Cities In Texas That Start With V

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Cities in Texas that start with V represent the values of Texas. Texas’ values mean many things and are the blending of many distinct cultures including Tejano, Cajun, Irish, African American, German, Czech, and Native American.

Texas culture and values are a thing all of their own and are a powerful influence on American culture as a whole. Texas values center around its history and families strongly influenced by ranching and cowboy culture and agriculture.

Texas values include things like integrity, generosity, courage, gratitude, and freedom. Most of all we value our hard-working friends and neighbors who make our great state what it is.

Top Texas Cities That Start With V

Many cities in Texas start with a V, so we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorite ’V’ Texas cities.

  • Victoria
  • Vernon
  • Venus
  • Van Alstyne


Victoria is located near the intersection of U.S. highways 59, 77, and 87 in central Victoria County, for which it is the county seat. The Guadalupe River forms part of the boundary and runs through the city’s east side, only thirty miles from the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas coastline.

Martín De León established Victoria in 1824. He named the city Guadalupe Victoria for the first president of the newly established Republic of Mexico. Fifteen years later, in 1839, the city was incorporated under the Republic of Texas as Victoria.

Local ranchers who raised cattle supported the early economy of Victoria, and in 1869, they established one of the first meat packing plants there. The railroad was built through the area by 1861 and by 1871 it was part of the New York, Texas  Mexican Railway.

The establishment of the city in the early 19th century makes it one of the state’s oldest historic cities. First published in 1846 the Victoria Advocate is the state’s second-oldest existing newspaper.

Victoria’s growth has been consistent since its founding. Following Texas’ annexation into the United States of America, there was an influx of anglo settlers, many of whom hailed from Germany. 

The city welcomed their wealth of valuable skills and expertise that fueled technological, economic, and social progress. These contributions helped diversify and modernize local industries, enabling Victoria to compete with any major city.

The 1870s saw telegraph service come to Victoria and the arrival of local telephone service shortly thereafter. In 1890 the Victoria Light, Power, and Ice company was established.

The city has long been an active center for the arts. G.H. Hauschild’s Opera House hosted nationally renowned musicians, politicians, and orators for nearly four decades starting in 1893.

Today, Victoria continues to prosper with industries in oil, agribusiness, manufacturing petrochemicals, tourism, and recreation.


Vernon is on U.S. highways 183,283,287, and 70 located in and the county seat of Wilbarger County. The city is just south of the Pease River, fifteen miles from the Red River and the Texas/Oklahoma border.

The Native American Tonkawa’s called the site of the present-day city of Vernon, Eagle Springs. The Battle of Pease River, which pit white settlers and military against the Comanche, caused the death of their chief, Peta Nocona, and the capture of his white wife Cynthia Ann Parker.

The Comanche captured Cynthia Parker when she was nine years old and she assimilated into the tribe. She was the mother of the last Comanche chief, Qunnah Parker.

Residents established Vernon in 1880. An estimated seven million head of cattle passed through both Vernon and the now ghost town of Doans between 1873 and the 1890s on the Great Western Cattle Trail.

Officials selected Vernon, with a population of twenty-five people, as the county seat after establishing Wilbarger County on October 10, 1881. The Fort Worth & Denver Railway reached the town and the people of Wilbarger County built a courthouse by 1886.

Vernon Hosts the Santa Rosa Rodeo

Daniel Waggoner established the Waggoner Ranch which is the largest ranch in Texas that is under one fence. He located it thirteen miles south of Vernon. It is the second largest ranch in Texas (after the King Ranch). It spans six counties and is half the size of Rhode Island.

Agriculture is still the mainstay of the local economy. Oil was discovered on lands near the city in 1902 and oil production has also become part of the economic base.

Other major businesses in the area include a Tyson Foods bacon-processing plant, the North Texas State Hospital, and the Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center.


Venus is located on U.S. Highway 67 in eastern Johnson county 30 miles south of Arlington. As the city has grown, a small portion now extends into Ellis County.

The community there was originally called Gossip by the few families who moved there in the 1850s. J.C. Smyth developed the town in the late 1880s naming it after the daughter of a local physician. 

The town had about ten residents when the post office arrived in 1888.  By 1890, Venus was at the junction of the International-Great Northern and the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe railroads. 

The railroad junction made it one of the most prosperous cities in Johnson county by the end of the nineteenth century it had thirteen businesses, several churches, a grade school, three banks, a newspaper, and Burnetta College. The city experienced a substantial decline during the Great Depression.

By the early 1940s, the town was in danger of becoming a ghost town. The only business left there was a drug store which was only saved from going out of business by donations from local residents.

The growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to the north that once drew away residents has now aided the growth of Venus by expanding to the south. 

Van Alstyne

Van Alstyne is on U.S. Highway 75 and State Highway 5, twelve miles south of Sherman and fifty miles north of Dallas in southern Grayson County.

In the 1850s, settlers established the community of Mantua. The Houston & Texas Central Railway bypassed Mantua in 1872 and members of the community moved their homes and businesses to the depot nearby and called their town Van Alstyne.

The city was incorporated in 1890. Van Alstyne has had some ups and downs but has continued to grow, remaining an active center for the region. The city has had many businesses including manufacturers who have made clothing, motor homes, and mattresses.

Many businesses still operate in and around the city.  Grayson County College operates a branch campus there.

Here is a list of cities in Texas that start with V

  • Valentine
  • Valera
  • Valle Vista
  • Valley Mills
  • Valley View
  • Val Verde Park
  • Van
  • Van Alstyne
  • Vanderbilt
  • Van Horn
  • Van Vleck
  • Vega
  • Venus
  • Vernon
  • Victoria
  • Victoria Vera
  • Vidor
  • Villa del Sol
  • Villa Pancho
  • Villarreal
  • Villa Verde
  • Vinton
  • Volente
  • Von Ormy

In conclusion, cities in Texas that start with V bring us to W, X, Y, & Z to complete our cities in Texas series. Texas has a thriving economy, from its large metro areas to its rural areas, the people in Texas continue to fuel growth with their innovative spirit.

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What is life like in Victoria, Texas?

Living in Victoria, Texas offers many benefits. Low cost of living and friendly people make residents feel as welcome as in any small town. Things to do in Victoria include visiting the spectacular 1892 Victoria Courthouse, the Museum of the Coastal Bend, the Victoria Fine Arts Center, and the Texas Zoo.

What is Vernon, Texas known for?

Vernon, Texas is known for the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial, the Santa Rosa Rodeo, the Wilabarger County Historical Museum, the Pease River Battlefield, and Vernon College. It is also known for its dairy industry with several large dairy farms and a processing plant located in the area.

What is there to do in Venus, Texas?

While in or near Venus, Texas visit the Cleburne State Park, visit nearby museums, and enjoy numerous hunting, fishing, as well as, boating activities at nearby lakes and rivers.

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