitchen
Classic Country Style Décor Kitchen

This country-style kitchen has a fresh updated look with its muted gray walls and white cabinets. The glass upper cabinets, open shelving, and wood countertop paired with stainless steel appliances and pendant lights impart a classic chic openness and edge to the space. The reclaimed table and chairs are the perfect complement to this country decor kitchen.

Classic Country Décor Style Bedroom
Classic Country Décor Style Bedroom

The country Décor style is a decorating classic that is meant to be peaceful and relaxing. This country-style bedroom is casual and welcoming with its soft color palette, and distressed wood bedside tables. The open windows layered with Roman shades, drapes, and metal hardware give the room an outstanding backdrop. The iron bed frame and iron lamps give it that perfect country touch.

Common Country Décor Style Types

  • Classic Country
  • Traditional Country
  • French Country
  • English Country
  • Americana Country
  • Farmhouse Country
  • Vintage Country
  • Cottage Country
  • Modern Industrial Country
  • Modern Country
  • Rustic Country

Classic Traditional Country

Classic Traditional Country Decor Style
Classic Traditional Country Style

The Classic Traditional Country décor combines basic classic country with more traditional pieces. This open concept room with its over-stuffed sofa and traditional area rug is the perfect complement to the kitchen space with its farmhouse sink, classic cabinets, and elegant metals.

Flowers accent the open windows while the lower cabinets with their footed feet and marble countertops lend sophistication and charm to the space. The feminine, fanciful chandelier paired with the classic natural wood floors anchors the space giving it a timeless appeal.

French Country Décor

French Country Blend
French Country Blend

A French Country décor style blends elegance with weathered elements through the use of feminine ornate furnishings and accessories. Antique elements contrasting with delicate patterns highlight this country style. Repurposed vintage dressers and gilded mirrors are common elements in French Country Designs. 

French Country White and Pink Home Office
French Country White and Pink Home Office 

This French Country home office with its pink florals lends that essential charm that is a signature element in French Country designs to the room. Even though it is a relatively small space it feels open, light, and airy. The repurposed footed armoires and light-toned wood flooring paired with floral print chairs impart a picturesque country garden feeling to the space.

English Country Décor

The English country style is often executed on a grand scale and is sometimes hard to define as it can span generations. English country home inhabitants have often utilized inherited items collected over time to define their spaces.  However, you can recreate the look by implementing some easy elements in your space. For instance, lamps and flower arrangements are seen in almost every English Country Décor style. Home libraries are a common feature of this style if you have the space. If not, then the addition of a cozy reading nook that includes bookshelves lined with books is a nice touch and easy to add to a smaller space.

English Country Decor
English Country

Exposed wood beams are an architectural feature that is often seen in this design. Antiques are also common to this English country décor style. Adding weathered aged or antique items will add to the charm of the design. Furniture can be an eclectic mix of modern and antique or repurposed pieces. Layering your designs is indicative of this style as well. Writing desks and fireplaces are common to English Country design. If you do not have a fireplace then a wood-burning stove is a cozy alternative. 

English Country Decor
Nicely Appointed English Country Decor Style

Area rugs are a common feature of this design style. An antique area rug would be an added bonus if you are lucky enough to find one that works with your space. Vintage wall décor is an easy element to find and works well in this design style. Gilded or embellished mirrors add a level of authenticity.  Tufted pillows, shutters, and drapes pull an English Country design together. If your rooms do not have crown molding, consider a feature wall that contains this element as well as some color that adds that touch of elegance.

Americana Country

Traditional dining room interior with fireplace, wooden furniture, table and chairs

The Americana Decor style can include many elements and works best with a warm earthy palette, crown molding, and larger statement pieces. Rocking chairs, a fireplace, and antique furniture pieces also work well with this décor style. Vintage wall art and primitive light fixtures give your Americana space authenticity. Greenery and long flowing drapes framing open-design windows complete the look. If you prefer a folksy Americana design then the addition of natural baskets, weathered primary colors, old patchwork quilts, lanterns, and folk art will bring a more primitive aesthetic to the space. 

Farmhouse Country

Common elements of Farmhouse Country design include overstuffed seating, colorful throw pillows, and natural flooring. The overall aesthetic of this style lies in achieving a cozy, lived-in welcoming space.  From urban country kitchens to modern farmhouse spaces a touch of country decor gives a space a peaceful, lived-in feel.

Farmhouse Country
Farmhouse Country Style

Casual seating areas scattered throughout add a nostalgic ambiance to this farmhouse country space. Reclaimed barn wood, painted cabinets, vintage pottery and china are all farmhouse country decor features that will take your design to the next level. One or two antique furniture pieces such as china cabinets or a chest layered with modern contemporary pieces give the space an unpretentious simple appearance.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen
Farmhouse Country Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens with painted cabinets, open shelving, earthenware, and wooden accessories in muted tones or natural palates are desirable. Kitchens with antiquated style industrial appliances, a farmhouse sink, and a pantry equipped with a sliding barn door are also typical elements of this design. 

Vintage Country

Vintage Country Decor
Vintage Country Decor

Another interior design style, Vintage Country design, is an eclectic mixture of antique or repurposed furniture pieces, and memorabilia of past eras, with a natural muted palate and other natural elements. A vintage country decor style requires a well-thought-out mixture of seemingly random styles and pieces that are blended to create a charming, retro, cohesive aesthetic. 

Vintage Country Interior with Retro
Vintage Country Interior with Retro Orange Armchair, Vintage Wooden Sideboard, Old Phonograph, Vinyl Records with Neutral Muted Walls 

Repurposed items such as window frames, flowerpots, luggage, old crates as well as what some might call junk, work for this design style. Vintage Country can encompass any era or genre depending on the overall nostalgic feel you are looking for. Planning and details are crucial factors in creating the desired mood and symmetry of the space. Maintain balance in your design by mixing contemporary and modern pieces with your vintage country decor style. You can achieve this look using hand-me-downs, reproductions, and flea market finds. Your inspiration can literally come from anywhere.

Cottage Country

Cottage Country Design Style for a Softer Appearance
Use Color to Unify the Cottage Country Design Style for a Softer Appearance

The beauty of Cottage Country is its eclectic edge and use of color to unify the design giving you lots of design options. Mixing and matching different styles of furniture is perfectly acceptable for this décor type. You may however prefer a softer more uniform appearance which also works for Cottage Country. Even though the terms cottage and farmhouse are sometimes used collectively they are both distinct styles. Cottage Country utilizes a much softer overall aesthetic than Farmhouse country.

Country Cottage Decor
Country Cottage Decor

Shutters, room dividers, quaint seating areas, white wicker, victorian era pieces, white-washed furnishings and finishes, and soft pastels paired with warm natural woods bring a calming, restful ambiance to this design style. Soft florals, pastel patchwork quilts, aged linens, patina metals, beadboard, and classic hardwood floors all emulate the softer, romantic appeal of Cottage Country designs.

Kitchens for cottages should reflect the heart of your home. A cottage kitchen can range from modern to industrial and rural to urban. Cottage inspiration for any style home will make your space laid back and inviting.

Modern Industrial Country

Modern Industrial Country Kitchen
Modern Industrial Country Kitchen

Today’s interior design trends such as Modern Industrial Country Décor include a muted palate, clean sleek lines with minimal clutter, and less fluff than your modern traditional country.  Neutrals paired with beadboard, metal fixtures, industrial lighting, whitewashed surfaces, and painted floors emphasize the functional elements of the space.

Functional Modern Industrial Country Kitchen
Functional Modern Industrial Country Kitchen

The simple well-built kitchen table and wooden chairs in black keep the space practical and minimal. This décor style is one to be carefully thought out to find the right balance of old weathered elements and new industrial modern ones.

Modern Country

Modern meets Country for the Perfect Modern Country Kitchen Design
Modern meets Country for the Perfect Modern Country Kitchen Design

This luxurious Modern Country decor style kitchen with its natural wood tones and galvanized metal faux finishes are both practical and beautiful. The natural wood countertops, natural wood stools, and country hardware pulls paired with the country cabinets of both frosted glass and open shelving is the epitome of Modern Country design. The open windows and gorgeous natural wood floors in combination with the florals and greenery remind one of taking a leisurely stroll through the woods. What an awesome space to cook and entertain in with its modern appliances and expansive island.

Rustic Country Décor

Country Rustic Style Kitchen
Country Rustic Style Kitchen

Country rustic leans on the softer side of rustic with soft organic fabrics, whitewashed painted surfaces, and dried flowers for instance. To achieve a rustic country atmosphere, add elements such as vintage items, weathered hardware, and handmade wood decor items. Distressed woods, outdoor elements, neutral muted tones paired with galvanized metals, and earthenware make this Country Rustic style kitchen an inviting cozy space.

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What is country-style design and décor? 

Country Décor style is a comfortable, cozy, practical design style indicative of a simpler time and rural living. Your country decor home style can be a transitional style incorporating complementary elements as well, such as French country decor. Today’s modern country decor is a unique mix of elements from different design styles that gives your space warmth and comfort while streamlining your overall interior design.

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