Cities In Texas That Start With X

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There are no cities in Texas that start with X. This is not surprising considering that there are very few words in the English language that use x as the first letter.

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For example, inside the dictionary I have sitting on my desk, there are only twenty-two entries for the letter “X”. One of these entries is for the letter itself (X,x).

This entry states that the letter x is defined as the twenty-fourth letter in the English alphabet, the legal signature of an illiterate person, and the Roman numeral for 10. While there are no cities in Texas that start with X, there is at least one place in Texas that began with the letter X that is worth mentioning.

XIT Ranch

Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1836 and became part of the United States of America in 1845. In 1879, the Sixteenth Texas Legislature was looking for a way to finance a new Capitol building in Austin when they appropriated three million acres of land in the Texas panhandle to sell in order to cover the expense of the new building.

The fourth Capitol building to be built in Austin, and the one still standing today, was built between 1882 and 1888. The Capitol building is made from Texas granite quarried from Granite Mountain near present-day Marble Falls, Texas. The Capitol at Austin is one of the largest in the nation, second only to the nation’s Capitol in Washington D.C.

The granite was donated free of charge by the owners of the land. The investors who were responsible for building the Capitol intended on selling the land to recoup their investment. Until the parcels could be subdivided and sold off, they formed the XIT Ranch to utilize the land.

The ranch stretched across ten counties giving rise to stories that XIT stands for ten in Texas. However, the ranch’s name comes from its brand which was designed to be difficult for cattle rustlers to cover with another brand.

The XIT Ranch was once the largest fenced ranch in the world, more than twice the size of the state of Delaware. The original XIT Ranch started selling off the cattle and land in 1909. 

Cities In Texas That Start With X

Final Thoughts

While the land that previously housed the XIT Ranch has been sold and developed with the building of many cities and towns in the vast expanse of prairie that is North Texas, it still retains its agricultural roots. Ranches and farms are the lifeblood of this part of the country. 

My great-grandfather grew different crops, mainly wheat, just east of where the ranch stood at its southern border around the beginning of the twentieth century. While my brother and I were traveling through north Texas the other day, we stopped at a park to stretch our legs.

We were welcomed by a family who was enjoying a day at the park. Their young son was telling us about how his family grew cotton and raised cattle. Texas has changed with the times but even so, many things remain the same. 

In Conclusion, Cities in Texas that Start with X

In Conclusion, cities in Texas that start with X, including incorporated municipalities, do not exist as of this writing. In fact, in the whole US, there are only a handful of incorporated municipalities that start with X.

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Cities In Texas That Start With X


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Does the XIT Ranch Still Exist?

The last of the XIT cattle were sold off in 1912 and the land remained in trust until the last of it was sold off in 1963. The XIT Ranch was no more. That is until three times great-grandson of John Farwell, Drew Knowles, followed his dream to revive the outfit. Today, he and his family operate the ranch with horses in southern Colorado and cattle in the Texas Panhandle.

What Does It Mean When Someone in Texas Uses the Phrase “The Other Day”?

When someone in Texas says “the other day” this could literally mean any day in the past other than today or yesterday. “The other day” could be three days ago or three years ago. For Example, when I say “I went to Austin the other day”, it was actually eight months ago.

Do all of George Strait exes actually live in Texas?

This is a famous line from George Strait’s song “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”, but it is just a playful lyric and not based on any real-life situation. Considering the fact that he married his high school sweetheart, Norma Voss, when he was just nineteen, I doubt he has too many ex’s. If he does, however, they probably still live in Texas. Just a guess.

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