Cities In Texas That Start With E

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El Paso678,415B+15.26B+24,071
Eagle Pass28,566B27.24A-21,001
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The great state of Texas is home to an astonishing amount of plants, animals, and complex and varied human cultures. What ties these things together more than anything else are our rivers and river valleys. 

The Rio Grande and the Rio Grande valley are integral parts of southern Texas and Texas as a whole. More than just the border between Mexico and Texas, this “Big River” is vital to a number of ecosystems and communities from Colorado to New Mexico and, of course, Texas.

Top Texas Cities That Start With E

Many cities in Texas start with an E, so we’ve put together a shortlist of our favorite ’E’ Texas cities.

El Paso

El Paso is located at the far western tip of Texas. It lies at the foot of the Franklin Mountains and is only a stone’s throw from New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The 23rd largest city in the United States, it has an estimated population of  679,879 people. The city is home to a thriving cultural arts scene with many music festivals, performing arts, and sporting events.

The earliest inhabitants of the area were maze farmers who lived there approximately 10 – 12 thousand years ago. But the history of El Paso and the region goes back much further than that. As with much of Texas, what we find in El Paso is a convergence of distinct ecological and geological features.  Below a narrow pass where the Rio Grande emerges from the southernmost spurs of the Rocky Mountains, we find some of the most beautiful and interesting country that one could hope to find.

In September 1595, Don Juan de Oñate led an expedition to colonize the region. His expedition went directly through the Chihuahuan Desert and barely survived when they reached the Rio Grande. He called the area El Paso del Norte. Afterward, Fray García de San Francisco established the Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission of El Paso del Norte. Around the mission grew the village of El Paso del Norte, eventually becoming the largest town in the area, now known as Ciudad Juárez.

In the early 19th century, various land grants were made by local officials in El Paso del Norte. The most well-known and successful was given to Juan María Ponce de León, a Paseño aristocrat, in what is now the downtown business district of El Paso. Source.

The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo made the settlements on the north bank of the Rio Grande separate from Old El Paso del Norte on the Mexican side. The present Texas-New Mexico boundary placing El Paso on the Texas side was drawn in the compromise of 1850. El Paso was incorporated in 1873 and is now the county seat of El Paso county.


Edinburg is the county seat of Hidalgo county. It is located on U.S. Highway 281 in far south Texas, 289 miles south of San Antonio. Also known as the “Gateway City to the Rio Grande Valley”, Edinburg has an estimated population of 101,170 people. The town was named after the birthplace (Edinburg, Scotland) of one of its prominent businessmen, John Young.

During its early years it served as a ranching community, but thanks to the arrival of irrigation techniques it quickly became a center for buying and processing a variety of agricultural products. The first rail service came in 1909 and seventeen years later the city received direct rail connections with Corpus Christi and San Antonio. After highways and trucks replaced rail service, Edinburg benefited from its location on a major highway intersection. Source.

During the 1920s Edinburg experienced a building boom, with the building of the Grandview hospital, Edinburg Junior College, and several other public schools as well as a country club. In 1951, when the college became a state-supported school, the school became known as the Pan American University. 

Today Edinburg is home to the University of Texas Rio Grande, the Thirteenth Court of Appeals, the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Unit, and several other state agencies. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice operates two facilities in Edinburg, the Lopez unit and the Segovia unit. 


The city of Euless, Tx is in Tarrant county and is part of the Mid-cities region between Dallas and Fort Worth. The city’s population has increased by 19.02% in ten years with the estimated population as of the 2010 census at 51,277 people and the estimated population as of the 2020 census at 61,032. Source.

Euless is at the intersection of State highways 10 and 183, on the southwest side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, north of the West Fork of the Trinity River. On the eastern edge of present-day Euless, and located on the current airport grounds, a post office was founded in 1857. Around 1876, a mile or more to the southwest, a community hall with a church school was erected. In 1881 Elisha Adams and Julia Euless from Tennessee built a home and a cotton gin nearby. 

Elisha Adams Euless quickly became a prominent businessman and was eventually elected county sheriff. The community there developed around the land Euless owned and the locals decided to name the city after him. With the construction of Amon Carter (Air) Field and the paving of old State Highway 183 and Farm Road, 157 in the early 1950s Euless experienced substantial growth. In 1957 American Airlines began moving its installations to Euless. Hurst, Euless, and Bedford all approved the establishment of a joint hospital district in 1969, and Euless, from 1960 to 1970 saw growth from 4,263 people to a population of 19,316 people. 

Eagle Pass

Eagle Pass is the county seat of Maverick county. It is located 130 miles southwest of San Antonio in the Rio Grande Valley. The city has two bridges connecting it to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Today, the city has an estimated population of 28,596 people. Source.

During the Mexican war, a company of Texas Mounted Volunteers under the command of Capt. John A. Veatch established an observation post on the Rio Grande opposite the mouth of the Mexican Rio Escondido and beside an old smuggler’s trail that was known as El Paso del Águila. The trail was named for the frequent flights of Mexican eagles from the wooded grove along Escondido. And just down the river is the famous Camino Real, for 200 years the primary north-south route between Mexico and Texas. During the Texas Revolution, Santa Anna and his whole army entered Texas here on their way to the battle of the Alamo.

The army established Fort Duncan on March 27th, 1849 two miles upstream from the crossing, and its proximity caused a settlement to be established there. In 1850 San Antonio merchant James Campbell opened a trading post there and soon after the crossing on the Rio Grande named El Paso del Águila changed to Eagle pass. Concurrent with the growth of Eagle Pass below the fort, emigrants bound for the California gold fields established a staging area above the post known as California camp. The resulting trade and traffic brought a shift in the settlement of Eagle Pass from the old crossing downstream to its present location above the fort. 

In 1871, Maverick county was established, and Eagle pass was named the county seat. The mercantile and ranching industries grew around the city and a railway was built. In 1885 a new county courthouse was erected. Eagle Pass Army Airfield was constructed 12 miles north of Eagle Pass during World War II. With the completion of U.S. Highway 57, Eagle Pass became a major gateway to Mexico, and the town, along with Piedras Negras, developed a substantial tourist trade.

Here is a list of cities in Texas that start with E

  • Eagle Lake
  • Eagle Pass
  • Early
  • Earth
  • East Alto Bonito
  • East Bernard
  • East Columbia
  • Eastland
  • East Mountain
  • Easton
  • East Tawakoni
  • Ector
  • Edcouch
  • Eden
  • Edgecliff Village
  • Edgewater Estates
  • Edgewood
  • Edinburg
  • Edmonson
  • Edna
  • Edom
  • Edroy
  • Eidson Road
  • Elbert
  • El Brazil
  • El Camino Angosto
  • El Campo
  • El Castillo
  • El Cenizo
  • El Cenizo city
  • El Chaparral
  • Eldorado
  • Electra
  • Elgin
  • Elkhart
  • El Lago
  • Elm Creek
  • Elmendorf
  • Elmo
  • E. Lopez
  • El Paso
  • El Quiote
  • El Rancho Vela
  • El Refugio
  • Elsa
  • El Socio
  • Emerald Bay
  • Emhouse
  • Emory
  • Encantada-Ranchito-El Calaboz
  • Enchanted Oaks
  • Encinal
  • Encino
  • Ennis
  • Escobares
  • Estelline
  • Eugenio Saenz
  • Euless
  • Eureka
  • Eustace
  • Evadale
  • Evant
  • Evergreen
  • Everman

In Conclusion, Cities in Texas that start with E

There are many cities in the great State of Texas each unique in its on own way. Thank you for visiting and remember to come back for more cities in Texas.

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Where did Edinburg Texas get its name?

The city of Edinburg, founded in 1908, was originally called Chapin after the city’s founder, Dennis Bangs Chapin. He was also a former Hidalgo County Judge and a land developer within the townsite of Chapin. However, the town changed forever after Chapin shot a man named Oscar J. Rountree in a gunfight in a San Antonio saloon. The town was named after the birthplace (Edinburg, Scotland) of one of its prominent businessmen, John Young.

Is El Paso a good place to live?

El Paso is a beautiful city with lots to do and crime statistics well below the national average.

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