Cities In Texas That Start With U

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University Park24,849A+12.56C+62,006
Universal City19,808B28.68B+31,993
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Unique Texas Cities

Cities in Texas that start with U are all unique in their own ways. The same is true for the entire state of Texas. Texas is full of originals and innovators. Texans are imaginative, resourceful people who use their knowledge and lessons learned through our great state’s dynamic culture and heritage to bring something special to the world.

Everything from medicine, science and technology, sports, music, and food, just to name a few, have all been greatly advanced thanks to the pioneering spirit of Texans. Dr Pepper, frozen margaritas, the integrated circuit, and liquid paper…all invented in Texas.

I think a special mention ought to be noted to the music innovators from Texas, without whom the music that we know and love today would not be the same. Once again, just to name a few…Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin, Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-bone Walker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Lead Belly, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Bob Wills. Thank you all!

Top Texas Cities That Start With U

Many cities in Texas start with a U, so we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorite ’U’ Texas cities.

  • University Park
  • Universal City
  • Uvalde
  • Uhland

University Park

University Park Sits between Interstate Highway 35E and U.S. Highway 75 and is little more than five miles from downtown Dallas. It is bordered to the north, east, and west by Dallas and Highland Park to the south.

The city covers an area of only 3.69 square miles. The area that is now University Park, sat adjacent to Southern Methodist University, this is how the area received its name.

In 1915 when the university was established, Dallas was already becoming a booming trade center and a well-established city. Much of Dallas county, however, was still rural.

The first houses built in University Park were for the students and faculty of Southern Methodist University. Water was supplied by the university’s artesian wells.

When the community could no longer supply water for all the residents they sought to be annexed by Dallas or Highland Park. Highland Park is a similar community just to the south of University Park.

The two cities are considered an enclave of Dallas together known as Park Cities. Both Highland Park and Dallas refused annexation based on the high cost to provide the necessary infrastructure and safety services.

Community residents voted to incorporate and did so in 1924. Shortly thereafter, a bond was voted on and issued that paid for a new water supply system, street paving, and the construction of a city hall and fire station.

By 1945, the city had over 20,000 residents. The appealing tax base which the city now possessed caught the attention of the governing body of Dallas and they attempted to annex the city.

Residents voted down the initiative, however, even though their elected officials supported the action. University Park is still one of the most affluent areas of Dallas with a median income of $105,945.

Universal City

Universal City borders northeast San Antonio with a small part extending to Interstate Highway 35. Universal City is only four miles from the northeast side of San Antonio in northeast Bexar County (pronounced like bear). Covering approximately 5.7 miles Universal City also sits adjacent to Randolph Air Force Base. In addition, Universal City, TX is just across the Union Pacific railroad tracks from Randolf Air Force Base and is considered a suburb of the San Antonio metropolitan area which is the third largest metro area in Texas.

The land for the city was purchased in 1929 and developed in anticipation of an influx of residents and businesses that the base would bring. For the first quarter century of its existence, the town grew slowly.

Universal City’s growth increased when the Air Training Command headquarters moved from Scott Air Force Base in Illinois to Randolph in 1957. Afterward, several profitable housing subdivisions were built.

In March of 1960, residents voted to incorporate to avoid annexation by San Antonio. Growth was again accelerated when the Air force Military Personnel function was moved from the Pentagon to Randolph starting in June of 1963. 

Schools and a variety of businesses, including an HEB grocery store and a Mcdonald’s, were being built in the decades after incorporation. The city became the first in Bexar County to receive cable television service.

The city has continued to grow and host two annual events, a Snowfest in February and a Veterans’ Day parade in November. Today you will also find a municipal golf course, a city dog park, and the campus of Northeast Lakeview Community College located there.


Uvalde is located at the intersection of U.S. highways 83 and 90 about seventy miles east of the western edge of San Antonio in Uvalde County for which it is the county seat. Seven miles west of the city is the Nueces River.

Bald Cypress tree, on the Frio River a tributary of the Nueces River near Uvalde, Texas in Uvalde County.

The area around the city is characterized by low-rolling hills and deep canyons. Reading W. Black, who founded the town after settling the area in 1853, operated a ranch with his partner, Nathaniel L. Stratton, and he also operated a store, two rock quarries, and a lime kiln.

In May of 1855, Black laid out a townsite with four central plazas that still exist today. He named the town Encina. When the county was organized in 1856 the town was renamed Uvalde, for Spanish governor Juan de Ugalde, and named the county seat.

Over the years, railroads were built throughout the area, more businesses were established, and the city grew steadily. Garner Army Air Field opened in 1941 which further encouraged growth.

Next to Uvalde, on the site of Garner field, is Southwest Texas Junior College and Sul Ross State University. Arts and culture are represented in Uvalde by the Aviation Museum at Garner Field, the Briscoe Art and Antique Collection, and the Janey Slaughter Briscoe Grand Opera House.

Uvalde is also the birthplace of Matthew McConaughey. The celebrity/actor has spoken out about the 2022 tragedy in Uvalde, Tx. Read more here.

Uvalde is also known for its excellent hunting opportunities. The county’s economic mainstay is agriculture and many farmers and ranchers have supplemented their income in times of hardship by leasing their land out to hunters.


Uhland is located on Farm Road 21 thirty miles from downtown Austin on the Hays/Caldwell county line. The city was developed in the 1890s on the site of a former community named Live Oak.

The town had a cotton gin and two stores that served farmers and ranchers around Plum Creek through the first half of the twentieth century. By 1970, agriculture had declined slightly and the town, which at one time had 140 people and seven businesses, now had only ninety residents and no businesses.

With the growth of nearby cities like Austin, Kyle, and San Marcos, Uhland has experienced some renewed interest. Uhland now has several businesses, a church, and a gas station.

Here is a list of cities in Texas that start with U

  • Uhland
  • Umbarger
  • Uncertain
  • Union Grove
  • Union Valley
  • Universal City
  • University Park
  • Utopia
  • Uvalde
  • Uvalde Estates

In conclusion, cities in Texas that start with U are winding down our cities in Texas Series. Cities in Texas are as diverse as our Texas terrain. Stay tuned for cities in Texas V, W, X, Y & Z.

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What are some popular things to do in University Park, Texas?

There is no shortage of things to do in University Park. The variety of activities for residents and visitors includes visiting the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, shopping and dining in the nearby Highland Park Village, and exploring the Katy Trail.

What is Universal City, Texas known for?

Universal City is a small city located in Bexar County, Texas. It is a suburb of San Antonio and is known for its close proximity to Randolph Air Force Base. Universal City offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including several parks, hiking and biking trails, and a golf course.

What is Uvalde, Texas known for?

Uvalde is known for its natural beauty, including the nearby Garner State Park and the Frio River, which offer opportunities for hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing. Uvalde county is known for its excellent hunting opportunities with its diverse terrain and abundant wildlife.

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