Drinks for A Party

Planning Your Texas Big Blast Party

Drinks for A Party

How To Make Mixed Drinks for a Texas-Style Party

How do you make mixed drinks for a Texas Style party? Sometimes the best plan is to keep it simple and functional. We have six great pitcher and 5-gallon beverage dispenser recipes. If you are expecting a large crowd seating placed in small conversation-style groups throughout the space will function quite well.  One long table or tables stacked in a long row buffet style is the easiest and gives you and your fellow hosts time to join in the festivities. If you are planning a full bar then unless you have a bartender friend who is willing to work for free you will want to hire a professional bartender. Trust me on this one! What are the best drinks for a party? Alcohol drinks for a party and drinks for a party non alcoholic, you should plan for both types of drinks at your party. More party planning below drink recipe links.

In general, the most popular drinks for parties include beer, wine, vodka and soda, gin and tonic, vodka and soda, and scotch. However, unless you are a bartender or have access to a professional bartender you might want to consider large batch mixed drinks. We have featured our favorites below. These easy mixed drink recipes are sure winners for your guests. The best mixed drink recipes for a party contain easy-to-find ingredients and take minimal time.

Large Batch Mixed Drinks for a Party

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Drinks for A Party

Size of the Gathering and Menu

When planning your drinks for a party the size of the gathering and menu will determine your pre-planning schedule. For a large gathering with a full menu including bar drinks, you should allow a minimum of one week to plan and purchase needed items. For a smaller gathering with only snacks and bar drinks allow 3 to 4 days to prepare. If needed for a larger menu consider delegating sides and desserts to the attending party-goers or your inner core group of friends who can also serve as co-hosts!

Drinks for A Party

Select a Theme

Once you have determined the size of your gathering, found a suitable space, and decided on a menu you will need to select a theme. Regardless of whether it is a small patio group or a larger outdoor venue you can add ambiance. Keeping it simple is always best. First, plan your space layout. Game areas should be set up on the outer edges of your gathering allowing for ample space depending on the planned activities. 

Drinks for A Party

Plan Music Playlist and Decor

You should make your music playlist ahead of time geared to the desired ambiance and energy level of the event or gathering. Decor can be as simple as a couple of hay bales, decorative table cloths, serving platters, pitchers, as well as other utensils. More formal events would of course require more elaborate themes and decor.  String lighting or lanterns are great mood setters and lend even more ambiance to your setting.

Drinks for A Party

Plan for Unexpected Guests & Weather Events

In addition to the drinks for party recipes above, serving a Texas beer such as Shiners or Lone Star along with a Texas wine would be good additions if your budget allows. This is an especially good choice if your gathering includes BBQ. However if only serving snacks then it is certainly acceptable to serve the pre-made pitcher drinks. Gator Punch for a crowd pictured here serves 13 guests. Also keep in mind the season and special seasonal drinks, themes, or weather considerations. Plan for unexpected guests and unforeseen events.

Designate a kids co-host

Children Attending Event

If children are attending the event, then set up a separate space for them with a dedicated children’s cooler for beverages. Allow plenty of room for the kids to play games and enjoy any planned activities. Designate a kids co-host to oversee and coordinate this area as needed. Blankets can be placed in baskets throughout your space just in case they are needed. Always have an alternative space designated for inclement weather. 

Plan for bugs to attend your gathering

Plan for Bugs to Attend

Plan for bugs to attend your gathering by setting out fragrant plants and candles that act as deterrents to these pests. If flies are a problem make sure all trash receptacles are emptied and larger receptacles moved as far away during the event as possible. Fly strips are usually not a good idea since they can be hazardous. Be sure to let your neighbors know you will have extra traffic during the event and allow for ample parking.

You Have Your Drinks for a Party, Ready to Go!

No matter what kind of party or event you are having from patio get-togethers, weddings, or other special events these drink recipes are sure to be a hit. Find more drink recipes here.

In Conclusion, Drinks for a Party

Start by making a list of drink ideas for a party. You will need to plan on at least three drinks per person. Also, jot down your ideas for party decorations and any other party plan ideas you may have. Designate one or two trusted friends or family members as co-hosts and get their input on your party ideas. Planning is key not only for your guest’s enjoyment but for your enjoyment as well. A well-planned party is a key element to your party going smoothly allowing you time to interact with your guests.

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Remember to drink responsibly.

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What is a Texas-Style party?

A Texas-style party is a fun, lively celebration of Texan culture and traditions. These events often involve serving up classic Texas cuisine, setting out cowboy hats for guests to wear, playing country music, decorating with longhorns, and doing line dancing or square dancing. Answer: A Texas-style party typically features barbecued meats, comfort food sides, live music, and a down-home atmosphere. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor gathering or a more upscale event, make sure your guests are dressed to impress and have plenty of cold beer to go around!

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